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In just a few weeks Pope Joseph Ratzinger will arrive in Cuba but we are already breathing something of his incense from a distance. In a country where many of those who pray in the churches by day light candles at night to an African deity, the visit from His Holiness awakens enthusiasm, but also curiosity. The Catholics are preparing their liturgies and their pomp to receive Benedict XVI, while others wonder if his arrival will bring some significant transformation in the political or social situation of the nation. People want to believe that the Holy Father will push the reform process of Raul’s regime, driving it toward greater speed and depth. The most imaginative even dream that the highest figure of the Vatican will achieve what the popular rebellion should achieve: real change.

There are too many differences between this month of March in which his Holiness will land at the Havana airport and that January of 1998 when John Paul II did so. He, who was also known as the “Traveling Pope,” came preceded by stories relating to the fall of the regimes of Eastern Europe. Ratzinger, for his part, will arrive at a time when there is an entire generation of Cubans born after the fall of the Berlin Wall who don’t even know the significance of the initials USSR. At the end of the nineties Karol Wojtyla lit up our hearts – including those of agnostics like myself – saying the word “freedom” more than a dozens times in the Plaza of the Revolution. But now the apathy and discouragement will make it more difficult for the phrases of Ratzinger to inspire the same emotion. His visit will be but a pallid reflection of that other, because we are no longer the same, nor is it the same Pope.


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  1. Wish you all the best: freedom. I’m from Poland, born just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, atheist or maybe rather agnostic. Even I never had any kind of good relation with God, never admired John Paul II as my nation do, I think he had a great impact in giving us hope and . And that is what I wish too whole your country: believe and hope.

  2. Yoani:

    Have more faith! God has protected you, even when you don’t realize it. Allow the Holy Spirit to flow freely on the island; this visit will have consequences on levels you, as a non-believer, won’t be able to discern.

    I have to tell you: I’m not happy to see your sarcastic headline (“Another Pope”) and attitude, especially when I know MY U.S. taxpayer money helps support your operations around the world. But we Christians are tolerant, generous people…Just realize, if you really are an empirical truth seeker, Christians are providing the bulk of your $ financial support. Fact.

    Pax et Bonum,

  3. Humberto – Happy Valentine’s Day! I love how you don’t take any crap from these clowns. You or Yoani. No fear. Proud to be your Valentine. I’m not gay but I’m also not afraid. Cheers my friend!

  4. Simba Sez: It seems strange that we never see Damir and anton in the same room at the same time. Just sayin’.


    Syrian authorities acknowledge that they have lost control of parts of the country but are quick to crush dissent in the capital. Few here want to be seen talking to Western journalists, for fear of drawing the attention of government informants who seem to sidle up in every neighborhood.
    What emerges are brief glimpses of life in an increasingly polarized city.
    Meetings with opposition activists involve cloak-and-dagger-like subterfuge. An intermediary appears at a busy traffic circle and leads the way to a waiting taxi. No eye contact is made. The journalists walk several steps behind him so that it won’t appear that they are together.
    There is reason for caution: Protesters have been arrested and many of them beaten, tortured or even killed in the rebellion against President Bashar Assad’s minority Alawite-led government.,0,5506283.story


    Farewell, My Lovely (1975) is a neo-noir film directed by Dick Richards and featuring Robert Mitchum and Charlotte Rampling. The picture is based on the novel Farewell, My Lovely (1940) by Raymond Chandler.[2]Set in Los Angeles in 1941, against a seamy backdrop of police corruption, cheap hotel rooms, illegal gambling and jewel trafficking, private detective Philip Marlowe is holed up in a hotel room and growing more weary by the hour. As he explains to his police lieutenant friend Nulty: “I’ve got a hat, a coat and a gun, that’s it.”

    YOUTUBE: Sad Violin

  7. smart Humberto…but is not dust…it is sand from the Cuba’s beach and i am keeping with me…because “…I WILL BE BACK” in paradise but I have to go to the hell,in the north to the EU…and i have to deal with ice in it…break it and warm and create some water…because is like water…you cant freeze or heat to much and vaporize it

  8. FROM THE “OLD QUEEN FROM CALIFORNIA” (but I have good genes from my mom!) TO anton !!!

    YOUTUBE: Queen – ‘Another One Bites the Dust’

  9. I am getting sick being in this blog but this is my conclusion about it;
    Cuba intelligence created this blog and its peaceful change that will come to Cuba
    version 2;
    Outsiders did create and finance this blog to bring peaceful changes in Cuba
    version 3;
    both Cuba and outsiders as a team created this blog to bring peaceful changes in Cuba

    so the question is why I spending time with this nonsense blog when all the finance of it come from the people who work to bring peaceful changes in communist-capitalist Cuba which is not much different from other countries where the majority of people are starving and are paranoid and live in fear and where is not freedom but pretending that there is somewhere…nowhere…everywhere…faraway.So it stupid
    Cuban people are eaten rise and pasta as the rest of the 5-6 billion hungry world citizens…but at least they have sun and beach so they should enjoy them,the paradise…and dont care what happen next because the government will change Cuba financed by the outsiders and of course the pope role helps..So I am leaving “G.Y.”

  10. Cuba L. – aka Homophobic Village Idiot (HVI, for short because I am getting tired of typing it):

    Thank you so much for that last post at #92! Your true colors keep shining through. If you are the best the regime can do, well then things are much, much better than I thought.

    Using phrases like “cleansing Cuba of all the capitalist leeches and maggotts” and “they had better try their luck on a makeshift raft than face the rath of ‘El Commandante’ ” Show how utterly, completely out of touch you and they are with reality. Don’t you know that the words you chose are code — euphemisms — for murder? Words matter, numbskull.

    You’ve essentially ceded the fact that your heroes che, fidel and raul are murdering butchers. As an aside, do you also deny the Holocaust? It would not surprise me in the least if you do. The Nazis were great at euphemisms, the “final solution” comes to mind. You really need some help. But you’re right about one thing, the truth will be heard. Exposing idiots like you is not that hard.

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