The Solitaire Bureaucrat

– Just a minute, ma’am, I’m almost done with this row.
– Can someone shut that kid up? It’s making me lose my concentration and I can’t find the damned ace of clubs I need to finish this round.
– There goes the phone again, but I’m just about to break my own record so I wouldn’t even dream of answering it.
– Niurka! Come over here, girl. Look how many points I have! I think I’m the best solitaire player in this company.

If someone did a statistical study of the most-used applications on the computers in State offices, neither Word nor Excel, much less Access, would appear at the top of the list. The big winner of this survey would be the famous card game known as Solitaire. Our bureaucrats are bored and they relieve their tedium putting aces, hearts and diamonds in order. We don’t know if they spend so much time on this entertainment because they have so little to do, or if, in reality, it is the low salaries that lead to turning their workday into a tremendous waste of time. How many times have we waited in front of a secretary — clicking away while staring raptly at the screen as if we weren’t even there — to come to realize that instead of filling out forms or transcribing letters, she’s stacking cards one atop another on a deep green digital table.

While receptionists and employees perfect their card skills, we — the clients overwhelmed by some paperwork — find our patience tested. They accumulate rows with a red king here and a black queen there while, in the uncomfortable seats of a civil registry or notary office, the hours pass for those who need an answer or a document. Sometimes another office worker comes in and dozens of looks try to tell her: we’ve been waiting since eight o’clock, we still haven’t had lunch, please… help us. But without raising her gaze beyond her desk, the recent arrival suggests her colleague should move that seven of spades because otherwise the game will be lost. But when closing time comes and they tell us, “You’ll have to come back tomorrow,” we feel like the ferocious monarch marked by the letter K, and would like to grab his royal sword from the screen that has stolen the day from us.


26 thoughts on “The Solitaire Bureaucrat

  1. @Help .. it seems I would settle for a hose.. so yeah I am cheap baby .. just give me the job!

  2. @Help… yeah baby that’s exactly what I meant !! or I have a better idea … in the new Cuba you propose put me in charge of the banking system … since I ALREADY earned my nick name here as Un Sorry Cell … simailar to Che I fell the Cuban love… so why not give me a hose on the beach and a ministry there !! I am prepared to do a revolution for you !! as him… seem that you need migrant help again !

  3. That’s right, UnSoricel, the banks are your enemy, let’s burn them all down starting with the one where you store your savings. After you lose everything I’m sure you won’t be complaining.

    Hey, you ever lend someone money, then you’re a banker too! Let’s burn down your house you nasty right-wing middle-class banker! That’ll save the economy for sure.

  4. @Help … Guess Damir stumbled onto something … It is called reverse psychology … It is the first time I hear your brigade criticising good ol USA… Wow … I guess I broke that chain when I suggest you get in touch with the times and support people who rebel against right-wing midle-class cowardice that you guys exhude amplified by you Latin background… Meaning you always kiss the butt of power … Then you know what send those guys a picture/poster with you and your bank manager as goooooood friends …. It sounds like a commie poster with a bit of a different context … Actually yeah the bankers are the party aparatchiks of this system and they get down to the same things …robbing in the name of helping people who trust them … And no you cannot talk against them cos you upset the power that be ! Same thing on a coin !… And as I pointed sometime ago .. Just start a demo and you get arrested and you DNA can be taken for future reference…

  5. Anonimo, I’d like to thank the guy for occupying what’s left of my fresh air with his toxic cigarette smoke. Well, at least cigarette manufacturers aren’t capitalists, I think a bunch of them are down on wall street demonstrating for tobacco rights.

  6. Nice to see you again, Mr. UnSoricel.

    I don’t understand your comment. What do the rich guys occupying wall street have to do with the Lawrence Mill workers of 1911? It’s like saying Bill Gates is the same as a poor peasant woman selling one potato in a Peruvian market. Well, they’re both capitalists aren’t they? I’m for supporting poor peasants, not Bill Gates.

    I support justice for all, not stupidity and greed.

    But because we’re friends, I’ll let you know that I know some of the protesters and sympathize with some of them. I just think it’s ridiculous that some of them who make 40 or 60 or 100 grand a year pretend not to be rich. By the way, some of the protesters are Republicans, just to let you know.

  7. @Help … If you really believe that then you should send some pizzas to the guys who are ‘occupying’ a city near you…. Because they are fighting for all of us in fact!

  8. We are coming up to the 100th anniversary of the “Bread and Roses” strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

    Like the Ladies in White, those women of Lawrence faced down men with guns. Those women made life better for all us men and women.

    It is hard to believe that there are some union activists in the USA and other free countries who support the oppression of Cuban workers whose current hourly wage is the same as the Lawrence mill workers of 1911, 100 years ago!, but who have no freedom to organize into unions. It’s the usual story, workers get rich and forget their poor and oppressed brothers and sisters. Anyone who goes down and supports Castro is a traitor to liberty and human rights everywhere.

    It has been 50 years since the Big Boss outlawed all unions in Cuba, it is time for Cuban workers to get their freedom back. Long live the Ladies in White!


    YOUTUBE : Documentary: “Escape from Havana” part #1 of 5

    Escape from Havana, An American Story- Between 1960 and 1962, more than 14,000 Cuban children were secretly flown to the United States to escape Fidel Castro. Parents said goodbye to their children not knowing if they would ever see them again. The airlift over the Florida Straits became known as Operation Peter Pan. In Spanish, Operación Pedro Pan.

  10. Forget the Hebrews, the Walton family illuminati want to take over the world!!! Watch out Damir, Walmart WILL rule the world, and is coming to a town near you.

  11. HaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaHa!!!

    Look who Facebook’s new “partner” is. Hint: this company is not exactly known for fair employment practices and they put small independent mom and pops out of business constantly. They are sexist and keep their employees just below full time hours so that they don’t have to pay benefits. I’ll bet their employees are OK with it as long as they get three free crappy snacks per shift.

  12. Pamela, their real role is to keep Damir distracted from the true rulers of the world, the Hopi. Go to and get educated.

  13. There are 12 eyelet holes for the laces to go through on my sneakers. They represent the twelve tribes of Israel. When my kids misbehave I wave my magic gold ring and chant: “One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them,for an eternal throne and one world empire.” They step back into line very quickly.

    But seriously, thanks Help, for the comment, for it made me go back and click Damir’s link, which I never do. I knew this guy was a fruitcake, but, wow. Conspiracy theorists can find a “conspiracy” in anything and everything.

    For a people who make up about 0.24% of the world’s population, Jews sure do occupy a large percentage of the minds (and I use that terms loosely) of nutjobs.

  14. 4Damir

    Octubre 11th, 2011 at 14:26
    Go get some education.

    Get some education about fantasy and mass-stupidity-and-mass-madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Before I used to try damir as a crazy guy for fun……… I am sure you all knew it……. but now on I am completely sure this guy is retarded, insane and completely NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 2Damir

    The best companies (financial responsibility, market success, workers treatment, workers wages etc.) in the usa are the companies that have adopted Jugoslav self-management style.

    The poor patient’s transmission chain sometime slips more than usual…… so now it is Tito the cause of capitalism flourishing by giving birth (surely in a very painfully and bloody way) to the world something the retarded patient calls self-management…….. you know small details like this give me clues that makes me think this moron is just an isolated Cuban inside Cuba that never lived the out-world…… self managed companies!!!???….. this kind of “cute” names was only used inside very isolated and stalinistic countries to design a “company” that was not managed by the state and the 5-years gov. driven plans and which profits went directly to the gov to be part of the 5-years plan ….but a company that was managed by a team of directors with permission of the gov to use company’s profit for reinvestment in the company self or for investments in other business or for bonuses to the workers, etc…… of course no such companies exists in capitalist countries simply because companies does not belong to the gov, there is not such 5-years plans and the only part of profits the gov takes is that called TAXES…… in some countries exists the so called cooperatives companies that is not other than an association of consumers or producers……. poor patient…… your isolation and misinformation about external world makes you look as insane as ridiculous!!!!

  16. Wow, I actually looked at Damir’s link. As others have noticed before, this guy is certifiably insane. When I was a boy people warned me that communists and Nazis were the same thing, but I had to grow up and see for myself.

  17. His absolute condescension just gets my little troll self all worked up and tingly.

  18. Just ask the Winklevoss twins how Marxist and egalitarian Mark Zuckerberg, the 20-something billionaire (that would make him the top 1%, not the 99%) owner of Facebook is. He definitely buys his share of political influence. LOL

    I guess free food is the opiate of the masses.

  19. Damir, I’m all for free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and less work and more pay. I hope the founder of facebook reads your post and learns that he’s a Marxist.

    Now that you have posted that Marxist companies are thriving under American capitalism, if I understand right you are now pro-American capitalism? Let’s get this straight, Marxist companies are thriving under American capitalism but have no chance under Cuban communism. So according to you, Cuba should adopt American capitalism.

    I’m glad you’ve changed your mind.


    GRASPING AT STRAWS :Fig. 1. To depend on something that is useless; to make a futile attempt at something. 2. Trying to find some way to succeed when nothing you choose is likely to work 3. Trying to find reasons to feel hopeful about a bad situation

  21. SInce the trolls accused me of trolling, let me do a little bit of trolling, just so these pathetic little emty shells get something right, even if only for a fraction of a nanosecond…

    The best companies (financial responsibility, market success, workers treatment, workers wages etc.) in the usa are the companies that have adopted Jugoslav self-management style.

    Self-management is the pinnacle of modern and democratic socialist economy that had pulled Jugoslavija in mere 20 years since the WWII from a completely desroyed economy into a modern developed country.

    The self-management became so popular in the usa since the 1980’s that there are hundreds of companies based on those principles.

    Some of those companies are Besser blocks and West system (epoxy resins for all you ignorants here). I challenge you to search your capitalist invention called the internet and find more big and/or well known companies and discover for yourselves how many companies have quietly adopted Jugoslav socialist self-management system, and FLOURISHED ever since.

    Then compare it with all those purely capitalist companies that have either already collapsed or were about to but got saved by the government.

    And bear in mind that government itervention in the market is a NO-NO in capitalism, which is supposedly self-regulating and perfec society…

    Bullshift, as we know.

    Just look how long and how large is the wall st. blockade.

    Some paradise that “some kind of pragmatic capitalism”!!!!!!!!!

    The workers are on the streets around the world. protesting against the 1% of rich scumbags who are solely and squarely to blame for demise of the capitalism and its society as a whole.

    And there are still delusional dumbos telling ME that I sound rediculous…

    Yeah geniuses. Go look through your windows and watch tens of thousands marching and asking for this lunacy, alled “some kind of pragmatic capitalism” to stop.

    And then tell me AGAIN how I am the rediculous one.

    The ONLY companies working profitably in capitalism are those companies that have embraced MARXISM.

    And that’s a fact.

    And to finish you silly delusional little pioneers off, here’s ANOTHER company that has embraced pure MARXISM and THRIVES in capitalism. It offers FREE BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER to its workers. it treats them with respect and it has introduced tried and tested socialist, MARXIST, principles of less is more when it comes to work hours.

    And no, it’s not only google, which does much the same.

    It’s facebook.

    So eat your own sewerage material little pioneers you. Socialism IS SUPERIOR. usanian OWN companies prove it every day.

    Self-management, inclusion of workers from a cleaner to the top management in decision process, free food, less working hours, more play and holidays, in fact EVERYTHING that capitalists are telling you is “ugly communism” that will destroy your lives, is making those usanian companies performing BETTER than those that follow capitalist ideology.

    So there.

    You lose YET AGAIN.

    Wow, that MUST hurt BADLY…

    Hey, you can always copy and paste articles trashing Cuba from the miami herald, or the huffington post to make you feel better…

    After all. that is ALL you can do well, you little pioneers you!!!!


    FOREIGN POLICY MAGAZINE: Country for Old Men- A dissident reports from the ruins of the daddy state, where Papá Fidel is now just the patient-in-chief.- by Yoani Sanchez

    At the end of his July 31, 2006, broadcast, the visibly nervous anchor on Cuban Television News announced that there would be a proclamation from Fidel Castro. This was hardly uncommon, and many Cubans no doubt turned off their TVs in anticipation of yet another diatribe from the comandante en jefe accusing the United States of committing some fresh evil against the island. But those of us who stayed tuned that evening saw, instead, a red-faced Carlos Valenciaga, Fidel’s personal secretary, appear before the cameras and read, voice trembling, from a document as remarkable as it was brief. In a few short sentences, the invincible guerrilla of old confessed that he was very ill and doled out government responsibilities to his nearest associates. Most notably, his brother Raúl was charged with assuming Fidel’s duties as first secretary of the Communist Party’s Central Committee, commander in chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, and president of the Council of State. The dynastic succession had begun.

    It was a miracle that the old telephone exchanges, with their 1930s-vintage equipment, didn’t collapse that night as callers rushed to share the news, in a code that was secret to no one: “He kicked the bucket.” “El Caballo” — the Horse — “is gone.” “The One is terminal.” I picked up the receiver and called my mother, who was born in 1957, on the eve of Castro’s revolution; neither of us had known any other president. “He’s not here anymore, Mom,” I said, almost whispering. “He’s not here anymore.” On the other end of the line she began to cry.

    It was the little things that changed at first. Rum sales increased. The streets of central Havana were oddly empty. In the absence of the prolific orator who was fond of cutting into TV shows to address his public, homemakers were surprised to see their Brazilian soap operas air at their scheduled times. Public events began to dwindle, among them the so-called “anti-imperialism” rallies held regularly throughout the country to rail against the northern enemy. But the fundamental change happened within people, within the three generations of Cubans who had known only a single prime minister, a single first secretary of the Communist Party, a single commander in chief. With the sudden prospect of abandonment by the papá estado — “daddy state” — that Fidel had built, Cubans faced a kind of orphanhood, though one that brought more hope than pain.


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