Julia and Me, An Embrace is Possible

The snack bar on 13th between F and G — that afternoon on December — is full of security agents and admirers. The first are the ones who follow this restless blogger, like a tragicomic troupe that dances around my body, my house; the second pursued the radiant face of the actress Julia Stiles, with her laugh from the full-color big screen. Enormous confusion, when they watched the girl who plays the role of Nicky Parsons sitting at the same table with the author of Generation Y, and chatting affectionately. But yes, the famous New Yorker reads my virtual diary, is interested in scratching below the surface of the picture postcard images that export our reality. She barely wanted to talk about herself, although I wanted to know more about her professional life, or even stoop to ask for an autograph.

Julia and I are of that generation of American and Cubans who have been separated and faced with the rhetoric far from our own desires. Descendants of the Montagues and Capulets who tried to pass on to us their grudges and hatreds. But looking objectively, they didn’t manage it, and the result has been quite the opposite. Close, but separated, similar and yet set at odds, like many young people from here and from there we are tired of this outdated “cold war” and its consequences in our lives. So the meeting with Julia had the character of a reconciliation, as if in the middle of combat two opponents approach each other and begin feel each other out, to embrace.

No one in the cafeteria heard the noise of arms being tossed aside, not even those who were there to watch us saw how we dismantled the walls separating us. In the end, the smiling girl from the movies and the girl from Havana who should have been the “New Man” hugged each other and said, “See you later.” Each went to her own side, returned to her life, in front of the cameras or in front of the keyboard, in the Big Apple or in a Yugoslav-model building. But since that afternoon, whenever I hear the television seething against our neighbors to the north, I recall Julia, and it is a kind of therapy to remember her laugh and the little armistice we managed that day.


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  1. A simple meeting triggers all kinds of opinions but the reality is that it as just a meeting, perhaps symbolic for some, perhaps political for others but it was just a meeting.
    No matter what a meeting between people is a connection between different individual each unique, different yet … human.
    I am sure they talked about mundane things, full of curiosity aqbout eqach others lives.
    I am sure they learned a bit about each other’s world w/no interest in political positions or propaganda goals.
    Just two human beings, proof that the human connection is still possible interacting, sharing their lives, “connecting’ if just for a moment.
    Everything else, said by others means … NOTHING.
    We are left then w/the certainty that part of our hope rests in the oportunity to connect, no matter how different we are, where we come from, what the colour of our skin is or what our political situation is, we are & still be humans able to connect.

  2. Damir,

    How do you know that Yoani does not speak for most Cubans in the island? Did you have a vision? Did Che Guevara say so in a dream? Perhaps you can convince Fidel to hold free elections so he can prove to the whole world how much the Cuban people love him.

    Have you ever lived in a totalitarian state? I am not sure where you are from, but why don’t you donate your dirty “Capitalist” dollars or euros to the Communist Party and go to live in Cuba like the typical Cuban making $10-$15 (US dollars) a month. Then, you will be able to enjoy “free” education and “free” healthcare. It will be so wonderful. You will be in paradise like Adam and Eve, without clothes and shoes, enjoying the “free” fruits that the island produces.

    I suggest you do not sever ties with relatives in your country. You may need a capitalist aspirin on occasion as socialist aspirins may not be available in Cuba, where everything is free. You will be so happy! But, just in case I am wrong, you should take to Cuba some wood, a saw, a hammer and some nails. Perhaps, within a week of living in Paradise you will decide to join almost 3 million Cubans in Exile by building a raft. You will then be able to face the treacherous waters of the Florida Straits, the largest underwater cemetery in the world where over 80,000 ungrateful Cubans have drowned trying to reach the horrible, terrible Capitalist Yankeeland.

  3. My dear constipated friend:

    Thank you for your “opening thoughts”. Still, I disagree with your rhetoric. I hope you don’t get offended, but your writing looks like an old Stalin’s book (or should I say Trotsky’s). I am not sure if you ever have visited Cuba or know the Cuban society now days. You see, we have the opportunity to do something that almost nobody there can do…express an opinion, write in here, post links…The team”Yoani” (like you said) is the reason you exist. Even if she received $1000 dollars a month, which is about $800 cuc (unless she used the black market exchange)she won’t be able to compete with the government elite standards’. They don’t work the family either, but they do travel and have access to Internet. If you’re lucky, you may connect with them…They also read all the comments here, so you’re in the right track.

  4. Frank, teh team “yoani” are using one of their members, yoani, to create a perception of a situation that is anything but truthful. They freely use lies and deception to try and shape opinion of general population towards their political goals. The main problem is that their strategy is old, outdated and completely worn out.

    If you go back a year or so ago, and read my posts, you will see that I myself wrote many times against the two incompetent brothers still clinging to the power like two dictators that they are.

    The problem is that the team “yoani” have ulterior motives and treat, probably out of their own incompetence – they must be cousins of Castros – international readers with absolute contempt. As if we are stupid to fall for their simplistic and clearly primitive attempts to attract the attention.

    And, do not forget that the actual yoani receives money from the usa, #1000 dollars every month, apparently – that was revealed on The Huffington’s Post own mirror page for a little while until I and many other people picked up on it, has her own business in Cuba and lives like Castros themselves: a life that for a regular Cuban is pure oppulence.

    But, just like that old witch Teresa, does she offer anything else except the rethorics?


    Just empty words that only have one goal: to upset people and maybe provoke a group protest which would result in a response from police and result in conflict. The bigger, the better.

    Old usa tactics that even usa isn’t using any more.

    No one falls for that bull nowadays.

    So, not very bright, and dishonest to the core. That is that “yoani” you naively think is writting “beautiful” things about Cyuba. Please read her posts carefull. If you do, you will see that under her pathetic “poor Cubans” attitude, she is actually rediculising her own people.

    She has declared herself to be on the side of the rich and that poor should end up in ghettos.

    If that is beautiful in your eyes, I would worry for you. I hope you do not think that is beautiful. I hope you will sit back, look again and see teh team “yoani” for what they really are: incompetent, dishonest and prone to violence.

    No better than the Castros. No better at all.

    That is why Julia herself makes only one observation of “yoani”: controversial.

    In so many ways, on so many levels. Julia realised “yoani” is not what one would appear to see here and think she, and her party comrades, is.

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