State of Fury

Close the Tap

“Three boys were stabbed in the Piragua* the other night,” “don’t go by Zapata and G where you might be assaulted,” “a former policeman killed a child for stealing mamoncillo fruit,” “don’t even think of going to Central Havana after ten.” These are some of the phrases that make up our own alternative red chronicle, part of the flow of information about violence not reflected in the official media. There is a latent tension that doesn’t explode in a protest at the Plaza of the Revolution, nor in an encampment in front of the Council of State, but is channeled into the punch that smashes into the skin during Carnival, or an iron bar sinking into a shoulder in a riotous brawl. This constant irritation — attributable not only to the heat — brings out the blades in the most unpredictable places, and even makes the little kids who should be playing peacefully raise their fists.

A few days ago two women were pulling each other’s hair as they fought to get a seat in a shared taxi, a bus inspector took a stick to a rider who complained of his management, a mother slapped her son because he smeared ice cream on his shirt, and a Committee for the Defense of the Revolution member from Santiago beat a regime opponent until he broke his jaw. What’s happening to us? Why this fury that turns one against another? Why this institutional silence about the facts now inherent in our everyday lives? I remember having spent a couple of hours in a police station and being amazed at the number of foreigners who came to report a robbery. One after another they came and the official in charge put his hands on his head. “This is too much,” I heard him say.

The authorities in our country think that not mentioning these risks will make them disappear. They think perhaps the absence of a report about the violence plaguing the city will cause it to decrease. I’m sick and tired of turning on the TV and seeing only incidents that happen on the streets of New York or Berlin. I have a son 16 years old and I know the dangers he faces crossing the threshold of our doorway. Enough already of falsifying statistics, manipulating certificates of injuries, hiding the results of the rage. We are a society where a blow and a scream have replaced words, let’s admit it and begin to look for solutions for it.

*Translator’s note:
Piragua: A large plaza-type open space along Havana’s Malecon overlooked by the Hotel Nacional.


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  1. Damir, couldn’t help notice you took your family vacationing on the capitalist beaches of southern France, and that you live in the capitalist country of Italy. Why do you support capitalism with your dollars and socialism only with your mouth?

  2. Don’t you just love when those hypocrites preaching “love” and “tolerance” go around and do exactly the opposite? And justify their hypocrisy by “god” made me do it…

    Like the current nazist, certified Hitler-jungen, working as a religious leader of christians. Continuing the practice of deception, lies and hypocrisy started by his nazist predecessor the polish nazist, whose “official” biography is currently the biggest lie in the world, despite many distinct attempts by the “christian” “democrats” around the world to dwarf it, the nazi-pope is organisning his church’s “the world youth day” event around the true International Youth Day, an event organised by the OUN and celebrated every year on 12 August.

    While his agents of death are murdering thousands of Lybian CIVILIANS, while pretending to trying and PROTECTING them, killing tens of thousands of Iraqui and Afghan civilians in the name of some “god” and some “christ” – have a look at the usanian own to see how many you are all guilty of murderin by association, the so-called “pope” is busy preaching nonsense and organising “the world youth day” canivingly NOT calling it the CHRISTIAN youth day.

    ANd pretending to speak in the name of ALL world youth.

    Christian hegemony at its best. The “new world order” according to Vatican…

    ANd we should have a sympathy for their “cuban” branch which is doing their dirty job over the internet, pretending to be the voice of the oppressed and poor?

    Whenever did the capitalists and the religious thugery help the poor?

    The old impostor Therese had collected over a billion of dollars around the world yet NOT a SINGLE CENT was distributed even in the hospitals in India where she “worked” with the poor and sick by preaching them her religion!!!

    Criminal bastardry at its’ best. Here is what the Indians REALLY think of her “wonderful” activities in India:

    Liars and hypocrites. Their ideology is fine but dare one think differently, one is immediately a Castrofascist. Dare one raise up in arms to liberate oneself from those chains of delusion and mental terrorism, one is a “communist” and a “criminal”.

    Only “christians” and “pro-democracy” monkeys have the right to kill in this religious hell we call home today. Only religious idiots are the “spiritual” people and the righteous ones. And take the liberty to kill others who do not share their schizofrenia and paranoia.

    And deny the right of the others to defend themselves from this lunacy.

    “It is a crime to kill” they say, brandishing weapons of mass destruction and killing people around the world, because these people are the “enemies” of the “truth” and the “light” that only their dead :christ” and non-existent “god” bring.

    All that despite the fact that Izraeli archeologist have proved, contrary to their desires, that the “bible” is just a delusional recount of a past that never was.

    Look for the documentary series “bible unearthed” to se what a jewis, and religious, archeologist from Tel Aviv has discovered, and how he had to come to a conclusion that The Old Testimony, the jewish book, and the fundamental part of the “bible” is nothing more than a pile of lies.

    Just as are your lives, dedicated to fighting “communism” and “castros”.

    Just bear in mind that your own stupidity, lies and hypocrisy is what had CREATED Castros in the first place. That your perverted and distorted delusions about the world have brought Batista and his cronnies Genovese family from the usa, to destroy Cuba to the point where Castros looked like saviour sompared to what the christian hypocrites were doing to their own people.

    And that is why Cubans in Cuba still are not rebelling against the Castros.

    Because, as bad as incompetent and bad they are, they are stil better than what “some kind of pragmatic capitalism” was, and still today is.

  3. Damir, how was your pragmatically capitalist vacation on the beaches of Southern France. Your post from the capitalist beach had you in good spirits.

  4. Among the nonsense and rampand stupidity put on display by the support brigade of anti-revolutionary pioneer or two, let me point out the usual self-shooting copy and paste genius, who never ceases to amaze me with his/her ability to claim Castros to be fascists (fully well being ignorant on the meaning of the word fascism, as bad as it is perceived to be) and to support his/her statements to than effect copy and paste articles that often serve only to dismantle his/her delusional theories…

    Post 14 is YET ANOTHER such suicidal post. You feel free to read it entirely, I’ll only isolate a small portion of it:


    “Describing himself as a “progressive, tolerant, left-wing revolutionary”, Milanes made clear he believed there should more freedom of expression in Cuba, including the right to protest, and more freedom for Cubans to travel abroad.”

    The difference between Milanes and the pin-up granny is just above. He disagrees with Castros, but he is a left-wing revolutionary oriented.

    The ignorant old woman wants to destroy Cuba as we know it and install even worse delusion called “some kind of pragmatic capitalism”. The same one that has been destroying the world for the past 200+ years and is now self-destroying itself.

    It is plain obvious who is the smart one here, yet the copy and paste genius continues to fail to understand the articles s/he so fanatically pastes here thinking they are working for his/her lost cause.

  5. @#44
    By the way, in Cuba the riot police does not answer when there is a peaceful demostration by dissidents, ther rapid response goon squads do, sanctioned by the rebolution.
    So the protection to the people of Cuba by the “law” is based not on equality but, if freedom of expression is to be exercised, it can only be to express support for the rebolution, ergo there is no freedom of expression … eh?

  6. Cuba Libre Agosto 19th, 2011 at 20:44
    “…What`s so unusual about authorities beating up on rioteers?? this happens in every country around the world. Ho is it that you hold the Cuban government responsible for these

    The rebolutionary authorities beat up peacefull demostrators like the Ladies in White”

    Cuba Libre Agosto 9th, 2011 at 20:11
    “…Why may I ask is everyone so surprised to see the government forces in Cuba react when they try to stop illegal manifestations or riots. As every other country would do, when there is a riot they call in the riot squad what else. Are things any different elsewhere…”

    The rebolutionary constitution deems illegal any demostration that contradicts their political philosophy. Which does not in fact provides freedom of expression unless that expression says what the rebolution wants them to say … ???

    Lastly where is that Yoani discourages tourism for Cuba?

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