The New Microphones

For a long time the only way to get one’s hands on that gadget called a microphone was to pass through many ideological filters. Given that same paranoia, to this day few programs on our national channel are broadcast live, so that no one can deliver–to the eyes of the viewers–opinions contrary to the system. And although in recent months criticism has been timidly allowed to pass in the official media, the doors remain closed to those who do not agree with the official discourse. Hence, we have had to find other microphones, other sets, other cameras. Improvised and less professional, yes, but indisputably more free than those of the studios at 23rd and L, at Mason and San Miguel, or at the provincial broadcast centers.

From the terrace of a house, with a sheet hung as a curtain and lights borrowed from a musician, one can make films without the boring triumphalism of the Roundtable show. One example of these new spaces that are emerging is the SATS project, where “art and thought come together,” directed by Antonio Rodiles. In a broad framework for debate, guests expound on a theme and then, later, respond to questions from the public. They analyze, equally, the trajectory of a hip hop musician, the work program of an outlawed legal association, or civil society from the viewpoint of a doctor of philosophy. Afterward, each day’s filming is distributed by the same alternative networks within which blogs, films, documentaries and opinions circulate.

Still missing, it’s true, from these space of SATS and also Citizens’ Reasons, is the presence of the “other.” Of those who defend the official versions of events and who are willing to come together with us and say so in front of a camera. But however much invitations have been extended to these people from State institutions, calling on them to debate and present their arguments, they prefer not to bestow on us the belligerence of their presence. I remain hopeful, however, that one day they will arrive. Sooner rather than later they will come, perhaps before they offer us their own spaces and allow us to speak from “their” microphones.


165 thoughts on “The New Microphones

    1. Offend and denigrate Yoani Sanchez and other dissidents against the Castro regime.
    2. Question the existence of this blog, and discredit its goals of showing the real Cuba.
    3. Create distractions, by diverting discussions over different topics.
    4. Contradicts any and/or every of the honest posting in this blog as well as participants’ point of view.
    5. Introduce links or/and references to media sponsored by Castro propaganda, with the intent of creating confusion about the realities of Cuba in prospect readers and foreign followers of this blog.
    6. Consume time and space when participants try to debate over Komar’s malicious postings.

  2. I don’t have to, what I say is supported by most contributors, verifiable in its contents by just checking in the web or any good library & mi track record proves it.
    Yours on the other hand proves ur lack of respect for other people’s plight, ur lack of respect for Cubans, sincd it seems u have not noticed the blog is about Cuba & her situation.

  3. albert (qui ose gagne)
    Junio 23rd, 2011 at 18:45

    “Are u talking about hiding?”

    U r in at @ u r post. Post u r name and avatar.

  4. @#158
    Are u talking about hiding?
    I remember challanging u to put ur name & address out here for all to see.
    In one of your past postings u boasted about ur contributions for the “liberation” of ur country & how u were such a good & courageous fighter. However, ur attitude here betrays a cowardly blowhard & bigoted bully who thinks himself superior to others. U attitude tells me u lie because if the same attitude u exhibit here was the same as when u were a “freedom fighter” (as u claimed) no freedom movement or organization worth its salt in ur country would have trusted u to say the list, u r the kind of person who at the first sign of danger would turn into a collaborator/traitor. In simple terms a coward.

  5. En menos de cuatro meses todo termina.
    Te veo en casa de Yolenis

  6. Damir
    Junio 17th, 2011 at 02:29

    It can not be Capiro. He didn’t “CUT” and “PASTE”.

  7. I have have it on a good authority that the third word in the first sentence of the post 149 is the real name of the “hero” hiding under 247 “name”.

    If anyone can confirm, or deny, it would be greatly appreciated…

    A tip, it’s an italian name, not a spanish one, although I doubt that the genius knows the difference.

    After all, we are talking about the team “yoani” supporter. No knowledge, rage only.

    And some subliminal cries for attention.

  8. Damir @ 66: “It is an impossible mission to try to find any logic in totalitarian’s regimes and people actions. It is a dogma, it is blind obedience and total delivery in soul and body what they pursue of the people and followers. They well know there is no logical match between those factors you asked about but that does not matter to them. As long as the taken actions and commands serve to tyranny’s longevity it is OK for them. Take for example mentally deranged self-titled”freud” confessions in his self-psychotherapy sessions, he discharge his hate on CUba and socialism but does not offer a coherent explanation about his hate, he screams that capitalism is better than socialsim but does not offer any proof, any logical explanation to back up his statements.”

    Damir, Damir, Damir… If you just reverse the order of the terms “capitalism” and “socialism” in your post, you could be much more accurately descibing yourself than your original post describes our “Freud”. In fact, with that post you exemplify the Freudian psychologial defensivness known as “projection”.

    I find “Freud” here in this forum to have been quite coherent in posts 33 and 34. Those posts show a great deal of intelligent insight as to how dictatorial systems work, and how they gain a stranglehold over their people. Spot on!

  9. 154Miami Web Master

    Junio 15th, 2011 at 16:12

    Was that a Freudian slip?

    Hahaha….. yeah, exactly…… I was distracted by patient komar ridiculous comment in Huffington Post….. hahahaha

  10. I’m still waiting on castrofascist approval to publish my post on HuffPost.

  11. Last post should read: “hell-bent on removing their systems” and “you should read Martin Luther King or anyone else with a functioning brain”

  12. Damir, #1, according to you Martin Luther King and Ghandhi were hell-bent or removing their systems by violence. According to you, the people who abused them had every right to do so. According to you, the people who demonstrated when the Nazis took over Germany were hell-bent violent creatures, while the Nazis had every right to abuse them. That is exactly what you said.

    Now back to Cuba. If Yoani is wrong with her peaceful attempts to change her system. Then Fidel and Che were infinitely worse with their violent overthrow of Batista, according to you at least.

    If you want good arguments about why we sometimes need to peacefully disobey a law, you should read Martin Luther King.

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