To El Sexto, the arbitrarily detained Havana graffiti artist

The tires squeal, the car doors fly open, three men pour out, all produced by the same mold: strong, military haircuts, cell phones clipped to their belts. There is no possible escape. No neighbor will provide refuge, the curious move away, frightened, and potential witnesses won’t want to talk. They force you into the car without showing you an arrest warrant, nor even an ID showing they belong to the police. The license place is private so as not to leave any institutional trace. Nor are the blows accompanied by any stamp or signature, not so much as an acronym. You have just fallen into the hands of the Cuban “paramilitaries,” those political police who never wear a uniform, who have the power to break all the laws, to lock you up in the absence of any crime, and to take you for a “walk” while shouting their threats and sinking their knees into your abdomen.

More and more often the methods of the mafia are found in the ranks of State Security. Their impunity even upsets the regular police, who watch as these guys with aliases fill the cells with detainees never entered into the station’s incident book. The practice of fishing on the margins of the law has become routine for the restless boys of Section 21, who feel themselves to be members of a select body who can block anyone from any place, or forcibly detain them, even inside their own homes. They are trained not to listen so it’s not worth the trouble to fill their ears with phrases such as, “I am a citizen, I have rights,” or “I want to see a lawyer…” or “What crime am I accused of?” For them, their victims are not individuals protected by a system of laws, but merely “worms,” simply “vermin”… those whom a despot like Gaddafi, in his time, called “rats.”

And there you are, inside that car that is a black hole swallowing the Constitution which should save you, encircled by the muscular arm of someone who calls himself Agent Camilo or Lieutenant Moses. For now, they are only going to frighten you, but in the future — when you are more daring — they will be tempted to scratch you with their fingernails, push your head into a bucket of water, play games with electric current and your testicles. Because when the government creates structures that are not accountable to any law, there is no possible defense for those who oppose it. These paramilitaries of today are the thugs of tomorrow. These elite forces, who project themselves as defenders of a dying system, may find their hands don’t hesitate to kill. They have already proved their frenzy by stopping abruptly in the street and forcing you into a car. The next thing they want to see running is your blood.


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  1. Weak arguments, Damir. You know very well that if the graffiti read “Viva el Che”, it would not even be blotted out. The Ocupy Wall Street demonstrations? You think that would be tolerated in Cuba? In America people can actually change their government and even depose their leader peacefully (Nixon). I´ve met you many times before, Damir, one of Lenin´s useful idiots in the West.

  2. @Freedom Rings, the struggle is as old as human history. Those who can think and love try to enlighten humanity, and those who are blinded by hate and the gangsters who profit from hate try to lower us to our most basic instincts.

    We are still an animal of the herd, and the scared brainless Damirs and fascists of all stripes feel safe in a big crowd, throwing rocks at the Ladies in White or any other weak target they can find.

  3. DAMIR is a REGIME APOLOGIST, who enjoys the LIBERTY to express themselves. Cubans get beat,jailed and killed for these same actions. It is SHAMEFUL how the CUBAN GOVERNMENT treats its citisens, then some ass kisser defends those oppressors. HASTA CUANDO??


  4. On October 7, UnSoricel wrote:

    “and Damir and I have all the right to claim you are a clique defending your cliqush reactionary views as the other side does only this is at the expense of others… ”

    Sounds like a defense of Damir to me.

  5. I didn’t dispense any advice. Read some of Damir’s rants if you would like to see what “blinded by rage” looks like.


  6. @Pamela …that was positive advise… And not defending anyone …. Not even myself… That you are blinded by rage is nothing new …sex with strangers usually helps as much as verbal intercourse … But then again you might not know what sex is for unless you can tie someone poor soul down…. Does this help?

  7. I have absolutely no control over whether Damir lives or what he focuses on.

    But the fact that you are defending him speaks volumes. Every rant that he posts makes him look more like a certifiable nutjob.

    But you are right, you and Damir are totally irrelevant to me.

  8. @Pamela .. Can you let Damir live and focus on what is important ?? No you cannot …. Do something that is relevant …. Both I and Damir aren’t relevant to your struggle.

  9. yaaaaaaaaawnnnnnnn……….!!!!!!!!

    Whatsa that noise down there?

    Must be the rats in the sewerage, chasing the se little balls of food I just sent down the pipe…

    After all I am the white god. They do not come any whiter and blondier than I.

    Bon appetit.


    Back to sleep…

  10. Pamela, I saw the huge demonstrations of 100 people claiming to represent 99% of the world’s population. This is it, man the barricades, Marxist paradise is just around the corner. Marxism was huge success, we want it back, we’re 99%, but don’t ask us to prove it in those stupid bourgeois elections where the plebs get to choose their government.

    And who could have guessed that our resident vultures would be on here salivating at the first sign of a corpse?

  11. We can now add homophobic along with anti-semitic to the resident troll’s stock of lovely attributes.

  12. Every fool knows that those “graffiti artists” are considered vandals even in “some kind of pragmatic capitalism”. When they are caught in Italy, for example, they get the beating by the police and 30 days of prison.

    Castros, send the team “yoani” to Italy for a few days, to write some graffiti on the walls of Milano.

    See what happens then, you ignorants.

    And I told you so.

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