Laura is gone, Laura is no more

In the same days when Laura Pollán lay dying in intensive care, Cuban television rebroadcast a dogmatic serial where they insulted the leader of the Ladies in White. Among the most notable signs of the Cuban government’s pettiness is its failure to respect a political adversary, even when she is dying. A system that so wallows in the funeral rituals of its own, shows no consideration when the time comes to deal with the deaths of others. This lack of compassion compelled them to deploy a crude police operation outside Calixto Garcia Hospital last night, shuffling her body from ambulance to ambulance so that we wouldn’t know to which morgue they were taking her. And, finally, they did not release even a short death notice in the national press. If honor honors, in this case denigration denigrates. They have lost a final chance to appear, at least, to have pity.

How do they feel now, all those women brought to scream insults in front of the door of 963 Neptune Street? What are they thinking right now, the members of the shock troops who shoved and beat Laura on September 24? Is there any remorse among the State Security officials who directed so many repudiation rallies against that peaceful lady in her sixties. Which of them will at least have the humility to mumble a condolence, to offer sympathy. Sadly, to all these questions the answer is still an infinite ideological rancor that doesn’t know how to pay tribute to an opponent. Laura has gone — has left us — and they lost the opportunity to repair so many atrocities. They believed that by hanging degrading epithets on her, preventing her from leaving her house, accusing her of being a traitor, “stateless,” they would prevent people from approaching her, from liking her. But in the dark hours of the morning, a funeral filled with friends and acquaintances rejected the effect of their demonization.

Laura is gone and now all the acts of hatred against her resonate even more grotesquely. Laura is gone and we are left with a country slowly waking up from a very old totalitarianism that doesn’t even know how to say “I’m sorry.” Laura is gone, to the sadness of her family, her Ladies in White and of every gladiolus that has grown and will ever grow over the length and breadth of this island. Laura is gone, Laura is no more, and there is not a single olive green uniform that looks clean in the face of the white radiance of her garments.


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  1. Buenas Yoani y a todos los demas:

    When a “Lady in White” like Laura Pollán is gone,we are sad,we cry,we are agressive and is a deep blow inside ourselves but once the storm quietly start to move away we can say we are a significant Humas Right activist and many others may come to join us and who knows how many Cuban people will decide to follow her, this is a matter of principles not of feeling depressed but is tough.

    I saw some of them crying and is OK, they have been harassed and humiliated but their soul move them ahead, day after day,that’s what keeps the Ladies in White alive and moving ahead.This is a lesson for all of us who doesn’t believe we can face the repression in our own ways.”Ladies in White” that God be with you and many others.

    Laura Pollán left but our hearts are there for her.


    Julio Gonzalez Jr.

  2. VIMEO AUDIO INTERVIEW (Spanish only): Hablan Héctor Maseda y el Rev. Ricardo Medina sobre anális restos de Laura Pollán – Laura Pollan’s husband Héctor Maseda and the Reverend Ricardo Medina speak to Radio Mambi about the hair and skin samples that they sent abroad under the noses of the CASTROFASCISTS to do analyses and see what was the real cause of Laura Pollan’s death was.


  3. Here’s my contribution. Ron Paul, a us politician known to usanians (like the sewerage rats of Miami congregating here spewing their excrement in order to forget the situation in their own country):

    The usa is GONE!!!


    It was about time for nazist gulag to rot away and into hell where they came from.

  4. More truth “democracy fighters wouldn’t allow you to hear. White gods have forbidden the team “yoani” to accept the comments in the end post.

    So here it is:

    Enjoy your delusions, but the truth is UNSTOPPABLE.

  5. This authentic video has been around for months. It clearly shows the truth about the Libyan war. It was made by Serbian RTV nesreporters. It has been confirmed several times over.

    As i understand the language I can confirm that the translation into english is accurate.

  6. Post 104 was a perfect self-assessment. It applies from one mentally derranged pioneer to another.

    Luckilly there only one and a half of them…

  7. UnSoricel said: “Sorry Anonimo but the clown title has been already assigned to Humberto the gay clown !! .. so you see there is nothing we can do, to make you more creative. We seem to provide the antidote or else you guys would be effectively dying here of diabetes from how much you kiss each others assss .. ”


  8. Sorry Anonimo but the clown title has been already assigned to Humberto the gay clown !! .. so you see there is nothing we can do, to make you more creative. We seem to provide the antidote or else you guys would be effectively dying here of diabetes from how much you kiss each others assss ..

    Moreover it is not our revolution pepito.. it is yours..or so you say and behave – it is not a free for all or inclusive …you are special pepito … we are not, so stop blaming us for the cohones you haven’t got!

  9. Ever notice how a certain two posters spend all their time defending themselves, rebutting every post, and adding absolutely nothing constructive to the conversation, yet accuse everyone else of having no solutions? Now, shoo. No one takes your rants seriously. You are the comic relief. Clowns.

  10. A veritable blowout of mind diarrhea this morning from the one with zero critical thinking skills.

  11. ANd I love when they take the high moral ground yet shift themselves right between the balls. This from the copy and paste genius, the pioneer number 0.5:


    GRASPING AT STRAWS :Fig. 1. To depend on something that is useless; to make a futile attempt at something. 2. Trying to find some way to succeed when nothing you choose is likely to work 3. Trying to find reasons to feel hopeful about a bad situation”

    “PULLING at your straw”

    is NOT GRASPING at straws.

    The geniuses OWN quote shoots him down straight into the sewerage where he obviously fits and belongs.

    But I do not expect a schizofrenic from a sewerage of Miami to understand ANYTHING, let alone his own foreign language.

    Will they (the delusional nazists)get what I just said (just the last sentence because the rest IS way too much for their empty skulls)?


  12. This from a hysteric loser (post 50):

    ““Picking up on someones family is not only nasty is your type of aggressive pointless bs you share with the ppl you despise on the Castro side”

    Oh boo hoo! Would you tell Damir the same thing when he says the most vile things about Yoani, her family, and everyone else on this forum? NO, I didn’t think so. He gets a pass. Big surprise there.

    And would you say the same thing about yourself when you mention my daughters (which you did) in one of your rants?

    Turnabout is fair play, grow the hell up.”

    After the same hysteric loser wrote THIS in post 53:

    Octubre 16th, 2011 at 15:20

    “… You know what my wfe thinks i am nobler than most, generous and beautiful … ”

    So she’s BLIND and STUPID too?

    Like I said, you can dish it out, but you can’t take it.
    Double standards all the way. Just what one should expect from nazists pretending to be the righteous ones.

    It is okay for nazists and conservatives in general, to kill others.

    After all “god” told them to do so.

    But, should the victims respond in kind, the victims are vilified and called all sorts of names to no end.

    Hypocrites. Still, Castros only had 35 friends and managed to defeat thousands of soldiers in batista’s “army”!!!

    Look, 60+ years on, and those few of them still alive are still dirty.

    Your “god” also said, turn the other cheek when they slap you.

    Whatever happened to obeying your “god” all of a sudden?


    Damir was harsh only because the truth hurts but it is the sign of panic when the nazists claim that Damir was INSULTING anyone’s family.

    The fact remains that the team “yoani” have had hard childhood and are now trying to mend those wounds.

    Damir’s analysis is spot on and accurate, not insulting. No reference was ever made about family in a derogatory tone.

    Being rude and primitive is what you nazists do. As we, the whole world, can see on this pathetic website.

  13. More stupidity and nonsense… Post 67

    The rich of Greece have sent over 300 BILLIONS of EUROS out of the country.

    Talking about friendly and samaritan “capitalists” like those in delusional mind of the poster.

    Schizofrenics abound.

    And they all congregate under the skirt of a liar and manipulator.

    Who can forget the “embrace is possible” pumping up the encounter with an usanian starlet in Havana, who herself, in her own blog called the pin-up granny a CONTROVERSIAL person!!!

    Ha, ha, ha!!! What kind of embrace was that?

    Forced. It NEVER happened to start with. They merely shook their hands.

    NBut lying is the game for certified schizofrenics who believe in a paradisiac Cuba before Castros, and “god”!!!!

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