Jumping the Barriers

La ciber policia en Cuba from Coral Negro on Vimeo.

Are you one of those who fabricates the lies? Or one of those who believes them? I would like to ask this question of the speaker who deploys a complicated conspiracy theory in this video. If it’s someone who is just sending a message, then the answer is simple: the falsehood is concocted higher up and he is just the messenger. But I fear that part of what he is expounding in front of those grim soldiers — with a constellation of stars on their uniforms — is  his own production, cooked up by himself. His lengthy presentation, punctuated with words such as “enemy,” “operative,” and “the evils,” shows me what can happen when one talks about the most modern of technologies using old-fashioned language. He doesn’t seem to understand the affinities and ties that link sites like Facebook and Twitter, but applies a prism of his own making to them, rather than recognize that individuals make their own decisions to join them and — horrors! — jump the ideological barriers. Although he might be a brilliant computer scientist, this young man failed social sciences.

On this fictitious base they design strategies that will barely hurt the Cuban blogosphere. Meanwhile, believing that the impulse does not come from us, but from others who manage us like puppets, they will develop tactics that will make a lot of noise but generate few results. To recognize that the New Man — their New Man — is tired of being a soldier, repeating slogans, applauding at political rallies, and now wants to have his own space for expression, would be like confessing that they have failed. All the walls and boundaries they impose on us in the physical Cuba, we have jumped over into that infinite space that so robs them of their sleep. If they can no longer control us, let them at least console themselves by dismissing us.

*Thanks to the commentator in my blog who sent me the link to this video, the distribution of which is proof positive that our government has lost the monopoly on information, including its classified materials. Viva Cubaleaks!

Translator’s note: Given the length of this video I don’t think we will be able to prepare a translation. The gist of it is a detailed explanation of how Yoani and other dissident bloggers are classified by the government as counterrevolutionary enemies controlled from the U.S. and Spain. There is a proud enumeration of the “Revolutionary” blogs and the accuracy of their attacks on Yoani et al. The principle criticism aimed at the alternative bloggers is that they are trying to break the “ideological barriers” (put in place by the Castro regime). The term “human rights” is repeated as if it is an obscenity. At one point the slide on the screen shows us Fidel’s “blog” and how many “hits” he has (more than half a million!).

Download a PDF of an English transcript of the video here.

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  1. @#72 the hero of democracy, the idol of compassion & understanding, the paladin of equality among man, the advocate & defender of universal freedom, the representation of moral wisdom … che’s new man in the flesh.
    It seems that the anonimity afforded in the web is your hiding place & the foundation of YOUR courage, as a wannabe.

  2. Post 67, if we were to believe that you are a Cuban from Cuba, you would be proving the team “yoani” wrong yet again.

    According to them, Cubans in Cuba CANNOT access this bool sheet of a web site.

    And you would prove Damir right, yet again.

    And, on top of all that, you would also prove that those wanting to change the system are:

    1. cowards
    2. weak cowards
    3. incompetent weak cowards
    4. incompetent, weak cowards who need a huge fire power from someone else to do their job for them

    See, funny thing is, Castros kicked you out of Cuba (I am safely concluding that yo are but another octogenarian loser still dirty about that defeat by a bunch of rebels) despite the fire power by Luciano family, batista’s army AND usanian troops.

    Didn’t work then, won’t work tomorrow.

    With such a dose of courage, or lack thereoff, your chances are to see your last day in the slums of Miami long before Cuba falls into the hands of criminals and liars.

    Like yourself and those enthusiasts the team “yoani”, the servants of their “white gods”, as they/she call them so lovingly.

  3. just a reminder:
    Che & raul were instrumental in setting up the repression machine in Cuba.
    Their “master instructors” were provided by the former ussr.
    The same ussr that had recruited raul, the same that made contact w/che since his days in Mejico.
    All the supporting information is in the … WEB!? w/the name of the ussr controllers, please research & then think about it.
    Todays rebolutionaries even the brainwashed ones yet they make up w/insolence Y arrogance.
    The “volunteer brigade” of defenders & protectors of the rebolution on the other hand are qualifiying themselvs by the way the express themselves, by the thin skin they reveal when challanged, by their facility to insult & bully when their emotions take over, when their “reasons’ are not effective.
    In other words, when wrong (not wanting to admit it) talk louder or resort to insults …
    I rst my case.

  4. Deleting my posts, “democracy” in the making?

    Please continue to do so. Until you delete them the world can see them and when you do delete them, you show what you really are: wannabe Castros.

    Primitive dictators posing as “democracy fighters”. “Lovers of justice”, and all that crap.

    Please delete this post too, I need you to keep showing your true face to the world, for all those stupids to realise who they believe in.

  5. Cuban bloggers don’t use the Internet access at foreign embassies in order not to be accused of being mercenaries serving a foreign power. They don’t have direct access to their websites. They have to send their posts to friends in foreign countries and they will post them. They use USB flash drives to copy their articles and then send it by way of email from a hotel. They too use it to passed information to other bloggers.


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  7. All we need from the U.S. is a little help to overthrow Fidel Castro and his brother Raul. They are hanging on the last leg and anxious to what is going to happen.

  8. #61, coldinchicago, you raise some good points.

    I can write that Yoani is a a paid agent of an Amish drug cartel based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, whereas Fidel walks the streets of Havana feeding the poor, and some readers will believe it.

    Personal frustrations and hatreds are much understated components of political movements, especially those that rely on one all-knowing savior like Fidel or Che.

  9. “We now have a department to work against the bloggers,” the lecturer noted, referring to a special section created within the Interior Ministry, which is in charge of Cuba’s domestic security.

    Colin, Dumbir both work in that department. They pose as Westerners who claim that they travelled to Cuba.

  10. Obama should never ease the sanctions against the cuba regime all the money that travelers take to cuba ends up in fidel castros and rauls pocket.

  11. It is obvious that some of the commentators on this blog, either do not speak or understand Spanish well, or want to mislead those who do not speak it and create confusion and general misinformation among the English speaking public. I don’t know whether they work for the Castro-fascists, or are the common variety of disgruntled,or disturbed individuals whose parents did not have the skills to raise them properly so that they are basically discharging, and setting loose all the demons that dwell on their minds, or mind, on the rest of us innocent bystanders, including Cubans, in and outside the island, who are just trying to get the country back on track on a system whose goal is meeting minimum internationally recognized human rights, dignity for all (including political prisoners who want to stay in their country), and ability to develop economically anyway that suits the individual.

    We just don’t know, and have not way of knowing at the moment for sure, who these people are (Castro thugs or mental illness cases) but the effects are the same. They or him, want to disrupt the presentation of information provided by individuals who are living, or have lived the ravages perpetrated by the dictatorship, including exile and separation from family.

    On the one hand, we have institutionalized lying by the fascist (used to be communist) dictatorship, on the other, we have to contend with mental cases, whose baggage and availability of time to unload it is enough to fill this blog with what is essentially, of half truths, complete misinformation and the irrational denial of the horrors performed by a fifty one year dictatorship. I don’t argue with these characters directly because that’s like throwing food to the lions. So the best we can do is continue stating facts, repeating them as long as it takes until the untruths and misinformation are discredited and uncovered by facts reported in the news.

  12. So, what is with the editing of the post 29 in the Bitter Coffee thread “democrats”?

    A supporter of the team “yoani” posted a lengthy article supposedly “against” Cuba, but the whole article is quite pro-Cuba, and at the end the authors quote a Cuban lady who lived 49 years in Philadelphia, from the memory, and returned to Cuba because in her own word “The life is GOOD here!”

    So, the life is actually GOOD in Cuba, but the team “yoani” doesn;t want the truth to be heard.

    They prefer to lie and mislead people who have never been in Cuba to think it is an island whele human skeletons walk like ghosts aimlesly around because there is no work and food there.

    And yet, thousnads of people, including many usa-nians RETIRE to live in Cuba every year.

    They bring the money and the need for services and products, injecting the ruined economy with vtal funds for it to recover.

    Do the “democrats” team “yoani” want you to know THAT?


    So, the way I se it, it is cristal clear who is the bad guys here: the liars and manipulators, censorship thatg does not allow the information to go in and out and allow people to connect and exchange it without censors’ approval and permit.

    Funilly enough, you’d be forgivben to think I am talking about Castros, yet I am talking about their admirers and the greatest fans on earth: the team “yoani”!!!!!

    The future of dictatorship in Cuba, if they get the chance…

  13. Translator’s note is also intentionally misleading. The note states:

    “The gist of it is a detailed explanation of how Yoani and other dissident bloggers are classified by the government as counterrevolutionary enemies controlled from the U.S. and Spain. There is a proud enumeration of the “Revolutionary” blogs and the accuracy of their attacks on Yoani et al. The principle criticism aimed at the alternative bloggers is that they are trying to break the “ideological barriers” (put in place by the Castro regime). The term “human rights” is repeated as if it is an obscenity.”

    As if it was not enough that “yoani” creates lies about the video, and it obviously wasn;t so they needed a reinforcement for their own benefit and hope these lies would catch up, the note keeps the tone up by adding more “conclusions” that actually do not happen in the video at all.

    The presenter DOES NOT criticise bloggers AT ALL.

    The presenter does not offer absolutely any “detailed explanation of how “yoani” and other dissidents are classified by the government as counterrevolutionary enemies”.

    The presenter discusses the methods and tactics of SOCIAL sites, such as twitter, facebook and personal blogging by anyone, not only cuban dissidents. And how these methods are directed at Cuban government and individuals in the government.

    At no time had he used any of the words “yoani” is accusing him of using throughout his presentation.

    This post, and accompanying note is all a Castro-type bull and brainwash propaganda.

    As I have been saying, wannabe dictators, Castros after Castros, are so obsessed with their idols, they are doing their best to outdo Castros at any cost.

    In fact, I am sure they are secretly hoping to receive a “well done” and a medal from the brothers for their dictatorial talents displayed here.

    The team “yoani” is merely saying, “We are ready! Just tell us when!”

  14. #

    As I have pointed out many times, in just about every post this group of essentially violent, people are using lies to create a perception.

    This post is no different. Here is one, and there are many more, example from the above text:

    “His lengthy presentation, punctuated with words such as “enemy,” “operative,” and “the evils,”…”

    The FACT of the matter is that the presenter had NEVER used any of this words.


    Here’s another example how the team “yoani” manipulates the context pretending that the presenter is talking about something “communisty” and, by default, “bad”:

    “He doesn’t seem to understand the affinities and ties that link sites like Facebook and Twitter, but applies a prism of his own making to them, rather than recognize that individuals make their own decisions to join them and — horrors! — jump the ideological barriers. Although he might be a brilliant computer science, this young man failed social sciences.”

    The presenter was analysing the fundamental concepts of these social pages, and by the way, he did that very well. Unlike “yoani”, he actually IS a computer science professional, and he knows what he is talking about.

    At no time was he trying to make an argument about what people do on these sites.

    Which is what these inept and corrupt crimsons, the team “yoani” are trying to convince us that he was doing.

    To the contrary. His analysis was about what the sites do and how thet collect the information about the individuals. Not what individualls do. what these sites do.

    The difference is HUGE.

    “yoani”, you are LIARS. And, now I also have to agree with his statement about the money laundering. Although the team “yoani”, including the actual person, could not leave the country to receive the money, the money is pouring regularly into her and their hands. So, these “awards”, which are quite appaling in financial terms by the way, are simply used as a pretext to justify the money the team on the island is receiving from a number of internationally illegal funds, including Mexican and Russian mafia, for promoting their “emploument” schemes to Cubans on the island.

    As Julia, the young usanian actress, who had recently visited Cuba, wrote herself: the team “yoani” is controversial.

    Julia was not impressed with the front face of this blog either. So is not impressed the intelligent part of the world.

  15. Happy 100,000 Yoani!

    John Two, thanks for the link to Julia Stiles, an actor I’ve always liked.

  16. LATIN AMERICAN HERALD TRIBUNE: Cuba Releases Dissident Who Refused Exile in Spain-Caracas,Sunday-February 6,2011

    HAVANA – Guido Sigler Amaya, one of the two Cuban political prisoners whose release was announced recently, is now at home in Matanzas province, he said in a telephone conversation.

    “I didn’t expect my release today, it came as a surprise. I feel so happy because they gave me a reception that I didn’t think I was going to have,” Sigler said Friday on the phone from his home in the village of Pedro Betancourt in Matanzas province, 173 kilometers (107 miles) east of Havana.

    Sigler, sentenced to 20 years in prison during the repressive crackdown against 75 dissidents in 2003, was one of the 11 members of that group still in prison because most of them refused to go into exile in Spain.

    He said he was paroled for health reasons, and confirmed that he would like to go to the United States where his daughter, grandchildren and two siblings live.

    Guido Sigler’s brother Ariel was paroled last June on medical grounds and soon left for the United States.

    “At this time I’m trying to get my ideas together, but I must decide what I’m going to do now that I’m connected with the civilized world,” was Guido Sigler’s response to questions about his plans for the future after spending almost eight years in jail.

    “I want to give a lot of thanks to the internal opposition, to our brothers and sisters in exile, to the European Union, to the press, and to all those who have spoken up for our freedom, because what they did to us here was an injustice,” he said.

    “We’re going to try and get all of our brothers freed who are still in prison,” said the opposition activist who is vice president of the illegal Alternative Option organization.

    Sigler, 57, said that he suffers from six chronic illnesses including hypertension, two lumbar vertebra hernias and prostatic hyperplasia.

    According to Oscar Sanchez Madan, an independent journalist who belongs to his dissident group, Sigler was taken home this Friday in a police car.

    Awaiting him there were his family, neighbors and activists of the illegal opposition group Alternative Option, Sanchez Madan said in a telephone conversation.

    “He looks very thin, very pale and depressed,” Sanchez Madan said.

    The Catholic Church announced Friday the freeing of Sigler and of Angel Moya, two of the 11 prisoners of conscience remaining in prison of the “Group of 75” who refused exile in Spain as a condition for regaining their freedom.

    Guido Sigler, according to the note from the archbishop of Havana, wants to go to the United States, while Angel Moya will remain in Cuba.

    It was in June 2010 that the Cuban government agreed, as the result of an unprecedented dialogue with the Catholic Church backed by Spain, to free the 52 members of the Group of 75 who then remained behind bars.

    Of that group, all designated by Amnesty International as prisoners of conscience, 40 were released last year after accepting the condition of exile to Spain, and another, Arnaldo Ramos, received a humanitarian parole in November and remains in Cuba.

    The announcement of these two prisoners’ release leaves another nine members of the Group of 75 yet to be freed, most of whom refuse exile.


  17. Hola moderador! Hola a todos presentes en este blog. En fin, hola a todos los cubanos y no ola de refugiados. Quiero pedirles discurpa por todo el daño que e causado a ustedes y a la Patria por medio siglo. El daño ya esta hecho y yo no tengo perdon ni aqui ni alla. Por lo tanto quiero ser breve y comunicarles que pronto biene la paz y despues la felicidad. Con eso quiero despedirme y no sin antes cagarme en la hora que naci y la hora que nacio mi hermano Raul tambien. Un saludo de un cubano a cubanos de bien.

    Buenas noches,
    Fidel Castro Ruz.

  18. Folks, the 100,000th follower on Yoani’s twitter account is comming up, maybe this week! This is SO AMERICAN! I love it, one of the YANKI’s MEASURE OF SUCCESS!I hope we can get the name or account of that person/organization! PARTY!!

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    EXAMINER.COM: Egyptian women play a large role in conflict-Yvonne P Mazzulo -February 5th, 2011

    Egypt’s people have shown that they are no longer afraid to fight against the three-decade authoritarian rule of Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak. This is not surprising, as history has shown us that eventually citizens will fight back against this type of governmental rulership. What does come, as a huge surprise to many, is the role of Egyptian women.
    One young woman who has become the face of the uprising is 26-year-old Asmaa Mahfouz. Approximately 2 weeks ago, Ms. Mahfouz posted a video online that soon went viral. In the video Ms. Mahfouz states, “As long as you say there is no hope, then there will be no hope, but if you go down and take a stance, then there will be hope.”

    Ms. Mahfouz’s actions are certainly not the first time an activist has utilized the Internet as a tool to organize and inspire change. Yoani Sánchez of Cuba has had a well-organized Internet posse to help her publish her blog and expose abuses that occur in Cuba. But in a society such as Egypt, where women are expected to behave in a very reserved manner; this was more then just a bold move. Ms. Mahfouz could have faced both legal action and societal shun. Unfazed by those possibilities, she encouraged others with simple but moving words “Do not be afraid.” To her surprise, dozens of other people began to post their own pictures and videos.

    Asmaa Mahfouz is one of the founders of the April 6 Youth Movement. Founded in 2008 the organization consists of bloggers and citizen journalists who utilize Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, blogs and other media tools to alert their networks about police activity, organize legal protection and draw attention to their efforts.


  20. Where is Yubano?! We miss you here brother. Please don’t give up, you are my candidate for Congress in the New Cuba.

  21. “Flee from the land where one man controls all the powers, it is a land of slaves.”
    Simón Bolívar.

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