Citizens’ Reasons 5

Razones Ciudadanas 5 from Yoani Sanchez on Vimeo.

Chapter 5 of the program Citizens’ Reasons, this time dedicated to the alternative Cuban blogosphere. The debate centers around the evolution, characteristics and future projections for this citizens’ phenomenon. Among the guests in the studio are Claudia Cadelo, Yoani Sánchez, Orlando Luís Pardo, Luis Felipe Rojas and as moderator. There are also brief appearances from more than 15 alternative bloggers.

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  1. Humberto Capiro (El Cibergues@)

    See those faces on video. When Castro will see them he will lock them up. Wander why he didn’t do it yet.

  2. @#84
    I guess in the land of the blind, the one eyed man would be king & it looks by ur opinions u r that one eyed man among who u consider ur inferiors.
    I understand why u contribute in this blog: is ur outlet for all the abuses & humilliations u have suffered thru ur life 4 being “different” but now, w/the impunity of anonimity u can vent & be safe from retaliation however, going by ur thoughts: u love to be laughed @ & seem to enjoy been tolerated w/pity rather than respect, so be it then. ur choice to make .
    carry on, allow urself to be used & manipulated, it must be a small price to pay (4 u) to get people to like u.
    Don’t worry … I pity ur lot in life yet I have hopes 4 u, let me remind u: u can change & make ur life better if u only chose to.

  3. @#87
    that’s funny comming from the man that speelled “meet” as “meat”

  4. Damn, I didn’t realize this website is in English for Spanish speaking dissidents.

  5. LOL, Komar who doesn’t speak Spanish and has never been to Cuba or met a Cuban, litters a Cuban dissident website with his hatred and poison.

  6. Comrade Damir, tell me what they are talking in this video. I don’t speak Spanish. I gather, they are talking about not meeting quotas and eating cashews.

  7. a lot of empty talk and no substance in this naive video.

    But, one good thing: they had removed their bible: “Blogging for Idiots.”

    One small step for humanity, but one big step for this irrelevant gathering of wannabe Castros, after Castros.

    But the walk to intelligence is going to be a very long and arduous for them. After all, how do you think they can advocate and pretend that they are authority on “some kind of pragmatic capitalism” when they have no experience and knowledge of it? Between the 5 of them, they cannot muster more than 2 years of superficial introduction to it.

    And, let us be honest, if it were so good, how come the team “yoani” had to return to Cuba, in order to survive, and actually have something, anything really, to eat every day.

    Yeah, the grass is always greener over the fence.

    On 27 May, the team “yoani” announced (in a tweet above this) a dissidents’ party to mark number 8 of their “Voces” publication.

    Everyone is invited.

    If they were telling the truth, we can expect a brigade of policemen to storm their home, brutalise them all and arrest them. If the team “yoani” were telling the truth (and we know that they never do), we’ll never hear from them again because the evil regime will throw them in dungeons and lose the keys.

    In reality, I expect the team “yoani” to continue their littering of internet unabated and undisturbed, just as they were so far.

    Which will only furhter confirm them to be just a bunch of liars.

  8. We, in America, have tyranny of bankers and politicians, we don’t need tyranny of Castro.

  9. It is funny how some Americans who enjoy democracy in the US condem those who fight for the right of the Cuban people to be free. How easy is to support a fascist/communit tyranny like Castro’s madness from a democratic society while they enjoy the blessigs of liberty! I hope that these individuals keep writing in Yoani’s blog. It is the best way to show the whole world the totalitarian mentality of these persons.

    Please, those of you who write with these crazy pseudonyms that remind the readers of Stalin’s USSR keep sending the nonsense that you write. In supporting the communist/fascist tyranny you are doing the cause of Cuba’s freedom a great favor. Thank you.

  10. Anónimo is me, Komar. I forgot to write Name and Mail in the boxes. Sorry.

  11. Komar
    Mayo 21st, 2011 at 17:08
    Yoani, do You know why Fidel didn’t block Your blog on the Internet? No? I tell You. It makes him, compared to the dissidents, smell like a rose. Who’s side are You on?

    Haaaaa! This is some really funny stuff. Komar if, after reading this blog, you can’t figure out whose side Yoani is on, then you are in need of some serious critical thinking skills. You really do provide some good laughs.

  12. Komar
    Mayo 22nd, 2011 at 01:00
    Freedom by dissidents definition is to make lots of babies and be free from providing them housing, education and medical care. Those are the government responsibilities.

    Taken straight from Fidel Castro’s socialist manifesto. This is EXACTLY what he wants.

  13. Great show. Good to hear from other bloggers who are risking everything to hold the dynasty responsible for its absurd and outdated ideology. It was conforting to know that as far as Oriente, the regime is being watched everyday for acts of murder and brutality.

    Someday the perpetrators of violence will be held accountable and brought to justice. It is easy to imagine that they’ll run like fat rats and hide under whatever stone they can find. When the stones are overturned, they’ll cry like babies, proclaim their innocense and say somebody else made them do it. Just like Nazi, Fascists and Communists vermin did after their insanely criminal regimes were overturned and exposed.

  14. Freedom by dissidents definition is to make lots of babies and be free from providing them housing, education and medical care. Those are the government responsibilities.

  15. Igor, for Your information: Comrade Damir is a good friend of mine, even if he never tried enema.

  16. Komar, you should be ashamed of your ignorance. But you are not because you are a MINIT employee. You are not from Poland. Same is valid for Damir who claims he is Serb. These two dumb clowns are in fact one person employed by the Cuban ministry of interior ( think of the Nazis’s Gestapo ).

    This blog could not be read in Cuba in 2009 and 2010. I was in Cuba many times and the access to this website was blocked.

  17. #@68
    Siggy, never thougt about it … it sounds like other argentinian, full of hot air & lies about himself …

  18. Yoani, do You know why Fidel didn’t block Your blog on the Internet? No? I tell You. It makes him, compared to the dissidents, smell like a rose. Who’s side are You on?

  19. To all writing an this blog. Ever wander why Yoani doesn’t answer on posts under her blogs? I tell You. She wrote something stupid and she has nothing to say.

  20. Reading damirsito #62 (the first sentence, of course, mo one can read this patient crap after first sentence) I found a thing…….. damirsito is Argentinean!!!!…… can’t be other thing than Argentinean!!!!!
    He see himself as a better been, a superior intellect…….. a genius!!!!
    ….. and the worst thing is that he assumes the rest of the world believes he is a genius!!!!
    What a terrible disease to feel oneself an inferior been and spend the live fighting to feel the contrary!!!!
    damirsito, the fact that you comes time after time to find relief to your disease in this site is the better proof that you are addicted to XL size enemas…… you better learn of your partner komarsito, he at least recognizes he enjoy the enemas and Ricardita’s way to administrate them.

  21. Never tried enema, but since the groupies tell us it is addictive, there must be something in it. Which proves Komar right again:

    It HAS to be more fun than reading nonsense anti Cubans vomit here in a faint hope their cries and screams will be heard by someone. But then, given the number of times the team “yoani” screwed themselves with their own manipulative and misleading comments, own supporters proving them wrong, anything is more fun.

    As for listening to those screams, anyone would do.

    Well, there’s always the nurse performing enema to those groupies who find it sooo addictive…

  22. @#63
    Comming for u? the person who insults, bully & abused just about anyone? Just a reminder … u are unknown to everyone here as much anyone is unknown to u.
    Besides, if ur friend likes enemas, live him/her alone, who knows u might like them.
    “Loose lips sink ships” & congratulating urself about ur computer skills may give the idea of u being behind the technical difficuties this blog has experiencced in the near past, so “be careful what u wish 4” in ur effort to toot ur horn & prove how great u r …
    By the way … still waiting for ur ideas about how to solve the problems, u r adept as tearing down but propose nothing, for such a “secret of knowledge” as urself … still waiting& keep in mind ur record in this blog speaks for itself.

  23. Damir, don,t ruin my life. I like enema. Enema is more fun than reading this blog and watch all this links to Youtube.

  24. Just as an illustration today, look at the post 61 trying to denigrate and make tasteless fun of Komar, who clearly does not buy their anti-Cuban nonsense.

    Note how the team “yoani” groupie claims enemas to be addictive.

    That can only come from first bum (hand?) experience. And such a degenerated person then, out of his/her own feeling of guilt, is trying to make a denigrating statement about someone unknown to them, something they perceive as bad, but addicitive…

    They give entirely a new meaning to their own religious saying: “Careful what you wish for…”.

    Because Cuba you will never have with intellects this twisted.

  25. I can see how someone with little to no intellect can perceive me as a genius.

    But, the facts remain. Every single post by the team “yoani” has so many self-destructing comments, it is becoming tedious to read them al and highlight even just one at a time. For the most part, because they are largely irrelevant even to their own destructive cause.

    I like the way the team “yoani’s” own support groupies destroy the posts. Like in the previous post “Out one, in the other”. The team “yoani” talks about the DRAUGHT and one of their supporters comes out loud and screaming in post 14 listing the cities with LESS rainfall and declaring “There is NO DROUGHT in Havana.”

    So, naturally, to these people sensible comments must appear like the work of geniuses.

    And they wonder why Castros are still in power after all the errors they did…

  26. 60albert (qui ose gagne)

    Mayo 20th, 2011 at 18:13
    Siggy … he might like the enemas ;-)

    Very possible….. those enemas are addictive!!!!

  27. @#53
    A genius in ur own mind … so much crowing about ur knowledge & expertise w/proxies etc. one might start suspecting u r behind the “technical difficulties” the blog has had in the near past.
    If I were u I would be careful, there are laws to prevent such actions …

  28. 48Komar

    ….Tabloid is a weekly paper sold to uneducated masses in grocery stores……….

    ……“Youtube” is a good place for stupid teenagers to show off how stupid they are? Cuban dissidents fit there too……

    Patient shows in an evident manner the mental state of an inferior feeling person, a person with a total destroyed auto-esteem that has an urgent necessity of minimizing everyone and everything around in order to feel some relief. In this way patient catalogues the humanity as “uneducated masses” giving in such way freedom to fantasies in which obviously he appears as a person more educated that those masses (!!!)…….. Patients also “classify” a big section of humanity as “stupid teenagers” subtracting himself of this “category”….. of course, as usual happens among self esteem weak people, patient assumes a “political-ideological” position close to fascism; that’s why his aggressive attitude against antifascist people like Cubans dissidents…….. this case is harder than I previewed….. I am afraid I will need the help of Ricarda and her team in order to bring some relief to this inferior feeling been by administrating to him some XL enemas of Aji Guaguao.
    The following link shows my helpful and voluntary nurse team with Ricarda on charge:


    Noticiero de TV evoca como efemerides del 20 de mayo la muerte de Cristobal Colon pero omite el aniversario de la Republica de #Cuba

    State TV news mentions May 20 as the death of Christopher Columbus but omits the anniversary of the Republic of Cuba


    YOUTUBE: Cuba 20 de Mayo Nacimiento de la República (May 20, the birth of The Cuban Republic)

    The US lowered its flag on the 20 of May 2002 and the Cuban flag was raised over the Morro Castle.

    In 1902, the United States handed over control to a Cuban government that as a condition of the transfer had included in its constitution provisions implementing the requirements of the Platt Amendment, which among other things gave the United States the right to intervene militarily in Cuba. Havana and Varadero became tourist resorts, adorned with casinos and strip-clubs. The Cuban population gradually enacted civil rights anti-discrimination legislation that ordered minimum employment quotas for Cubans.
    President Tomás Estrada Palma was elected in 1902, and Cuba was declared independent, though Guantanamo Bay was leased to the United States as part of the Platt Amendment. The status of the Isle of Pines as Cuban territory was left undefined until 1925 when the United States finally recognized Cuban sovereignty over the island. Estrada Palma, a frugal man, governed successfully for his four year term; yet when he tried to extend his time in office, a revolt ensued. In 1906, the United States representative William Howard Taft, notably with the personal diplomacy of Frederick Funston, negotiated an end of the successful revolt led by able young general Enrique Loynaz del Castillo,[64] who had served under Antonio Maceo in the final war of independence. Estrada Palma resigned. The United States Governor Charles Magoon assumed temporary control until 1909.[65] In this period in the area of Manzanillo, Agustín Martín Veloz, Blas Roca, and Francisco (Paquito) Rosales founded the embryonic Cuban Communist Party.[66]
    For three decades, the country was led by former War of Independence leaders, who after being elected did not serve more than two constitutional terms. The Cuban presidential succession was as follows: José Miguel Gómez (1908–1912); Mario Garcia Menocal (1913–1920); Alfredo Zayas (1921–25).[67]

    In World War I, Cuba declared war on Imperial Germany on 7 April 1917, the day after the US entered the war. Despite being unable to send troops to fight in Europe, Cuba played a significant role as a base to protect the West Indies from U-Boat attacks. A draft law was instituted, and 25,000 Cuban troops raised, but the war ended before they could be sent into action.

  31. FINANCIAL TIMES: Cuba cracks down on “Guayabera” crime-By Marc Frank in Havana

    One morning this month the nearly half a million inhabitants of Sancti Spiritus, a leafy province in central Cuba, woke up to find their local government had fallen.
    Rather than some kind of US-inspired coup, however, the removal and subsequent arrest of five senior provincial officials was part of the increasing drive by Raúl Castro, president, against white-collar corruption – or white “Guayabera” crime as it is called after the distinctive Cuban dress shirt.

    The crackdown, launched two years ago, has already cost hundreds of senior Cuban Communist party officials, state managers and employees their jobs and sometimes their freedom, as Mr Castro has struggled to shake-up the country’s entrenched bureaucracy and move the country towards a less centralised and more market-driven economy.
    Although such campaigns are not new, the intensity of the current drive is unprecedented, as are the number of high level targets and breadth of their illicit activities, Communist party and government insiders said this week.

    As well as Sancti Spiritus’s wayward officials, Havana’s mayor resigned last month after most of the capital’s top food administrators were swept away in another probe.

    Last year, in the all-important nickel industry, which exports some $2bn annually, managers from mines and processing plants up to deputy ministers of basic industry were arrested after “diverting resources” and padding export weights, according to industry sources. Yadira García Vera, the minister, was eventually fired.

    The drive began in earnest in 2009 when Mr Castro, 84, opened the Comptroller General’s Office, saying it would “contribute to the purging of administrative and criminal responsibility, both the direct perpetrators of crimes and the secondary ones . . . [who] do not immediately confront and report them.”

    The move is designed to try and allow state-owned companies to operate more profitably, as Mr Castro wants them to, while also preventing the kind of corruption that marked Russia’s and China’s own moves to the market.

    “The creation of the Comptroller General in 2009 was a significant step in the first phase of Cuba’s reform,” said Arturo López-Levy, a former analyst at Cuba’s interior ministry and now a Cuba expert at the University of Denver in the United States.

    “East Asia demonstrated the wisdom of creating an anti-corruption agency early in the economic transition from a command economy.”

    Cuba is fertile ground for corruption. After 20 years of economic crisis, and with state wages worth around $20 a month – a level that the government admits does not cover necessities – almost all Cubans engage in illegal activities to survive.

    At the same time, the government is loosening regulations on small private business even as it cuts subsidies and lays off government workers, thereby requiring more sacrifice from state employees and pensioners.

    “Raúl Castro has clearly gone to extraordinary lengths to make it clear that corruption – particularly at the higher levels – will not be tolerated, signalling he means business and higher-ups must sacrifice too,” said John Kirk, a Latin America expert at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada.

    Cuba does not suffer from drug-related corruption like many of its neighbours, said western diplomats and foreign security personnel who work closely with Havana on interdiction.

    Rather, according to foreign investors, the biggest problems they face when forming domestic joint ventures are the long delays starting and then operating a Cuban business – in part due to draconian regulations designed to prevent white-collar crime.

    That is not the case in the external sector, where foreign trade and off-shore activities make corruption easier.

    “The huge disparities between peso salaries, worth just a few dollars a month, and the influx of strong currencies, even in very small amounts, create extremely strong incentives to become corrupted,” said one western manager, who requested anonymity.

    Cuban cigars have become the most emblematic case. Distributors in Canada and Mexico had long complained that millions of valuable “puros” – high quality cigars – were somehow making their way to other Caribbean islands and then being smuggled into their franchised territories.

    But it was not until last year that the Cohiba-puffing Manuel García, the long-time vice-president of Habanos S.A., a joint venture with London-listed Imperial Tobacco and the exclusive distributor of the island’s famous cigars, was arrested along with a number of other executives and staff.

    “Turns out we were complaining to the very people who had set up the sophisticated operation, complete with shell companies and paths to avoid import duties,” one foreign distributor said.

  32. Damir is right, as I write this a long line of rafts is leaving crumbling Miami for Cuba. We will join the 40 million American and Spanish refugees who have already escaped through shark infested waters to Havana.

  33. To claim boldly that the Independence Day is NOT celebrated in Cuba is absolute display of absolute arrogance and, and I mean it in the nicest way possible, stupidity.

    The ignorants, overwhelmingly supporters of the team “yoani”, certified liars and manipulators as they have demonstrated by now too many times to count (let us never forget how they had to cut short and throw damning details from post made by one of their own, when s/he quoted an interview with a Cuban lady retiring to Cuba after 40 years of slaving in the usa – she said “The life is GOOD in Cuba.”) talk about democracy, but conveniently forgetting that democracy, a capitalist one, should include and allow the difference of opinions.

    So, just because you are crying on the Independence Day because you and yours got beaten up, and so good, you are still licking the wounds, it does NOT mean that every Cuban shares your pain.

    In fact, quite a lot do sincerely feel the day is made for celebration.

    As one young guy told me a couple of years back, in Cienfuegos, the challenge for REAL Cubans is to get rid of Castros without letting the jackals (enters the team “yoani” with their manual for sonets and blogging for idiots) in.

    I have full confidence that you will stil be licking your wounds 50 years from now.


    You won’t be around in 50 years time.

    Cuba will.

    You lose again.

    On a brighter note, here’s a simple demonstration of the theory of games that I was talking about to my faithful audience a little while ago. On the right side of your screen you will see little clouds. Each circle represents a country, a person, a group of people. You can read comments and delete them. As you do, the circles regroup and reconnect.

    That is how the theory works. Those who read my original comment will understand the concept (who am I fooling… teh team “yoani” supporters just can’t muster enough brain power for that. Not even among the whole three of them.

    You need 4 brain cells for that…

    By the way, the article about Greece and disintegration of capitalism is quite good. read it to see where is “some kind of pragmatic capitalism” heading to and dragging those naive (stupid really) to think that it is a good thing, with it.

    For those (all three of you) who cannot grasp that either, it is dragging you down into the abyss.



    The end.

  34. Greetings,

    Today it is another anniversary of Cuba’s Independence Day. It is remembered all over the world by Cubans. It is not celebrated because Cuba is not free. It is remembered, except by the totalitarian government of Cuba that erased such a glorious day from the official calendar. It is easy to understand why. May the 20th was the happiest day for the Cuban nation before the Communist/Fascist regime of Fidel Castro. When we saw someone very happy, a common expression in Cuba was: Tienes cara de 20 de mayo. It means: You have a 20th of May face.

    On the other hand, the Communists celebrate July 26th, the attack on the Moncada Barracks, a Hitler like putsch attempt by Castro against Batista’s unlawful regime, which resulted in the deaths of close to 75 Cubans on both sides. It was the beginning of this bloodbath that has plagued the Cuban nation since 1953. This is what the Castro dictatorship stands for: death, lack of freedom and misery. It is only logical they celebrate July 26th.

    I will always remember as a child in the 50’s helping my father place a huge Cuban flag in front of the window in the porch of my house. My house was built in the late 20’s and had 14 – foot ceilings. I remembered the time when my dad allowed me to get on the ladder for the first time. I was so proud that he felt I was old enough to raise our flag. I remember the stories of my grandmother about May 20th 1902. She was a young girl. Her mother was from Barcelona and her father from Toledo, Spain but she told me her whole family was very happy that Cuba was finally freed from the authoritarian Spanish crown. They all wore red, white and blue. I could see the happiness on her face as she described that unforgettable day.

    The article in English I am posting was written 12 years ago, but it could have been written today. It shows some of our bitterness, but you know, we have reasons to be bitter.

    Here is a link:

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