Jobs’s Genius and My First Frankenstein

Image circulating on the internet, attributed to Jonathan Mak

For that mess of cables and circuits to come to life and become my first computer, all I was lacking was the small pump that blows air over the red hot microprocessor. But how to find that in the Havana of 1994, completely submerged in the miseries of the Special Period.* Without that whirring mechanism of blades, the Frankenstein I’d spent half a year assembling would get too hot and suddenly switch off. During those days I thought constantly of Steve Jobs in the garage of his adoptive parents where he created Apple Computer. His inspired genius led me to understand that innovation is more enjoyable than the tacit consumption of something invented by others. A few days later, a combination of a household fan and aluminum heat-sinks allowed me to write in WordPerfect 5.1 and create a university newsletter called Letter by Letter. Hundreds of miles from my improvised workshop, the NeXT hardware division had just closed down and it was still a few months before the Pixar film Toy Story would be released.

Since that time, the evocation of Jobs has accompanied me on all the risky computer adventures to which curiosity and need have propelled me. All around me were many people like the restless Steve, ingenious teenagers who, lacking space — even a garage — and the legal possibility of founding a company, took the road of emigration and ended up taking their talent and their ideas far from here. Despite this massive stampede, here, among various friends, we continued to feed the cult of the guru in black shirt and faded jeans, longing to be a bit like him: bright, clever, understood. When the mediocrity of technological censorship touched us, we projected ourselves onto that adopted boy who became a frame of reference for the world, with his genius impulses and white earbud headphones. He probably didn’t know that we Cubans would have to wait more than a decade to be able to legally buy a computer in a store.

Yesterday, the student who never graduated from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, died at age 56. He left us a bitten apple painted on a host of technological gadgets, and wondering how many more he could have created if pancreatic cancer hadn’t taken him so early. To those of us who never exchanged a word with him, nor withstood the harangues of this CEO, we are left with the myth, the sweet legend of his genius. It comforts me to think that my laughable Frankenstein — built 18 years ago — would have overheated even more without the fresh and inspiring air that Steve Jobs radiated over us all.

*Translator’s note:
The Special Period: In a January 1990 speech, two months before the fall of the Berlin wall, Fidel Castro warned of coming hardships and first used the phrase “a special period in a time of peace.” When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, its 30 years of subsidies to Cuba came to an abrupt end. Oil imports dropped 90%, industry was paralyzed, agriculture shifted from machines to manual labor, food rations sank precipitously and hunger became widespread, followed inevitably by the diseases of malnutrition.


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  1. From Post 42:

    And given the advanced old age of those poor wretched losers, still reeling after the beating from merely 25 revolutionaries, trolling has long turned into drooling…
    How else to explain an old wrinkled up woman comparing her legs to mine…?!?!?!
    Dementia? Sclerosis?
    Personally, I’ll stick with hypocrisy.
    After all, the record is clear. I’ll be waiting for a very long time before a member of pioneers’ gang, sorry: support brigade, makes a coment on the post of the old, nervous nail-biter…

    Wow, EVERYONE in eastern europe must be REALLY young. What do you guys do with your old people? A thirty-something Cuban is called a “granny” and a small avatar where no wrinkles can be seen is characterized as “old and wrinkled.”

    Tell you what, Damir, you post a picture on a photo hosting site of your REAL legs, and I’ll post one of mine, and then we’ll let everyone vote.

  2. Among the verbiage and all that rubbish the trolls from the support brigade post incessantly, trying todiscredit those who dissent and do NOT follow their party line and failed delusional ideology, the post 22, unlike the post 23 full of desperate cries for help, begs for a comment.

    “I would suggest Damir and co. join a commune in America, a free country where communism can actually work, but I don’t know many Marxists who like working hard and sharing their wealth with others.”

    The poster obviously, in the best tradition of usanian education and government-induced catatonic state of perpetual brainwash, has zero knowledge – ah…but what’s new there!!! – about the economy of the usa.

    The best companies (financial responsibility, market success, workers treatment, workers wages etc.) in the usa are the companies that have adopted Jugoslav self-management style.

    Self-management is the pinnacle of modern and democratic socialist economy that had pulled Jugoslavija in mere 20 years since the WWII from a completely desroyed economy into a modern developed country.

    The self-management became so popular in the usa since the 1980’s that there are hundreds of companies based on those principles.

    Some of those companies are Besser blocks and West system (epoxy resins for all you ignorants here). I challenge you to search your capitalist invention called the internet and find more big and/or well known companies and discover for yourselves how many companies have quietly adopted Jugoslav socialist self-management system, and FLOURISHED ever since.

    Then compare it with all those purely capitalist companies that have either already collapsed or were about to but got saved by the government.

    And bear in mind that government itervention in the market is a NO-NO in capitalism, which is supposedly self-regulating and perfec society…

    Bullshift, as we know.

    Just look how long and how large is the wall st. blockade.

    Some paradise that “some kind of pragmatic capitalism”!!!!!!!!!

    The workers are on the streets around the world. protesting against the 1% of rich scumbags who are solely and squarely to blame for demise of the capitalism and its society as a whole.

    And there are still delusional dumbos telling ME that I sound rediculous…

    Yeah geniuses. Go look through your windows and watch tens of thousands marching and asking for this lunacy, alled “some kind of pragmatic capitalism” to stop.

    And then tell me AGAIN how I am the rediculous one.

    The ONLY companies working profitably in capitalism are those companies that have embraced MARXISM.

    And that’s a fact.

    And to finish you silly delusional little pioneers off, here’s ANOTHER company that has embraced pure MARXISM and THRIVES in capitalism. It offers FREE BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER to its workers. it treats them with respect and it has introduced tried and tested socialist, MARXIST, principles of less is more when it comes to work hours.

    And no, it’s not only google, which does much the same.

    It’s facebook.

    So eat your own sewerage material little pioneers you. Socialism IS SUPERIOR. usanian OWN companies prove it every day.

    Self-management, inclusion of workers from a cleaner to the top management in decision process, free food, less working hours, more play and holidays, in fact EVERYTHING that capitalists are telling you is “ugly communism” that will destroy your lives, is making those usanian companies performing BETTER than those that follow capitalist ideology.

    So there.

    You lose YET AGAIN.

    Wow, that MUST hurt BADLY…

    Hey, you can always copy and paste articles trashing Cuba from the miami herald, or the huffington post to make you feel better…

    After all. that is ALL you can do well, you little pioneers you!!!!

  3. Post 40 UnSoricel, for a guy who in the middle of 19 century described the end of capitalism exactly as it unfolded in 2007, Marx got it pretty right. Marx predicted the capitalists will corner the workers in and force them to borrow the money because their wages will be too low to provide for decent living. To stimulate the borrowing they will, according to Marx, give the money to people who cannot repay it. That will, in turn, fuel the collapse of financial system and bring the meltdown about.

    At some point the people will not be able to take on any more pressure and they will come out on the streets.

    Capitalism will crack and fail under its own greed and pave way for socialism.

    There will never be going back to capitalism.

    The problem is fierce anti-socialist propaganda designed to instill fear in people about the system that is esentially just and fair. And certainly more democratic than “some kind of pragmatic capitalism” could ever aspire to be.

    And dictators like Castros are not helping the truth reveal the brainwash capitalists serve to their sheep (quoting jesus letter for letter) every day. making them paranoid about something they have never even seen, let alone had a chance to experience.

  4. The most likable thing about hypocrites is their hypocrisy.

    For example, the support brigade of pioneers are only too quick to accuse others of being the trolls when those pesky characters do not post their party line and do not agree with it.

    Yet, as per their own repeatedly posted definition of trolls, they are the biggest offenders.

    I am yet to se a single word about what the pin-up grany of the team “yoani” posts here.

    Naturally, I’ll be waiting for a long time. As we all know, the team “yoani” posts largely irrelevant nonsense, which doesn’t even reach the empty skulls of the pioneers’ brigade (whole 1 and a half sore loser posting here under tens of various nicks pretending there are many of those losers…), let alone provokes any meaningful debate among them.

    Such is the power of hypocrisy.

    And given the advanced old age of those poor wretched losers, still reeling after the beating from merely 25 revolutionaries, trolling has long turned into drooling…

    How else to explain an old wrinkled up woman comparing her legs to mine…?!?!?!

    Dementia? Sclerosis?

    Personally, I’ll stick with hypocrisy.

    After all, the record is clear. I’ll be waiting for a very long time before a member of pioneers’ gang, sorry: support brigade, makes a coment on the post of the old, nervous nail-biter…

  5. Of course we all know that the United Kingdom has no colonial or racist skeletons in its closet. LOL

  6. @Help … usually 2 ppl is not even a crowd but then again thank you for seeing us as a brigade I didn’t realise we have such power the more so since we don’t even talk to each other … So yes darling we want your virgins and we want them now!…. as I can see my jokes have been wasted on you too..the joke about how many girls from eastern europe got trafficked to the US and how many Russian ladies looked for boring husbands over there.. anyway….I am sure Cuba will NOT share the same fate…

    so to come back to your point and how you see the world: then the guy who invented the wheel must have been a marxist cos he didn’t charge any copy right ! or you know what if your nation doesn’t pay the black man for enslaving him maybe you could pay the black man a divident for providing the DNA we all share through them and their ancestry !!… In other words at the last count I have paid and pay for the technology I use and in my opinion it is overpriced …maybe you as a little right winger you were born with an iphone in your mouth! me as a half-breed marxist (meaning I think marx got it wrong but none the less capitalism is wrong too) pay for it every day of the week !!!

  7. So the anti-capitalist anti-American brigade come on here using the American invented computer and internet to stalk American women. Is there anything American they can’t keep their greedy hands off of? Marxists are such old-fashioned predatory capitalists.

  8. Actually, after I requested you ignore me, you posted this:

    “haven’t seen Pamela lately.. probably she gone to Wall Street to protest… poor darling having to fight on both fronts..”

    AND this:

    ” Humberto and hermanos terrrrible you too baby! After that maybe you tell why were you so keen to see my face on this blog???because I know why Pamela was…”

    Like I said, obsessed.

    And, is this you being, no, dare I say it, materialistic and CONsumerist?

    “… and of course you cannot recommend a 19yo Cuban either cos I would make her happy and buy her all the stuff you can’t afford to buy and that would be too much for your mind.”

    That’s probably the only way you could make her happy!

    I wouldn’t sully my hands by purchasing a Che tee-shirt, but I’m sure your buddy Damir will be happy to loan you his. He probably has better legs than I do anyway.

  9. By all means Hoola Hoopa I DID ignore you when you requested that – you didn’t, so you can’t help it and this is why we’re here today, again… that’s how in denial you are about yourself sat on a pedestal.. we should all admire you and stay at your feet – at least do you have interesting legs?? or wear jeans and trainers like men…

    You know what I am looking for in a woman and that excludes autmatically wives of friends and neighbours – I am NOT into the more familiar setting of my age you seem accustomed to called ‘wife swap we don’t talk about’ .. and NO I don’t have a Che t-shirt but if you send me a good expensive one made in the USA by some bs famous local designer I will wear it and send you a picture back with Thanks on it.. though as I was saying somewhere else, I’d prefer a genuine good cigar and a bottle of rum – can you recommend one at least?? No I don’t think so … and of course you cannot recommend a 19yo Cuban either cos I would make her happy and buy her all the stuff you can’t afford to buy and that would be too much for your mind – but don’t worry when your bs capitalism comes, one of your neighbours ‘you like’ would do exactly that !..

    Since your ppl produce so nice cigars you can have the last word – from the pedestal Pamela speaks:…!!

  10. Quilty? OK, you got me, do you like to make quilts?

    Now you can also look through cyberspace and ascertain which books I have and have not read? Quite skillful you are. You see, I can read books that I detest. By the way, banning a book would go against my values, even books that I detest.

    I certainly hope that you detest me enough to stop talking to me, or bringing up my name in your rants when I haven’t posted for a while. Seems you’re obsessed.

    I don’t think that you are going to find much admiration for your hero Che on this forum, however, you and Damir can proudly wear your Che tee-shirts, rub your bottom parts together, and go round the world. That IS what makes the world go round, no? Maybe you can also round up some 19 years olds that are desperate for all those secrets you hold. LOL.

    You say that you don’t talk to statues that you detest, great, i don’t talk to foolish wannabe-revolutionaries who think that the rest of the world doesn’t have history books.

    But then, only you can see the complexities of the human condition, right?

    Here’s an idea, why don’t we ignore each other totally and get back to talking about Cuba?

  11. @hula hoops .. I would admit to that if only in passing you would have admitted that yesterday was the day of the heroic querilla lala…practically the day Che was killed … Since that won’t happen I think I said bye as you’d say to a statue… What can one ask of someone who places herself on a pedestal …well it seem it was pointless to tell you you shouldn’t mix art with politics… By the way if you really wanted to offend me you should have accused me of being Quilty…and not H.. But then again your ‘virtue’ and the pedestal didn’t let you read the book ..and I don’t talk to statues I detest both marble and bronze and the concept of virtuous art.. Try Berlin cca 1934 to 39.

  12. @UnSoricel (I don’t feel the need to make up cutesy names)

    Grow a pair and admit to what you have said, will you? You have attacked both Yoani and the brave dissidents in Cuba. Why are you at all concerned about “our motives as a group?” What’s it to you?

    Do you REALLY think that any of us care if our motives seem shallow to you? Old men dating 19 year olds? Nah, the word shallow would never come to mind there. And “consensual” erotica with a 12 year old (lolita), self-serving fantasy for the perverted. But keep dreaming.

    “Bye for now until I grow younger at heart?” Don’t hold your breath, some of us can actually accept growing old gracefully. But I do like the “bye” part.

    I don’t watch MTV, but I’m not against it because something that my son saw on MTV literally saved his life.

  13. @Hoola Hoops… Well go figure what I time you watch MTV with your daughters… Haha…meanwhile we should ban that book I gather from what you say… The main radical point of the book being that though predatory no less there is something consensual in what happens in the book on both sides… It also speaks of the male subconscious and the contradiction of the ‘two halves’ as you put it…my cerebral intellectual one! Bye 4 now until you grow younger at heart.

    I have never attacked what is happening inside Cuba but have contested how genuine your motives as a group are and that many times these motives feel shallow as in black and white… so that they serve you…

  14. Actually, UnSoricel, if you knew anything of which you speak, Lolita, the “work of art” to which YOU first brought up, is the story of a middle-aged man who becomes sexually obsessed with, and involved with, a twelve year old girl. This would fit perfectly into the definition of pedophilia. You referred to my “prudish” reaction to Lolita, not going out with a 19 year old. This is what I was responding to.

    Some people in Cuba are trying to make their own revolution. Too bad they have to be called braggarts and have their fingernails analyzed by armchair revolutionaries like you and Damir. Now THAT’S really helpful.

  15. @Capitalism Now Freedom Later Brigade…. … i wish the people ofCuba would make their own revolution …that suits them .. And not the counter-revolution where you guys want to turn the clock back ! That is the whole point of my commenting here pepitos ! Compared to you guys who have probably been commenting here for years I am still at the beginning and already suggested you guys do not explain or debate any events do not offer any historic context but that of the right wingers we read about … You claim to care about the hardships but all you talk about is banal materialistic issues … you talk about communism dictatorship and fascism without to mention any of its right wing ‘criminal’ star such as Pinochet that Spain tried at least to bring to trial… It is clear to many that Castro cares less about his poeple and a lot about his place in history …but as much you guys are the other side that got away and want your ideals and ideas to be adoptd by the Cubans …I dont see in any way that you support new thinking a new revolution for Cuba .. You just want the Bay of pigs back only thiis time to win it! Luckily the guys in Cuba couldnt care less about your Bay of pigs.. And hopefully they would find the support they need externally to make the revolution they want … And ot the revolution you guys crave for or think it is right!

    @Albert… Sexual harrasment you say ? Yeah probably if you live in a politically correct society where you have been castrated by Andrea Dworkin.. A real sexy creature you gotta love.

    @Hoola Hoops … The age of consent in the UK is 16 …. i was saying about going out with 19yo ..I guess if you are 50 and a prude that makes me as pedophile …. Not to mention we were taking about a work of art ….

  16. @ post 22:

    If having an aversion to pedophilia makes me a prude, then I am a prude with a capital P.

    I have never claimed to be Cuban, and you have no clue what my knowledge of Cuban history is.

    I’ve never claimed to know what Cubans need.

    One who does not agree with you is not necessarily right-wing.

    We all know that you Europeans on the only ones with brains, you and Damir make that abundantly clear with every rant that you post.

    You and Damir have a clear agenda here, and it has zero to do with Cuba.

  17. UnSoricel Octubre 8th, 2011 at 11:55
    “… Good luck sexy.. i really enjoyed making fun of your prudishness with Lolita.. That is to say you are more interesting as a Lolita than as a Pamela…here on the net…”

    Is this sexual harrasment u r attempting?

  18. Me alegro de la muerte del payaso ese, y a ver cuando llega la tuya sucia gusana.

  19. 22UnSoricel

    Octubre 8th, 2011 at 11:55

    You see!!!!!…….. a lot of bla, bla, bla and nonsense for tons but not a single allusion, not a single idea to better the world…….. how will these “revolutionaries” to change the world and overcome capitalism if they have not an alternative….. that’s why they will be forever just one patient more coming here to get relief to their poor self-esteem by writing offenses or a couple of ridiculous sentences that they, in their inferior condition, believe are genialities!!!!…


    WASHINGTON POST: Founder of Cuba’s Ladies in White, Laura Pollan, hospitalized for acute respiratory problems- Saturday, October 8,

    HAVANA — The founder of a prominent Cuban dissident group, the Ladies in White, was hospitalized for acute respiratory problems and was in intensive care Saturday, her associates said.

    Laura Pollan went to a hospital Friday and was in serious but stable condition the following morning, said Bertha Soler, another member of the group.

    “She is very, very grave,” Soler said by phone from the hospital. “They told us she has an acute respiratory deficiency,” and the doctors “think the cause is viral.”

    Pollan fell ill and was vomiting last weekend, and was seen by doctors twice this week before going Friday to the hospital, where she was intubated to help her breathe, Soler said.

    The 65-year-old formed the Ladies in White in 2003 along with other wives of 75 activists, social commentators and opposition leaders who were arrested that year. Pollan’s husband, Hector Maseda, was among those sentenced to 25 years in prison.

    For years the Ladies pressed for their release by staging weekly marches through the streets of the capital, wearing white and holding gladiolas.

    On occasion, they have been met by rowdy pro-government crowds who surround the women, shouting insults and revolutionary slogans. The government accuses the Ladies in White and other dissidents of being mercenaries in the service of Washington.

    The last of those jailed in the 2003 crackdown have been released over the past year under a deal brokered by the Roman Catholic Church, and many went into exile with their families.

    However the Ladies have continued to march and even expanded their activities outside the capital. They said they were refocusing their demands on the release of about 50 other, lesser-known prisoners. Most of those were arrested for politically motivated but violent crimes such as sabotage and hijacking, which disqualifies them from consideration by Amnesty International as “prisoners of conscience.”

    “We are going to continue,” Pollan told The Associated Press in a recent interview. “We are fighting for freedom and human rights.”

    In 2005 the European Union recognized the Ladies in White with its top human rights distinction, the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, angering the Cuban government.

    Copyright 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


  21. @ Capitalism now Freedom later Brigade …. I love it when you start talking right wing… We all know that deep down thats what you guys all are and thats was what la revolucion was about in Cuba… Castros die hard.. Right wingers die hard too ..same sides 50 years later .. Both anachronistic both antagonistic one on the island the other preaching from the US….. Gotta love a little right winger Cubano…become middle-class right winger that would follow any dictator that promises the restoration of ‘past glories’ including toilet paper and McDs everywhere…. There may be that history has different plans but no less you can blame others and marxism too for not succeeding .. Yet!

    Thank you for the internet what would we do without right wingers who tell us we owe it al to one man ! …. And not any man … But the an!

    +@Hoola hoops …that is the irony and complexity of the human soul you cannot cope with clearly … Hypocrisy is to call yourself Cuban when you dont hold the citizenship probably were born in US or lived there all your life and not elsewhere but you claim you know what Cubans need – a bit like American imperialism did and does -…whilte you dont even look at the history of Cuba or know it …. But you know that material goods would cure anything ..even 50 yrs of oppression… But then again of course you Americans know everything …and have a second brain that we other lesser humans dont …. Good luck sexy.. i really enjoyed making fun of your prudishness with Lolita.. That is to say you are more interesting as a Lolita than as a Pamela…here on the net.

  22. Damir, I sometimes wonder if you have any self-awareness at all about how ridiculous your vain attempts to discredit Yoani really are.

    Yoani is talking about assembling a computer from component parts in 1994 for goodness sakes. My son who was 12 at the time was doing the same thing. It’s not difficult if you have the components. Yoani was able to get her hands on most of the needed components except the fan that cools the CPU. She improvised by using a household fan. In those days CPUs tended to overheat even if you had a cooling fan.

    As far as Yoani being a philology major, so what. Steve Jobs took calligraphy in college, and my son is a history major.

    Yoani has amply demonstrated her tech savy in overcoming Cuba’s self-imposed information blockade. Your posts only show your own lack of tech savyness among your many other failings.

  23. So I guess if you dig below all their verbiage, Marxists always prefer capitalism but are among the many people who are unhappy under capitalism. I guess they’re the dark side of our capitalist consumerist society, people who can never be happy when someone else has more than them or people who are always jealous of people who contribute more than them.

    I would suggest Damir and co. join a commune in America, a free country where communism can actually work, but I don’t know many Marxists who like working hard and sharing their wealth with others. Of course, their whole philosophy is built around Marx, a predatory bum who refused to work, abused his wife and maid, starved his children, and lived off his rich capitalist buddy Engels and his exploited textile workers.

  24. As noticed, those who hate America and capitalism seem to love American capitalist inventions like the computer and internet and jet planes they hope onto when going to capitalist resorts. They also love living under capitalism. What percentage of them ever moved to a communist state? My Marxist friend, Cuba will take anybody, and for a guy like you with money they’ll roll out the red carpet, go there while life is still good cause it’s becoming capitalist quick. They’re even legalizing that sick American invention of buying and selling cars and houses.

    I know if I found paradise on earth I’d be on my first flight there.

  25. Here’s what you usanians are really:

    And do yourselves a favour and watch the other two “sermons”. Hillarious how even the movies tell you that you are but a bunch of stupid little sewrage rats and you clap your hands elated like kids in circus…

    Now, back to the article.

    This, from the team “yoani” is absolute L I E:

    “For that mess of cables and circuits to come to life and become my first computer, all I was lacking was the small pump that blows air over the red hot microprocessor. But how to find that in the Havana of 1994, completely submerged in the miseries of the Special Period.* Without that whirring mechanism of blades, the Frankenstein I’d spent half a year assembling would get too hot and suddenly switch off. During those days I thought constantly of Steve Jobs in the garage of his adoptive parents where he created Apple Computer. His inspired genius led me to understand that innovation is more enjoyable than the tacit consumption of something invented by others.”

    First, the pin-up granny is a philology student. Even a graduate, if we were to believe their lies… And the old ignorant woman wants us now to believe that she was assembling no less than COMPUTERS in CUBA, during the SPECIAL PERIOD, when there was not even enough food!!!

    come on, liars, decide which was it!

    Or there was the famine and shortages of everything, or there was NOT!!!

    Secondly, we are to believe that the old woman studying philology was a computer freak and was assembling them back then when even students in the west could only dream to get their hands on those expensive components!!!!!

    Yeah right.

    If anything, it only goes to say that the team “yoani” just cannot stop themselves from falling into their own traps.

    Lies, lies and more lies.

    Give me some sex tapes finally (will anyone here – all certified ignorants recognise the allusion about the movie called Lies and sex tapes” here…??? Nothing to do with porn. Everything to do with lying people building their lives around their delusions.)… I’m tired of your lies already.

  26. Here:

    BBC revealling the facts and the truth abut “some kind of pragmatic capitalism” being just a fake and a delusional fantasy.

    And your only wet dream out of it will be when you piss in your pants once the fire of capitalist utopia starts burning everything and everyone around you.

    And you won’t be able to say no one told you…

    BBC and Damir did.

    Your fault for being brainwashed little trolls who can only repeat what their white gods, drinking their coffee and smoking their cigars while having their way with their women (because everything is theirs) tell you.

    Keep trolling. Make me laugh.

    Little ignorant pioneers… you and that old little Cuban woman who thinks she knows everything, when she knows nothing.




    Did I mention nothing?

    Repeat this million times and then another million or until it sets in your empty skulls.

    You are on your way out, along with your “some kind of pragmatic capitalism”.

  27. The pioneers of the support brigade still trolling and drooling nonsense and bullshift.

    What else is old…

    Let me briefly break another delusion of the team “yoani”: Steve Jobs had never invented anything. He was merely a skillful businessman.

    Another delusion blown away. Just like the “some kind of pragmaric capitalism”.

    Psycho patient calling herself after a failed psychiatrist (everyone knows that psychoanalisis has been proven wrong on just about every account) is sending herself a subliminal message she is obviously unable to decipher, so let me help: you are delusional and definitely in need of a real professional.

    And, look!!! The resident troll, the copy and paste genius is still unable to grasp the posts of her own idol…

    In the meantime the “some kind of pragmatic capitalism” is blowing up right into their sewerage dirt-covered faces.

    The wall st. is under the siege from thousands of disgruntled ordinary people screwed hard by that very “some kind of pragmatic capitalism”, so dearly beloved and promoted by the slave and a sold out sould, a traitor really, teh team “yoani”.

    Tens of thousands of people are protesting across the usa.

    I wonder why is that. According to the failure, the team “yoani” (failure because despite all the talk the pin up grandmother could not make it there and had to return to safety of C U B A, in order to provide the son with a happy and fulfilled childhood – something that takes a lot of stupidity not to understand and recognise between teh futile and senseless rants against that very same C U B A that is providing that safety and fulfillment the beloved son would N E V E R have had in “some kind of pragmatic capitalism”…), “some kind of pragmatic capitalism” is such a paradise and a wonderful place.

    And EVERYTHIN’ works there just fine…

    So what the hell is going on with it that it is imploding in a financial and economic crisis that should never have happened, since the “some kind of pragmatic capitalism” is such a paradise and a wonderful thing for all and even Cubans.

    Here’s my guess: because it is just another delusional ideology whose self-destructive nature has reached its use by date and is now unstoppaby spiralling down the gutter into teh abyss of oblivion.

    Compared ti what is now happening to “some kind of pragmatic capitalism”, Cuban crisis seems like a minor hickup.

    After all, Cuba still managed to survive and even lead the world in some respects.

    Something that you usanian rats, living off the scraps found in those sewerages of “some kind of pragmatic capitalism” in miami, will start looking at with envy by the end of this year.

    Even if you survive another year or so, soon Cuba will be a tropical paradise way O U T of your reach and hope that you will ever live like they do.

    After all, “some kind of pragmatic capitalism” is just a delusion. That is why the granny calls it “some kind of pragmatic capitalism”.

    An undetermined, wishfull, concept of something that is better than what you have but you have absolutely NO IDEA what the hell that really is…

  28. DIARIO DE CUBA: Laura Pollan, has been admitted to intensive care – ‘She has shortness of breath, tachycardia, a viral pneumonia, and unbalanced sugar level and blood pressure, according to her daughter. – 10/07/2011

    Havana – Laura Pollan, one of the leaders of the Ladies in White, was admitted to the emergency room of the Calixto Garcia Hospital on Friday after suffering from various health complications, family sources said.

    “She is not well. She suffers from shortness of breath, tachycardia, a viral pneumonia, and unbalanced sugar and blood pressure levels,” her daughter, Laura Maria Labrada, informed DIARIO DE CUBA.

    Pollan, who is 65 years old and has a serious history of diabetes, was admitted this afternoon. According to her daughter, family visits are not allowed in the room where she is being treated.

    “There are many risks of complications, so the doctors have her in intensive care, so doctors can monitor her better in that case,” said Labrada.

    Laura Pollan has suffered in recent weeks intense stress level at the acts of repudiation continue against her and the Ladies in Whit by the Castro Government military and paramilitary forces.

    The most recent occurred last September 24 at the door of her house in Centro Habana, where she was insulted and beaten by mobs controlled by the regime.

    That day, the Ladies in White wanted to attend Mass on the day of the Virgin of The Merced which is the patron saint of prisoners.
    DIARIO DE CUBA : Laura Pollán, ingresada en terapia intensiva – ‘Presenta falta de aire, taquicardia, una neumonía viral, y el azúcar y la presión descompensadas, informó su hija. – 07-10-2011

    La Habana – Laura Pollán, una de las líderes de las Damas de Blanco, fue ingresada de urgencia este viernes en el Hospital Calixto García tras sufrir diversas complicaciones de salud, informaron fuentes familiares.

    “No está bien. Presenta falta de aire, taquicardia, una neumonía viral, y el azúcar y la presión descompensadas”, señaló su hija, Laura María Labrada, en declaraciones a DIARIO DE CUBA.

    Pollán, de 65 años de edad y graves antecedentes de diabetes, ingresó esta tarde. Según su hija, no se permiten visitas familiares en la sala donde está recluida.

    “Hay muchos riesgos de complicación, y por eso los médicos la tienen en terapia intensiva, para poder actuar mejor en ese caso”, apuntó Labrada.

    Laura Pollán ha sufrido en las últimas semanas un intenso estrés por los continuos actos de repudio de fuerzas militares y paramilitares contra las Damas de Blanco.

    El más reciente se produjo el pasado 24 de septiembre a las puertas de su vivienda en Centro Habana, donde fue insultada y golpeada por las turbas del régimen.

    Esa jornada, las Damas de Blanco pretendían asistir a misa por el día de la Merced.

  29. Inferior patient un-chorizon seems to me more and more alike poor patient damir….. he talks all the time about capitalism and the materialistic side of this economical system(!!!)(I always believed materialistic people was those that hates capitalism, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao, Kim Castro Un-chorizon, damir, etc) but never gives an option to what to do if capitalism disappear……. tell me chorizon, what can we use in capitalism place when communism has shown more poverty creator and much, very much more criminal than capitalism????
    I hope that you, as more “illustrated” and “open minded” than damir who always give the silence for answer, give us an answer and let us for once to know what is this portentous solution you pub’s neo-communists have in mind….


    REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS : Fibre optic cable in Cuba: Unprecedented potential for growth?

    According to the authorities, nearly 10% of Cuba’s population is connected to the Internet. That does not necessarily mean that they have access to the World Wide Web. Two parallel networks co-exist on the island: the international network and a closely monitored Cuban intranet consisting only of an encyclopaedia, email addresses ending in “.cu” used by universities and government officials – a sort of “Cuban Wikipedia” – and a few government news websites such as Granma.

    Outside of hotels, only a few privileged individuals have a special permit to access the international network. Yet even the latter does not escape censorship, which is mainly directed against dissident publications on foreign websites, but has been relaxed to some extent since early February 2011.

    The regime does not have the means to set up a systematic filtering system, but it counts on several factors to restrict Internet access: the exorbitant cost of connections – about 1.50 U.S. dollars per hour from the points of access to the state-controlled intranet, 7 U.S. dollars per hour from a hotel to access the international network (even though the average monthly salary is 20 U.S. dollars), and lastly infrastructural problems, particularly slow connections.


  31. REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS: INTERNET ENEMIES: Demonising bloggers and social networks: A digital cold war?

    In 2009, the regime became wary of the growing popularity of certain bloggers, notably Yoani Sanchez. The latter has been repeatedly assaulted, interrogated and targeted by genuine slander campaigns, while other bloggers, such as Luis Felipe Rojas, have been arrested several times.

    Cuban dissident and cyberjournalist Guillermo Fari�as Hern�ndez (�El Coco�), winner of the 2010 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought awarded by the European Parliament, was arrested three times in less than 48 hours in January 2011. His only wrongdoing is that he has been militating in favour of the right to inform and to circulate news freely.

    The legal arsenal used against online opposition to the regime remains particularly harsh and dissuasive. Cuban citezens risk punishment of up to twenty years in prison for posting an article deemed �counter-revolutionary� on an Internet website hosted abroad, and five years for illegally connecting to the international network.,39756.html

  32. Pamela, you’re right, the biggest critics of technology, America, and free speech, can’t get enough of any of them. I bet Damir only wears designer Che t-shirts made in a sweatshop in China or Bangladesh, while people like you buy fair trade goods, live simple lives, recycle, and help the poor (just a guess, don’t know you).

    And then nutcases come on here and claim free speech is meaningless, but if one of their hateful vulgar racist posts is delayed from showing up on the internet for 5 minutes, they start yelling censorship at the top of their lungs.

    The American invented computer and internet are another of America’s gifts to anti-American fanatics. Lots of nutty people in the world.

  33. ***
    Yoanni Sanchez has done a very good job–constructing her first computer! Another Cuban in Florida–Gus Mungia–helped design the excellent DataCraft / Harris mainframe computers in the early 1980’s. Very advanced computers at the time.
    Yoanni Sanchez hizo muy buen trabajo–construiendo su primera computadora! Otro Cubano en Florida–Gus Mungia–ayudo en el deseno de las excellente “mainframe” computadoras DataCraft / Harris en los 1980’s. Computadoras muy avanzadas al tiempo.
    John Bibb

  34. @Help… sorry to disappoint but I am not drunk … it is just a bad cold .. I guess we talk/connect because I always like to listen to someone who has a substantiated humanistic point of view – that is how I still learn or steal… not sure what’s in it for you, except that you may think we are the enemy to be kept at bay!! I am all for hugs though.. my wife taught me that.. as much as I am for enjoying life..

  35. Actually, we talked about his family’s escape from Cuba, his family that is still there, Fidel, Raul, Yoani, brave Cuban dissidents, but I don’t recall any talk of cooking, holiday or my fave new show.

    And I guess Damir gets a pass for pretending to know what a prostitute is thinking, just not me, the American.

    Why don’t you just start your own I Hate America blog?

  36. Help:

    He’s probably busy right now, connected via his bottom half (you know, the one that he claims makes the world go round), to some foolish young girl whom he has charmed into thinking that he holds all of the world’s secrets, sexual and otherwise, that only HE can teach her. LOL, old fool!

    How’s this for hypocrisy:

    Someone who references Nabokov’s “Lolita” and claims that it’s the bottom half that makes the world go round, and then tells Humberto that he needs to rein in his hormones!

    Someone who obviously uses a computer to post his ignorance here, yet makes fun of “consumerists.”

    Someone who has obvious disdain for Yoani, the other poster here, and Cubans, and yet feels the need to spend his precious time coming on here every morning and writing a rebuttal to each and every post.

    You get the picture.

  37. @ hoopla … apparently I felt adventurous and ‘assumed’ that technology links but does not connect and that it is an alienating device so much a sympton of our age.. so I assumed similary to the american hoopla babe that was assuming in Pinatas that she knows what a prostitute thinks.. but of course in this world of ours only if you are American you are allowed to sell your ASSumptions as fact..the moreso if they are supported by the media crowd! For the record ths is how it fits… a face to face with someone in Cuba I am sure means a very different thing for the better than with someone there… did you talk about cooking and holiday and your fave show too?

  38. Shame on all those Cubans who want material things that they have been denied for 50-plus years. Would computers and toilet paper be considered material goods? We know that a certain “critic” uses one, I sure hope he uses the other. How “CONsumerist” of him!

    And to this wild and baseless conjecture:

    “… yes darlings we’ve come such a long way we can link with everybody but we cannot and do not connect to any of them in fact ..we always need a clean and user friendly interface to do that, that we pay for – and we keep it clinical and sane!! If they cannot eat bread ask them where is the cake!?”

    I met, face to face, with one of my fellow posters from this very blog, when I was in his neck of the woods several months ago. We had a wonderful conversation about Cuba. How does this fit into your “we can link with everybody but we cannot and do not connect to any of them in fact” conjecture? Maybe you should speak only for yourself.

  39. Well UnSoricel, I feel connected to you and want to give you a big hug. You must feel connected to me too, or else why are we talking?

    But please stop drinking and posting, the alcohol is really showing in your last two posts.

  40. … yes darlings we’ve come such a long way we can link with everybody but we cannot and do not connect to any of them in fact ..we always need a clean and user friendly interface to do that, that we pay for – and we keep it clinical and sane!! If they cannot eat bread ask them where is the cake!?

    There is a subtle undercurrent here – how materialistic Y’s generation is and implicitly this blog – through all its pores gen Y is craving for material goods… You never see in any blog entry more than a ‘clinical and sane’ interest in the human side of things; for instance ‘what is freedom when you starve’?? … Yes GenY is ready for capitalism first .. freedom later – the CONsumerist craving is embedded in the mind now the rest can be discarded and the future will follow!…

  41. Jobs said something very pertinent to CUBA. He said, dying was a good thing ,because it made room for the NEW.


  42. John, I remember reading about 2 guys starting out their company in their one car garage with a total investment of $500. Their names were Hewlett and Packard, and they basically created silicon valley and its culture of worker freedom if I remember right. Don’t know what it’s like now, but when they were big it was considered the greatest place to work. I think Wozniak worked there when he created the first Apple, but they weren’t interested in his computer.

    Thanks to them and thousands of other dreamers we’re now talking on the internet and supporting the struggle for liberty in Cuba. And Yoani gets to talk to us all about Cuba. How amazing is that!

  43. As I sit here composing this message on my iMac, I have to agree with Yoani. Steve Jobs was certainly one of the great innovators of the past century.

  44. The elimination of class barrier and the unleashing of the great entrepreneurial spirit has been one of the USA’s great contributions to world civilization. From the light bulb and telephone to the airplane to the computer and internet all started with nothing but a dream and a country that allowed stuff to grow from dreams. Those founding fathers of ours had a few good ideas between them.

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