Wikileaks and Empty Archives

Several weeks ago, in one of those tedious reflections they read on every newscast, I heard about Wikileaks. I know it seems incredible that a blogger, someone who uses the web as a means of expression, would not already know about this site with all the disclosures. But nothing is strange on this “island of the disconnected,” not even that we learn years later about things that have been the subject of intense discussion in the rest of the world. I remember the first mention of Julian Assange’s site in our official media was accompanied by a certain complicity on the part of the article writers, a hint of laughter anticipating the damage that the publication of these classified documents could cause the U.S. Government. But when the name of Cuba began to appear along with reports about the interference of Venezuela and the testimonies of coercion against their own medical personnel, the enthusiasm of the newspaper Granma turned to annoyance and the initial applause gave way to silence. Not even the Maximum Leader referred to Wikileaks again.

What happened in recent days will significantly change how governments manage information and also the ways through which we citizens get a hold of it. But also — let’s not fool ourselves — those regimes that are based on silence and the lack of transparency, will reinforce the protection of their secrets, or avoid putting them in writing. Meanwhile, the exposure of the cables, memorandums and correspondence between diplomats and departments of state is being noted by authoritarians everywhere, and they are learning not to leave written evidence of their orders to silence, suppress or kill. This lesson has already been practiced for decades, if not, when the day comes that those Cuban archives will be declassified, I will be searching them to see if they record the name of the person who decided to execute the three men who hijacked a ferry in 2003 to emigrate. Where is the paper that confirms the psychological pressure put on the poet Heberto Padilla to push him to a mea culpa that still weighs on the conscience of some? In which drawer, shelf or file do they keep the signature of the person who ordered the sinking of the tugboat 13 de Marzo, that killed the women and children who were washed overboard by the Coast Guard’s water cannon?

There are so many who don’t keep records, who have an unwritten culture of repression and who have paper incinerators that smolder all day; bosses who only need to raise an eyebrow, crook an index finger, whisper into an ear a death sentence, or a battle on an African plain, or a call to insult and assault a group of women dressed in white. If some of them would emerge in a local Wikileaks, they would get the maximum penalties, be made examples of with the strongest punishments, without worrying about whether to fabricate a charge of “rape” or “bovine slaughter.” They know that “seeing is believing” and therefore take care that there is no material containing surprising revelations, that the real framework of absolute power will never be visible.

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  1. @#57
    I strongly doubt you have ever held an honest job; heck! I am willing to bet you still are in your parents home (does your Mommy do your laundry still?).
    I belive you are a “wannabe” w/ a penchant for twisting words & taking statements out of context.
    Your ex & like a sopiled brat when he/she does not get his/hers way … you are prone to temper tantrums, shouting obsenities while fixated w/sex.
    Your ability for dealing w/ misinformation proves that you inhabit a word where the end justifies the means & paints you as person w/no principles.
    I would venture to say you must be a very lonely geeky person, w/no life but your keyboard.
    Your choice of words w/your statements betrays you.
    Since in your eyes you are always right, anything that happens in your life is someone else’s fault but yours, hence the use of arrogance to hide yourself for what you are: a misfit.
    I urge you to take a deep look at yourself … if done honestly you might change nyour life for the betterf.
    Nevertheless to my original thought:
    times have changed, in the old days, “cover ups” were easier, paperwork could be disposed of, recordings, pictures or film burned, contacts “disposed” of w/extreme prejudice.
    Today files can be hacked or copied at least; the communications can becut off or blocked yet … things still come to light.
    The only thiong that seems to work is old fashioned compartimentalization.
    WEhen a dictatorship uses all these tools combined, they are very effective as if you noticed after extensive training is begining to work in support of the dictator “voted” into Venezuela’s power.
    It seems that in the quest to hold on to power, no matter what the cost all principles are abandoned, a selling of the soul but: there always will be, no matter how long it takes a day of accountability & truth which history recorded time & time again.
    Even if it does not happen in my time … I know it will happen
    Viva Cuba!!!

  2. Of course, the article is but a cheap and ignorant’s propaganda attempt by the team”yoani”. The are practicing for the time they hope will come one day.

    Their time on the top of the food chain in Cuba. After all, they adore their idols Castros and would love nothing more than to be Castros after Castros.

    Hence all this training here in issuing statements and propaganda. No time to lose. Castros are old and will need to be replaced one day. Who better than the team “yoani”, with all these years of training in bullshitting and politically correct “what I say goes” crap.

    Just like Berlusconi two days ago: “I don’t want to scare you but if you do not choose me, the country will disintegrate.”

    Same old clishees. Just the faces of those “born leaders” change.

    Mentally damaged idiots.


    BBC NEWS: Cuba opens new online frontline in war of words: Castropedia-Havana’s alternative to Wikipedia is intended to set the historical record straight – and it is unlikely to go down very well in the US

    Cuba today unveiled its own version of Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia devoted to the “accumulation and development of knowledge”.

    However, some of EcuRed’s 20,000 entries appear to bear a slightly partisan stamp. Not only does the site refer to the US as “the empire of our time” and “the most powerful nation of all time”, it also notes that Cuba’s near-neighbour has historically taken “by force territory and natural resources from other nations, to put at the service of its businesses and monopolies”.

    Nor does the factfile end there: “[The US] consumes 25% of the energy produced on the planet and in spite of its wealth, more than a third of its population does not have assured medical attention,” it reports.

    With a poetic flourish, it also makes reference to US-Cuban relations. From early on, it says, Washington gazed at the island “like those who admire a beautiful fruit that will end up falling in their hands”.

    EcuRed, which was developed by the Youth Club of Computing and Electronics, supposedly allows users to update entries with prior approval from the site’s administrators.

    In a statement, the club described the launch as “a dream come true”, and thanked all those involved for “bringing their little grains of sand to such a beautiful task: that of shaping and sharing knowledge”.

    TSeemingly experiencing teething troubles, the site proved impossible to access today, however.

    EcuRed contains an extensive biography of the former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, including details of his role after the illness that made him cede power to his brother, Raúl, in 2006.

    “Today he writes and participates in the struggle of ideas at a global level,” it says. “For his moral authority, he influences important and strategic decisions of the revolution.”

    There is also an article about Raúl, who officially replaced his brother as president in 2008 and is described as a “revolutionary combatant, political leader, statesman and military chief”.

    “He has contributed relevant support to the struggles of the Cuban people in defence of their sovereignty and independence,” the entry says.

    EcuRed does not yet include mention of economic reforms introduced this year by President Castro to update the Cuban socialist model, which are currently the object of a national debate.

    According to a government survey conducted earlier this year, about 1.6 million Cubans, out of a population of 11.2 million, have access to the internet.

  4. Susan #53

    The Los Angeles Times has this to say about the the Castro version of the Wikipedia.

    The site — — is meant to present Cuba’s view of the world and history, from a “decolonized” perspective, the state newspaper Granma announced (link in Spanish). The site is to be edited by individual users, but articles would have to be approved by unidentified moderators. It was not clear Tuesday whether users outside Cuba are able to register and edit or add new articles at EcuRed. La Plaza attempted to register as a new user to test the interface but was unable to load the registration page.

    My take on it is; The world according to Fidel…or we could call it “All The Misinformation That’s Unfit To Print.”

  5. YOUTUBE: Mensaje completo de Fariñas al Parlamento Europeo por el Premio Sajarov

    Guillermo Fariñas Hernández (born 3 January 1962) (“El Coco”) is a Cuban doctor of psychology,[1] independent journalist[2] and political dissident in Cuba. He has conducted 23 hunger strikes over the years to protest various elements of the Cuban regime.[3] He has stated that he is ready to die in the struggle against censorship in Cuba.[2]
    On 20 October 2010 Fariñas was awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought by the European Parliament.[7] In presenting the award the parliament commended Fariñas saying that he was a “symbol of the fight for freedom of speech”.[8] This marks the third time that the award has been made to Cuban dissidents.[9]In December 2010 the Cuban government denied Fariñas an exit visa necessary to travel to Strasbourg to accept the award. In response the European Parliament said that it would have an empty chair to represent him at the ceremony. Fariñas said, “I believe that the Cuban government has shown over the years that it is behaving in an arrogant manner.”[10]

  6. For your information, from Aljazeera:

    Cuba has begun its own online encyclopedia, similar to Wikipedia, with the goal of presenting
    its version of the world and history.

    It describes its longtime ideological enemy, the US, as “the empire of our time” and “the most powerful
    nation of all time.”

    EcuRed was launched officially on Tuesday, with more than 19,000 entries.

    It was developed “to create and disseminate the knowledge of all and for all, from Cuba and with the world,” the site said.

    Users supposedly will be able to update entries with prior approval from EcuRed administrators.

    “Its philosophy is the accumulation and development of knowledge, with a democratising, not profitable, objective, from a decoloniser point of view,” the site said.

  7. Dumbir in case you haven’t read the news, your beloved yugoslavia ceased to exit some time ago you imbecile. There are serbians, croats, bosnians, montenegrans, slovenians and albanians but no yugoslavs you feeble-minded imbecile. You apparently still live in the past as uncle tito’s chief cock-sucker, refusing to acknowledge new realities. You are an ignorant balkan buffoon who knows nothing of Cubans and the Cuban reality in or outside of Cuba. The laughable, venomous bullshit you post here is incoherent nonsense. Everyone of your posts proves what a little man you are, full of hate and disdain for others but with no principles or substance to support any of your unoriginal and regurgitated comments. You are nothing more than a lonely, frustrated, loser and a very convenient punching bag.

  8. Let us go back to the article the team “yoani” wrote above. Just as every sigle one so far, this one is a treasure trove for errors and stupidity.

    I have already mentioned a few. Here’s another one. A screaming confession of “her” own ignorance that should warn a reader not to believe a single thing yoani writes. Here it is:

    “Several weeks ago, in one of those tedious reflections they read on every newscast, I heard about Wikileaks. I know it seems incredible that a blogger, someone who uses the web as a means of expression, would not already know about this site with all the disclosures. ”

    She goes one to justify her ignorance:

    “But nothing is strange on this “island of the disconnected,” not even that we learn years later about things that have been the subject of intense discussion in the rest of the world.”

    Yeah, right. Were you not a number of years living in Spain and Switzerland, just recently? And as a self-confessed (it is absolutely clear that you are not) apasionado for information science you would have heard about Wikileaks in Europe. It has been THE thing from the day one. In progressive and modern Europe, you would have been BOMBARDED with Wikileaks information.

    There is no infromation science buff that has not heard about the page. Self-declared passion for information science is worth nothing when you fail on such BASIC tests.

    So it is fair to ask: what else are you lying about here, in your senseless regurgitating posts?

    Many visitors have discovered many other lies.

    But do not worry. The conservative and intelligence deprived segment of society is big.

    Surely, the two idiots posting here their support for your delusions are not the lone voices in your dark and solitary lives. You know who are they. Right yubanocomemierda (what are you some Yugoslav/Cuban combination? Closet commie with no spine and no self-respect?) and his brosther in shit orgies, capirocomemierda.

    Lies will only bring more misery to your own people. Did you not learn that one truth from the example right in front of your nose? Brothers Castros?

    I stand behind my conclusion: you are fascinated by them and they are yur idols. You want to be them.

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