They don’t know everything, my love, they don’t know…

sombrasWill there be microphones here? You ask me while poking your head into every corner of the room. Don’t worry, I say, my life goes on with my guts on display, letting it all hang out. There is no place dark, closed, private… because I live as if walking through a gigantic X-ray machine. Here is the clavicle I broke as a child, the fight we had yesterday over a domestic trifle, the yellowing letter I keep in the back of a drawer. Nothing saves us from scrutiny, my love, nothing saves us. But today — at least for a few hours — don’t think about the police on the other end of the phone, nor the rounded eye of the camera that captures us. Tonight we are going to believe that only we are curious about each other. Turn off the light and for a moment send them to the devil, disarm their eavesdropping strategies.

With so many resources spent on watching us, we have conjured away from them the primordial facet of our lives. They don’t know, for example, even a single word of that language made for twenty years together, that we can use without parting our lips. They would score a zero on any test to decipher the complex code with which we say the trivial or urgent, the everyday or the extraordinary. Surely none of the psychological profiles they’ve done on us tell how you comb my eyebrows and jokingly warn that I’m going to end up looking like Brezhnev. Our watchers, poor guys, have never read the first song you sang me, much less that poem where you said one day we would go to Sydney or Baghdad. Nor will they forgive us every time we escape from them — without a trace — on the diastole of a spasm.

Like Agent Wiesler in the film The Lives of Others, someone will listen to us now, and not understand us. Not understand why, after arguing for an hour, we come together and share a kiss. The astonished police who follow our steps can’t classify our embraces, and they wonder how dangerous to “national security” are those phrases you say only in my ear. So I propose, my love, that tonight we scandalize them or convert them. Let’s take the ear off the wall and in its place oblige them to scribble on a sheet: “1:30 am, the subjects are making love.”


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  1. Damir is right and wrong because the problem is not only the big prison but the smaller one inside it also…and usually those in the prison s small room like to walk in a bigger room prison or in the yard…because they can feel free and out of their small prison room with less air. So why these ignorant prisoners fighting here so much…telling where is better to live in a big or in a small prison room because even the children knows the answer that is the best a big room prison where you can move more around…and even run and call:” I love freedom …I am free..” (That must be Griffin)
    Maybe Damir prefers the small room in the prison,private room…2×2 m alone or with another men maybe from california…so Cuban and Californian men become very close friends and create a strong friendship between Cuba and Usa when they get out of their prison. There should be a new post blog about their love by Yoani maybe which remind me the pictures of the bible.a women called Miriam looking sad to the cross where Christ is suffering. Hi to Yoani…
    Sorry I cant spend more time with Cuba and I have to go back in EU so I am leaving…but I lkike the beach in Cuba so I will come back to visit you goooys…I mean guys…

  2. Good one Humberto.

    I too would like to nominate Fidel for the Nobel Peace Prize, mainly for his contribution to public health and social progress: a most notable achievement was in Angola where his army had lepers and their families burned alive.



    Re: Counting Cuban Atrocities, letter to the editor, Aug. 18.

    As a former United Church of Canada missionary to Angola, I can attest to Cuban atrocities even more horrific than those mentioned by letter-writer Andrew Galloway.

    In 1975, the Cuban army arrived in Angola to support the Russian-backed Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA). They first went north and turned their guns on Holden Roberto’s National Front for the Liberation of Angola, then wheeled around south to attack Jonas Savimbi’s National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA). Eventually, after destroying our central mission station in Dondi, they arrived at the Kavango Leprosarium. After ordering all of the lepers, their families and their helpers into their huts, they set fire them on fire, burning everyone to death. Any who emerged were machine-gunned. This was attested to by one of our pastors, who saw it all from the bush where he was hiding.

    Ten years later I travelled to Jamba, UNITA’s capital in the southeastern part of the country. I was taken to a camp occupied by hundreds of survivors of Cuban poison-gas attacks. Nerve gas, when it does not kill outright, leaves the victim with a mind that has been completely addled and, at times, limbs that no longer function. It was the most horrific sight that I have ever witnessed.

    Now that Fidel Castro is reaching the end, it is my fervent wish that he burn in Hell.

    John Hart, Mississauga, Ont.

  3. anton… Please, for the sake of your few remaining brain cells: Put. Down. The. Bong.

    Your posts are rambling & incoherent. That means you don’t make any sense. What you think you are writing is not
    the message people get from reading your posts.

    Likewise, Damir & Cuba Liar:

    Rather than discrediting Yaoni Sanchez with your hysterical screeds, your comments actually re-enforce her message about the reality of life in Cuba. Calling her obscene names, accusing her of being a CIA spy and regurgitating pro-Castro propaganda makes you look stupid and undermines any point you might be trying to make. If it’s not too hard, try to think what normal intelligent people might think about your comments before hitting the submit button. You might be surprised: it’s not what you think!


    WASHINGTON POST: Montgomery groups work to free Potomac man from Cuban prison-By Jessica Ablamsky

    His former employer, Ted Farber, described Gross as a “bear of a guy” who is “imposing in some respects, but soft and loving in every respect.”
    When Farber started working at the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington in 1984, Gross worked under him, raising money for humanitarian causes such as rescuing Jews from the former Soviet Union. He said Gross’s work in Cuba was an extension of his humanitarian interests.
    Americans enjoy fast Internet connections, but technology in Cuba is rudimentary at best, said Farber, who has visited the country. He said Cuba is 50 years behind the United States, with the mail and telephone service less reliable.
    He is certain Gross’s intent was to give Jews in Cuba the same ability to connect with the world that Americans enjoy.
    His supporters say he is nothing more than a pawn being used by the Cuban government to try and extract concessions from the United States, such as freeing the “Cuban Five.” Five Cuban agents were convicted in 2001 for spying in the United States. The first from the group to be released was Rene Gonzalez in October.
    “JCRC has drawn an emphatic line in the sand,” said Ronald Halber, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington. “We are not going to stop agitating, stop pushing for Alan’s release, until he is on the next plane out of Atlanta. It’s only going to get more and more intense.”

  5. I came to bring the sand(dust) back and swim for a while,engoy the beach before I go to the EUs new soviet union…which is turning to sattelites the souther Europes countries…who want to star a revolution with generation X,Y and Z…gathering with other 3 generations previoous of the G.X.
    The northern barbarians who destroyed Europe with their communism and nazism are moving to the south as they did when the destroyed the Ancient Greece and Rome which never shined…because of the barbarians invasions from east and north…who did later move to other continents and they did destroy them too…and even brought the communism in central and south america…to use to as a tool so the lazy people like anonimo can fight each other,hunt,torture and kill the people inside their own country…so was like a brainwashing, a destructive machine which just need to start working but than the people themselves run it because of their devils and weakness…so it was a killing software

  6. Just because my previous comment is being held up for moderation:

    Barcelo: 2 hotels in Cuba, 5 hotels in the USA
    Accor group: 3 hotels in Cuba, 1108 in the USA

    I am confused about the embargo that Damir, C. Libre, and Sam Salami are talking about. Maybe these hotels slipped past the Feds?

  7. I’m surprised at how many corporations haven’t heard about the Cuban embargo.

    Accor, Europe’s largest hotel group, has 3 hotels in Cuba and 1108 in the USA

    Even the little guys aren’t scared of Uncle Sam: the Barcelo chain has 2 hotels in Cuba and 5 hotels in the USA, one in Washington, D.C. for Marx’s sake!

    They’re probably fake sites, run by the miami famiosa. I’ll follow Damir’s and Cuba Libre’s advice and check out Sam Salami out MartianConspiracies.Com. The truth is out there!

  8. It drives Damir INSANE (though that wouldn’t be a very far drive), the Yoani will not speak with him. Ha.

  9. To the bitter and twisted Damir – if you make fun of people’s appearances on this site, be man enough to post your own photo and let everyone judge and make comments about the way you look. I’m pretty certain you’re not much to look at. In fact, I’ve got a pretty good idea where your deficiency might be….

  10. And for cre__s like the those who still peddle “nonexistent” embargo, let me remind you that even the pin-up granny nail-bitter admitted herself that the nazist gulag DID impose the embargo and economic blockade in an interview with Salim limrani, French doctor of socials sciences who inteviewed her in Havana and disintegrated her “credibility” in a jiffy.

    Not that that was a challenge given that the woman is a patological liar, but the fact is that she too said that the embargo and blockade by teh usa nazist gulag is

    R E A L and is D A M A G I N G Cuba.

    But delusional sewage inhabitants of miami, the saddest city in the usa according to the usanian public opinion research, wouldn’t know any better than to repeat the mantras their white “gods” fil their empty skulls with.

  11. Chinese are coming!!!

    Chinese are coming!!!

    And that is a good thing. Just ask “free and democratic” “some kind of pragmatic capitalism” European Community an the nazist gulag usa.

    Now that their ideology has proven what communism couldn – that capitalism is a failure and a brutal lie beyond belief – communists are coming to save the “some kind of pragmatic capitalism” from itself.

    Vice president of China has his butt licked by the capitalists this whole week in the usa. Europeans are hailing Chinese investment in EU “economy” which is in shambles.

    One particluarly interesting thing with EU is that economies least affected by the usa-induced disintegration of capitalism are the economies that have the most socialist elements in it. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany are the countries practically over half way beteen capitalism and socialism.

    And it is that socialist component thathad shielded them from self-destructivity of “pure” “some kind of pragmatic capitalism”. Germany, for example has managed to struck agreement with the powerful workers’ syndicates (as e call them in Europe) to keep the wages grow only in sync with the inflation. In return the governments did not fule the stupidity that came from the usa., the “real estate boom” that never existed anywhere, yet the craze destroyed half of the so-called developed world.

    And, on that note one last observation: for those who have recently discovered this waste of internet’s space, the pin-up coward granny nail-biter, who refuses to have a friendly talk with me, has NEVER identified DEMOCRACY as a future of Cuba. On ly “some kind of pragmatic capitalism”.

    Let that be a warning to all well-minded Cubans who still do not know this traitor well.

    The traitor talks about democracy and all that blues, but when she was asked in an interview what society she would want for Cuba, she answered “some kind of pragmatic capitalism”.

    Not democracy.

    Merely capitalism.

    And capitalism is no stranger to dictatorship, as we all know. But then, Castros are her idols, as she had admitted accidentally in a couple of posts (posted by the team “yoani” – read cia handlers who write this nonsense here under the name of this traitor and a plain liar, as numerous posts here certify loud and clear).

  12. I just came from Europe and there is a big prison now, a new soviet union built by the old STASI of East Germany who took over Europe in the west also via Berlin wall (which they destroyed),and after the mobs occupied the West Germany and by using the EU’s old dream,the communists took over all Europe and not are turning it to a nightmare. It is so said that I feel to cry now so not one but few sad violins please

  13. Hi Cuba and all the homeless who comment here.I was passing to take another sad violin’s video…from the guy with computer,mouse and internet….because I watched it and I really liked…but I felt a bit said reading fast the new blog posted in G.Y.”They don’t know everything….”…Why is a flag in the floor next to the foot?..
    The light and shade….It remind me Alex Jones who call all the planet a prison…and if he is right than there prisons inside prison planet…Really to Said.Another violin please


    LETTER TO THE NORWEGIAN NOBEL INSTITUTE, OSLO, NORWAY -Buenos Aires, Argentina, January 11, 2010

    To the Members of the Norwegian Nobel Institute-
    Henrik Ibsens gate 51- Oslo, Norway

    Dear sirs:

    On behalf of the “Committee Fidel Castro Nobel Peace Prize 2010”, we hereby address to you in order to formally submit to the Nobel Institute the Petition applying for the committee’s kind consideration by the aforementioned Institute of the proposal that the Nobel Peace Prize 2010 be awarded to Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz.

    In the declaration attached forthwith, you will find in detail the reasons due to which we submit this application, in the understanding that the above mentioned Statesman has made extraordinary contributions to the health and education of many Peoples of the World, by means of sending medical brigades, the founding of the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), and the alphabetization using the Cuban method “Yes, I can”.

    Likewise, we enumerate his thorough campaigns in favour of the defense of the environment, which started at the Summit “Eco-Río 92” and even before, as well as his decisive contribution with a view to obtain the peace in Africa, by helping to end the racist regime of the apartheid, within other contributions dealing with international peace, thus deserving this prize.

    The whole World could feel certain that in the case of our petition is listened to, Fidel Castro has made no contribution to waging any war, thus the essence of the Nobel Prize would maintain its true meaning of PEACE.

    Without fear of being superb, we believe that such postulation has found an echo, sympathy and support all over the World, as evidenced by the thousands of signatures that we have received from sixty countries of the five continents, after only one month work. Every time that Dr. Castro Ruz has been proposed as a candidate for this Prize, as this is not the first time, his nomination has garnered considerable international support.


  15. Cuba Libre (La MENTIROTA & HOMOPHOBE) said: “They allow you to continue because they know much too well that no one is listening to you anymore.”


    YOANI SANCHEZ “La Flaca”: 215,392 Twitter Followers
    FIDEL “The Mumy” CASTRO: 181,454 Twitter Followers


  16. The idiot, apparently, also “channels” the revolutionary government, ha ha. He knows exactly what they are thinking.

  17. Oh, so there are Melia hotels in the United States, guess that shoots your theories to sh*t. Desperate spin that you are trying to put on it, though.

  18. Or they “allow” free speech from Yoani because they know that millions are listening. She’s too high profile now to silence.

  19. Miss Sanchez, there is no need for so much paranoia. The Revolutionary government knows exactly the schemes you are up to. If they thought in any way you might jeopardize Cuba`s peaceful way of life, you would have long been locked up along with the handfull of believers that you have managed to convince with your lies. They allow you to continue because they know much too well that no one is listening to you anymore.
    As I have stated before, and I will again, what a shame that you don`t use your talent as a writer to boast the things your government has achieved. The same government that has raised you, fed you, taught you, and allowed you to become the educated person that you are today. Were it not for the revolution, chances are you would still be illiterate and scrounging the garbage cans in Havana to eat something and make it to another day in hell.

  20. Ah so the great depression in the US of A is greater than they will admit. Now they are beginning to allow hotels that do business with Cuba to also do business in the US. Amazing how accomodating those Yankees are when they need all the money they can get. A grain of sand on an endless beach, Melia Hoteles 25 in Cuba, 22 in Germany, 20 in Croatia, 12 in Brazil, 10 in Mexico, andan outstanding grand total of 3 in the U.S.
    The truth will be heard.

  21. HUFFINGTON POST: Internet for Cubans: A Permanently Impossible Dream? – Yoani Sanchez

    It’s 10:00 a.m. at the Plaza Hotel a few yards from Havana’s Capitol building. A smell of moisturizer wafts from the bodies of tourists rushing through their coffee so they can go out and explore the city. On one side of the lobby several people line up at the entrance to a small office where there are six computers connected to Internet. Inside the room, anchored to the wall, a security camera focuses directly on keyboards and the faces of people who use the service. No one speaks. Everyone seems very focused. Any web page can take several minutes to open and some give up after an hour without being able to read their email.

    But most surprising is that most of those sitting there are not foreigners, but Cubans seeking the oxygen of information and communication. They seem willing to sacrifice even one-third the average monthly salary for 60 minutes of surfing on the great World Wide Web.

    While outside our borders there is increasing debate between permissibility versus control on the web, 11 million Cuban citizens wonder if 2012 will be the year that we will finally become Internet users. We feel as if we’re abandoned and motionless by the side of the expressway, with ever faster and unattainable kilobytes speeding by us. Again and again the announced deadline for providing us with mass access to cyberspace has failed, leaving us isolated from and behind the rest of the world.

    July 2011 was the last official date for the fiber optic cable laid between Cuba and Venezuela began to function, and to multiply by 3,000 times the Island’s scant connectivity. But for now, the status of implementation is one of the country’s best kept secrets, second only to reports of the health of former President Fidel Castro.

    Some say corruption, technical incompetence and mismanagement have left the modern cable — laid at a cost of $70 million — not functioning. Others murmur that is already operational but only available to “very reliable” agencies and institutions, such as the Ministry of Interior. The most credible version, however, appears to be that the Cuban government has stopped its implementation for fear of the flow of information it would bring to the nation. A fear, it seems, that the house of cards of government power — held up at the expense of secrecy and censored news — would come tumbling down.

    Official journalists have been warned not to touch the subject of the cable, and prices for access from the hotels continue to vary between 6 and 12 dollars an hour, or more. Having a home connection is a privilege given only to the most politically reliable, or the result of the audacity of those who pirate a state account.

    Instead of opening up to social networking and other interactive tools, the authorities have offered in vitro versions of Facebook or Wikipedia style sites to schools and workplaces. They spend thousands of dollars from the national budget to create highly controlled programs and interfaces — for local use only — that will keep local readers far from the hubbub of the democratic Internet.

    Each day they postpone our entry into the virtual village, the country’s academic and professional capital plummets a little more. In addition, they thereby delay our development as citizens, and keep us oblivious to the debates and trends that are occurring in the world today.

    Right now the controversy between intellectual property and free exchange of files across the network gains strength far from our ears. While news headlines all over the planet announce the arrest of several directors of the Megaupload site, it’s embarrassing to know that the vast majority of Cubans do not even know the existence of this portal.

    Echoes of the criticisms over the new content controls on services like Twitter reach us, but lacking any framework, we can’t decipher their real implications. When we do manage to read the critical analysis of the so-called SOPA Law (the Stop Online Piracy Act), or of Spain’s controversial Sinde Law (that country’s version of an online anti-piracy act), we wonder what the name of the ministerial — or presidential — directive is that keeps us far from the great World Wide Web. Worst of all is that we can’t even complain about such limitations by filling the forums with texts or images of protest, or decreeing a blackout day on the social networks.

    They have reasons to suspect web surfers and many motives to remain vigilant and active before what is happening. Because not only the times of sharing music, movies and software may be coming to an end. The fight against piracy has become the fight against the Web 2.0 itself, putting at risk the most public and dynamic part of this advance. But the doubt that assaults Cubans is whether the Internet — as it is known today — is going to die before we ever experience it, if it will become a cage before we could have used it as wings.


    Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez said winning the media watchdog IPI prize of World Press Freedom Hero is a “protective shield” that will help her break “the wall of censorship,” she told AFP Sunday.

    “For someone who three years ago started opening cracks in the walls of censorship, my first feeling is that of enormous gratification,” Sanchez said of the award she was given Friday.

    The recognition from the Vienna-based International Press Institute, which hailed her defiance of press restrictions and commitment to free speech, is “also a shield to keep daring” to put out news from the closeted Communist isle.

    Harassed and beaten on separate occasions, Sanchez has noted on her blog that she is constantly watched by state security agents.

    But she refuses to stop writing: “If you are insulted by the mediocre, the opportunists, if you are slandered by the employees of the powerful but dying machinery, take it as a compliment,” she has written.


    MEXIDATA: Cuba and its Ongoing Engagement in Espionage in the Americas- By Jerry Brewer

    Despite many pro-Cuba chants for economic aid and the lifting of the 50 year old Cuban Embargo placed via President John F. Kennedy’s Proclamation 3447, there appears to be no shortage of funding by Cuba for that nation’s energetic spy apparatchik.

    Do not underestimate Cuba’s vast intelligence and espionage network. Their security and intelligence apparatus are on a scale perceived to be “many times larger than that of the United States.” And even with Cuba’s poverty, depressed economic situation and weak prognosis for future windfalls, their clandestine operational acts continue and extend throughout the Americas and the world.

    The Cuban espionage budget is not generally known outside of most major competent intelligence services globally. However, much of their modus operandi is. Essentially the DI (Dirección de Inteligencia) never had to be reinvented, other than by moniker, from the former DGI (Dirección General de Inteligencia) with original training by the former Soviet KGB.

    Cuba maintains one of its largest intelligence networks within Venezuela, with President Hugo Chavez preferring direct access to the service, as indicated by cables unscrupulously released and sent from the U.S. Embassy in Caracas to the State Department. This cozy relationship, between Cuba and Venezuela, reeks of potential massive funding hidden by obscure secret decrees.

    Cuba’s intelligence network has long been focused on the U.S. as its primary adversary. As the U.S. is perceived to be the number one threat to the Castro and Chavez regimes, intelligence acquisition is a high priority to the dictatorial-like leftist regimes throughout Latin America. It seems as though every calamity from weather, cancer or related maladies are blamed on the U.S. and the CIA.

    Hugo Chavez has used this hysteria of convenience in his attempt to justify to a savvy Venezuelan people the need for the massive purchasing of military armaments, and to amass Cuban intelligence experts on Venezuelan soil thought to be in excess of 3,000 people.

    Chavez has been accused by neighboring nation’s officials of spreading instability within the region. In a memo released from the U.S. Embassy in Brasilia, in February 2008, Brazilian Defense Minister Nelson Jobim “all but acknowledged the presence of the FARC guerrillas in Venezuela.” Other released U.S. intelligence documents also cited “leftist rebels in Cuba belonging to the FARC.”

    Using diplomatic cover to disguise intelligence operational acts in Panama, Peru, Mexico City, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and other Central American areas, Cuba has historically spread insurgence. Operatives supervised the airlift of an estimated 30 planeloads of Cuban arms to Nicaragua’s Sandinistas during their revolution in 1978-79.

    Former Cuban official Pedro Riera Escalante, who was summarily deported by Mexico and who served undercover as a Cuban consul in Mexico City from 1986 through 1991, has described Cuban espionage operations against the CIA station in Mexico City and other operations he ran in Europe and Africa.

    Cuba has reluctantly acknowledged that in the case of the infamous Cuban Five spies, from 1998, that the five men were intelligence agents, but says “they were spying on Miami’s Cuban exile community, not the U.S. government.”

    In the case of Cuban spy Ana Belen Montes (a former senior analyst at the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency), she was arrested on September 21, 2001, pleaded guilty to spying, and was eventually sentenced to a 25-year prison term.

    Cuba continues to maintain a large intelligence-gathering hub in Mexico City.

    With Castro and Chavez’s close relationship to Iran, and the history of hostile Cuban espionage throughout the hemisphere, it is important not to assume that “poverty-driven” Cuba is sleeping.


  24. Cuba Liar wrote:

    “Miss Sanchez, why all the paranoia?? You seem to state that you r every move, word, and action is being spied on. How foolish can anyone be to believe such nonsense.”

    Look. We know you’re an idiot. That much is obvious. We know you love to spout an endless stream of Castro propaganda from your comfortable home in Canada. But must you be such a jerk too?

  25. Happy St. Valentine’s Day to you & your lover, Yoani. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, intimate and deeply human message.

  26. Help you so badly need help,
    Oh I did my homework just fine. If you had taken the time to check and follow your link, you would notice in New York and other places in US the hotels run under the Wyndham name. And from what i know Wyndham is American owned. Man you and others in here like to constantly put your feet in your mouthes.

  27. Another pure example of tolerance and freedom of expression in this great free country we call the U.S.of A. A land in which still today in 2012, in certain states anyone can still own and carry a gun. And then they have the audacity to critisize the peaceful cuban way of life.

  28. Wow, even on Valentine’s Day, the peddler’s of hate and lies show up:

    C. Libre writes: “There are several Spanish owned hotels in Cuba, i.e. Sol Melia… all of which are forbidden to open in the US.”

    Here’s the Sol Melia site, where you can book into Sol Melia hotels in New York, Atlanta or Orlando:

    Before printing more absurd propaganda about a non-existent “embargo”, learn to use the internet and check facts.

    But nothing I say can stop you from your mission.

    I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day too and hope love opens your cold, dark heart.

  29. The Castros: GUILTY The veredict is guilty on all counts. Thieves, criminals, negreros, dictators, spies, trouble-makers. they killed countless Cubans for the sole reason they did not like what they were doing to our country. They killed Zapata, Laura Pollan y all the others. They commit crimes every day.

  30. I am the REAL CUBA LIBRE NOW not the retarded castroid who post his nonsense, his stupidity, moreover : who asked you to infiltrate a blog that is for anti-castro readers? Ah, how silly of me, who asked you? Your bosses, of course. the people who eslave the rest of cubans. You, coke and rum, don’t even read YS post as she has never written a word that is not the TRUTH and NOTHING but the truth. If anything she is too fair, too balanced is her judgement. You said she lied? About what? The 19th times Castro denied her the right to travel outside Cuba?

  31. Even though most other countries condemn the US embargo on Cuba, the bully doesn`t give a f..k. They are the masters of the earth and can do as they please. Not only do they take whatever they want from any country who dares oppose them, they force others into what they want. Imagine that, Anyone who owns or operates a hotel chain in Cuba, is forbidden to do it in the US. And this is what we call democracy? There are several Spanish owned hotels in Cuba, i.e. Sol Melia, Iberostar, Sirenis, and there are many German owned hotels, i.e. Blau, Be Live, all of which are forbidden to open in the US. Simply because they won`t submit themselves to the embargo. You`d think with the crumbling present day economy in the US they would allow and welcome foreign investment. Nah that would be a sign of weakness on the part of the bully, they can`t allow that.
    And yet still after 50 years Cuba can still stand with its head high, for they have managed just fine even with the embargo. A slap in the face to the imperialist bully.
    The truth will be heard.

  32. Miss Sanchez, why all the paranoia?? You seem to state that you r every move, word, and action is being spied on. How foolish can anyone be to believe such nonsense. Do you in your right mind really think that if the Revolutionary Government would be interested in the lies you post on here, that they would allow you to continuously keep on slandering them?? You so often proclaim how intolerant they are towards dissidents, yet they allow you to post your trash in here day in day out. Don`t you see a little irony here? I think they are aware of your blog, and don`t do anything about it, for they know that you are only a handful of “misunderstood egocentrics” who have nothing better to do but whine all day long against a socialist way of life who has proved it works more than once.
    I suggest you do some real reading for a change and maybe you would begin to know the truth instead of your continuous defamtion. Wow it took them exactly 45 years to discover “who killed Che”. Funny how Mr. Castro have been stating this since the day it happened.

  33. I wish the translators and everyone who comments here a Happy Valentine’s Day.

    You all make this miracle happen.

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