The Wind, the Sheep and the Shepherd

In that January of 1998, at the end of John Paul II’s Mass in the Plaza of the Revolution, a fresh wind swept over the vast esplanade. My son was sitting on the shoulders of his father and the breeze swirled his hair. The Pope had already ended his homily, but still, he picked up the microphone again and dedicated several words in Latin to that naughty streak that ruffled all of us. “Spiritus spirat ubi vult et vult Cubam*” he said. We came home a while later, squeezed among thousands of people dressed in white and yellow. Since then, I have the feeling that the gale has not stopped beating on us, that this gust has blown across the island, shaking all our lives.

Benedict still has yet arrived Cuba and already part of this whirlwind is agitating us. Among the Catholic faithful joy is seen for the papal visit, and expectations that this will contribute to widening the role of the Church in our society. For those who had to keep their crucifixes hidden for decades for fear of radical atheism, the gradual elimination of religious intolerance comes as a relief. That Masses have already been broadcast on official television, and processions through the streets carrying the image of the Virgin of Charity are permitted, to many seem sufficient ground gained. However, for every minute in the mass media achieved by the Church hierarchy and every word exchanged with the government at the negotiating table, there has been a corresponding share of loss and defeat. Because, let’s not fool ourselves, the clandestine nature of the catacombs is more consistent with the discourse of Christ than is the comfortable proximity to the throne.

Less than 24 hours before the Pope arrives in Cuba, the script of his stay among us is already written, and not precisely by the delegation from the Vatican. Raul’s government has undertaken an “ideological cleansing” to prevent activists, dissidents, opponents, independent journalists, alternative bloggers and other malcontents from even reaching the plazas where His Holiness will speak. Threats to not leave their homes, disproportionate operations, arrests, cut telephone lines, people deported from the East of the country to prevent their being in Antonio Maceo Plaza this coming Monday. A roundup of intransigence that recalls those times of ripped scapulars, and cassocks spit upon by the fanatic sons of a Revolution that declared itself materialistic and dialectic. It is true they no longer chase after rosaries, but they continue to relentlessly pursue opinions. Now, having a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus will not cost anyone their job, but to believe that a free Cuba is possible is to be made to suffer the stigmatization and the Calvary. We can now pray out loud, but to criticize the government is still a sin, blasphemy.

It now remains in the hands and voice of Benedict XVI whether to allow his visit to be hijacked by the intentions of a Party that remains committed to the Marxist-Leninist doctrine. In his eyes is the ability to notice that among the faithful gathered in the plazas numerous sheep of the Cuban herd have been prevented from reaching even the vicinity of his staff. In his ears is the decision to hear other voices beyond the official or the strictly pastoral With that ancient wisdom that the Church calls on before every obstacle, the Pope should know that on this visit a part of the presence and influence of the Catholic faith in the national future is decided. In his hands, in his voice, in his ears, it is left, then, to confirm to us that he understands the transcendence of this moment.

It may happen that a playful wind escapes control, mocks the political police and blows over the multitude. A free breeze in a gagged country that brings even the papal eardrums themselves its vibrations, the phrases that we can only whisper.

*Translator’s note:
At the end of his homily Pope John Paul II added some extemporaneous words: This wind today is very significant because wind symbolizes the Holy Spirit.
“Spiritus spirat ubi vult; Spiritus vult spirare in Cuba”. My last words are in Latin, because Cuba also has a Latin tradition: Latin America, Latin Cuba, Latin language! “Spiritus spirat ubi vult et vult Cubam”! Goodbye.
The Latin, roughly, means: The spirit spreads wherever it wants; it wants to spread in Cuba… The spirit spreads
wherever it wants and to Cuba.


591 thoughts on “The Wind, the Sheep and the Shepherd

  1. Il mondo cambiera’ quando ogni uomo lottera’ per cambiare e migliorare la vita degli uomini che ha affianco,questo blog e’ semplice espressione di liberta’,di un popolo che soffre e lotta per un futuro migliore.
    Io non critico questo blog,anzi faccio pubblicita’ affinche l’opinione publica sappia cio’ che accade in questo paese.
    La visita del Santo Padre ha portato speranza,anche a Cubani non cattolici,perche’ son pochi i leader sia politici che di religioni che hanno cercato e’ lottato per costruire una via di dialogo con Castro,per arrivare ad un traguardo.
    Comq complimenti per il lavoro che fate,dall’Italia per quel che possiamo vi siamo vicini,sperando che in un futuro anche voi possiate godere della LIBERTA’.


  2. Cubans couldn’t give rat’s backside for the nazist gulag’s propaganda:

    And while you “laugh, can’t breathe”, take some more and choke properly:

    Notice that the sheep are easilly recognised: they believe blindly whatever their white “gods” tell them, no matter how stupid that may be.

    And they wear white…

  3. Damir “Here’s one for you team “yoani”: why aren’t you writting anything about your “Libyan heros”, as you called them last year? The same “heros” who bombarded Misrata and then the incompetent pilot had to jump out because he stuffed his own plane!!!

    Why aren’t you writing about what these “heros” are doing today in Libya? The rape, the dungeons underground where thousands of people are crammed up, children, men and women and then systematically tortured, raped without exception, and then killed???”

    Because you demented dope, Yoani is writing about CUBA!!

  4. Help.. just check my Wiki copy and paste from before your mates were threatening me yesterdat .. those products are bought with HARD CASH .. a thing we all know Cuba doesn’t have cos it is commie state and so on –> hence it is part of the problem why the embargo is working!!! For as long there is a law against a state you have to be a political pigmy not to take it seriously…

    I can’t be bothered to send you links to Amnesty about at least one family guy who actually crossed the street and woke-up in Guantanomo.

  5. Watch it, Un Sori, it’s a crime to jaywalk in the USA. The CIA might put out a contract on you. Or better, ship you to Guantanamo. So don’t worry about the embargo, the evil USA is already after you for jay walking.

    Hey, and thanks for telling me it’s a crime to sell American products in Cuba. I guess all those markets full of American products that everybody is selling are a product of my capitalist imagination.

    Glad you’re not a demagogue.

  6. By the way Help – you who h8 Marxism and communist alike without discrimination (lovely word).. how come you don’t know the commie trick… to tell the people you arrest, to confess their little crimes say like that they went to the curch to pray or told a joke against the dictator etc … cos they won’t be punished but they need to know to write something down… …. and then what do you know the guys got actually got punished… They played this game with any one they arrested!! the ‘excuse’ was that what you did was tooo bad and you cannot get off the hook ! a bit like your mentality!!

  7. Help –> gotta love a demgogue twice, when your adopted country prosecutes who IT likes and apparently when it likes in case you just forgot —> it is a crime to sell American products to Cuba that includes me as British lets say… Then considernig you see me as an enemy or a guy who h8s you – though I am far from h8ting guys that manipulate – by the same ‘lovely world Catch22’ token I can be prosecuted and have to avail myself if I sell a baseball ridiculos cap to Cuba or a Nike trainer .. Nice!!! Your Radio Erevan mentality – that it cannot happen but it could – is in full swing – a pitty you didn’t work for the communist party you would have had a bright future for 50 years!!!!

  8. Uhh, you’re right this time, Un Sori.

    Many more Americans are fined for jay walking than have ever been fined for breaking every single provision of the “US crippling embargo of Cuba”

    Wait a minute, does that mean that jaywalking is a more serious offense in the USA than violating every single provision of the “US crippling embargo of Cuba”? Gee, I guess it does. So you’re right, they’re not on par.

  9. Gotta love a demgogue like Help… apparently an embargo is on the same par with jaywalking… Only in the USA… for the rest of the word apparently if you are Mt Asange you cannot even receive a donnation! Love your radio Erevan type of propaganda.. bet you don’t know what that is/was/!

  10. Un Sori, nobody in America gets paid to report on me, no matter how many times I go to Cuba and violate a “crippling embargo” that hasn’t crippled or embargoed anybody.

    Nobody in America gets paid to report on me for jaywalking either. Although I’m sure you will find a web site showing it is against the law and proving that I could theoretically, legally, hypothetically be waterboarded and sentenced to death for jaywalking. And therefore America is an evil empire.

    Get a grip on reality. Maybe reading a bit less Marx and conspiracy websites will do you some good.

  11. He “escapes” the “prison island”, arrives in “some kind of pragmatic capitalism”, the “paradise” on earth, takes up drugs, crime and ends up paralised, in chair and 5 years in prison.

    Typical Cuban story.

    He was only given the medical care while in prison, and that was so expensive, 115 dollars per day that they threw him out of it. Free once again, he had NO MONEY, NO ASSISTANCE, NO FUTURE in “paradise”.

    He HAD to GO BACK to CUBA, for only there he will receive medical care he needs. He admits, that and the love of his mother and sister still in Cuba, is really all anyone needs – certainly him – to live in peace the rest of his life.

    Of course. Same old story. Go to the nazist gulag, do drugs and crime, get seriously damaged, go back to Cuba for

    F R E E

    medical care

    safety and


  12. Help, well that’s better from where you are .. the expert on Cuba who lives in America the country who is legally forcing an crippling embargo on the country you ‘love’ yeah right! ..Legally means what it says, some people in the USA gov get paid to enforce and monitor this embargo and report back to daddy – hence it is at their discression not at Castro’s discression to upheld this crime against a nation !!!

    So stop the propaganda, you are exactly like the other side in how self-serving you put forward arguments that do not hold water in any normal world… inluding that we have to take your word that Carlos is a journalist… !! Yeah right I can write more balanced copy with my foot! I loved the last sentence about the Pope praying for Castro cos he’s a good man (the Pope not Castro)!! no propaganda there – tell it to your friends I’d say!

  13. Un Sori, the expert on Cuba who has never been to Cuba, is now commenting on “hearsay”

    The reason I believe what Carlos Alberto Montaner writes is because I’ve seen and heard the same things in Cuba thousands of times. Every word he writes rings true.

    I’ve met a lot of communists who say one thing in public and the exact opposite in private.

    The Cuban Communist Party is run on 99% fear/greed, and 1% honesty (at the most).

    No major political party in America or Europe can match those numbers. It is one accomplishment of Fidel that I won’t dispute.

  14. The post 553 contains perfect example of collusion between the team “yoani” and cia.

    The post lists a website to Centre for Applied NonViolent Action & Strategies

    It is a traitors’ organisation in the heart of Serbia. They were too financed by the nazist cia and usanian gulag, with the aim to oerode Milosevic’s power and remove him from power.

    It has to be kept in mind that for nazist gulag usa Milosevic was not bad for his “dictatorial” presidency, although his second election was questionable. No. His main sin was that he was NOT friendly to the usa. Instead, he was looking at Russia as his natural ally.

    Had to go.

    See, if the nazist gulag usa was really into “democracy”, they would NOT be friends with all those arab “sheiks”, who conveniently sit on top of almost a half of the world’s OIL reserves.

    These dictators (how did “arab spring in Bahrein end? No one is even talking about it… Why? “Coz the dictatorship is pro-usa.) are usa-friendly and have opened their “markets” and oil exploration to the nazist gulag.

    No need to bomb. Saddam used to be friendly, and he was rewarded with chemical weaponry to use on unfriendly Iran. Then he became too self-confident and nationalised the oil industry.

    A HUGE no, no…

    So, the canvas, an organisation behind the above “pro-democracy” link by the cia agen boffin, or to that effect – I’m bad with names – is a pro-usa/cia traitors’ organisation led by Serbian traitors who were financed and instructed by cia directly. They should, and I hope hey will, be executed by Serbian patriots. What this cia outfit did next is historic: they were sent “pro-democracy leaders” from Belarus, Ukraine, and later on from Egypt, Tunis, Libya and Siria (even blind traitor like the pin-up granny will notice a pattern here) for training and instructions in “non-violent” opposition to dictatorship!!!

    You have GOT to be kidding me.

    Egypt and even more Libya are still in turmoil. Violence is a daily occurence. Siria is on fire. Libyan “resistance leader”, who is by the way a KNOWN Al qhaeda operative with a few years in Guantanamo – and NOT a Libyan native either – LIFG leader Abdelhakim Belhad has been sent to Siria, to help local uprising.

    If you go to us dept iof state site and search through the list of ‘terrorist’ organisations, LIFKIS there, blacklisted along with Belhad. Clear for whole world to see.

    YHet, the same nazist dictatorship that blacklisted him and his organisation, raised the fire power of NATO to support him, sent the money and the arms, and installed him as the leader of Libya. And now he is in Siria!!!!

    Spreading the gospel of “non-violent” resistance I imagine.

    What a load of criminal bullshift.

    One bullet, Castros.

    One bullet and the problem is gone.

    For the blind and the stupid, I am paraphrasing Ari Fleischer, who called upon Iraquis to assasinate Saddam so that usa nazist imperialist criminals do not have to invade. If a juda can call for an assasination of a president of another country, then we ALL can.

    Boy, my list would be a long one who is who in usanian dictatorship nazist gulag…

  15. 572&573 Hearsay doesn’t pass the bar of journalism anywhere in the world except in Humberto’s and Help’s –> you seem to have learnt from the best corrupt propagandists… disinformation was seen little time ago, as the greatest weapon one propagandist could master!

  16. Here’s an excellent video that shows what the pin-up granny is doing in Cuba: stealling the money from Cubans!!!

    Pretending to conduct “internet courses”, she takes the money and gives them a political pamphlet instead of “internet course”

    What a liar and a hypocrite!!!!

    Come on, cowards!!! Come out and talk to Damir, if you dare!!! I’ll be nice to you. I’ll simply repeat your own words and ask you to explain.

    I’ll give you a chance to come out of the closet and confess the truth!!!

  17. Nazist servants congratulting each other! How touchy!

    There’s nothing”great” about an article written in cia lies factory.

    Here’s one for you team “yoani”: why aren’t you writting anything about your “Libyan heros”, as you called them last year? The same “heros” who bombarded Misrata and then the incompetent pilot had to jump out because he stuffed his own plane!!!

    Why aren’t you writing about what these “heros” are doing today in Libya? The rape, the dungeons underground where thousands of people are crammed up, children, men and women and then systematically tortured, raped without exception, and then killed???

    Is that the “democracy” you applaud in your pointless and rediculous “posts”?

    These are YOUR “heros”, so it goes logically that you APPROVE these murderous criminals and maniacs and their crimes!!!

    Which makes you much the same.

    Go here, scroll down to see what NATO did to the city of Sirte.

    In the name of “protecting civilians”…

    ANd there are tens of cities like that, but “freedom fighters” and sundry “democrats” wouldn’t say a word about their crimes.

    The crimes that surpass ANYTHING and EVERYTHING the previous governments have done.


    MIAMI HERALD: What the pope saw in Cuba – by Carlos Alberto Montaner

    Hundreds of millions of people watched the pope in Cuba, heard his utterings and observed what happened. Naturally, each one of those witnesses perceived the visit differently. What’s interesting now is to find out what the perception was among the pope and his Vatican entourage.
    This is what I’ve been able to find out through ecclesiastical sources (and others) that wish to remain in absolute anonymity. Some of those sources were very close to the Holy Father.
    • First. Benedict XVI was struck by the huge contrast between the Mexican welcome — joyous, free, multitudinous and spontaneous — in a city that was alive and economically vibrant, and the tense Cuban ceremonies, evidently controlled by the political police, held in a country impoverished to the point of misery, and preceded by hundreds of detentions.
    The horrific spectacle of a young man savagely beaten by a policeman disguised as a Red Cross stretcher-bearer touched the pope’s heart and caused him to take a personal interest in the man’s fate. After all, the poor man had only shouted “Down with communism,” the common man’s echo of what the pontiff himself had said when he left Italy, when he declared that Marxism was a failed ideology that needed to be buried.
    • Second. The pope and his retinue found it lamentable that Raúl Castro chose to deliver in Santiago de Cuba a classic Stalinist Cold-War speech intended to justify the dictatorship. They had expected a message of change and hope, not a reiteration of the regime’s main arguments.
    That text, along with the speeches made by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez and the vice president in charge of economics, Marino Alberto Murillo, convinced them that Raúl Castro is much more interested in remaining anchored in the past than in preparing a better future for the Cubans.
    • Third. They ascertained — painfully — that the plea made by the Pope John Paul II during his visit 14 years ago, to the effect that the Cubans lose their fear, had been for naught. Except for a few hundred opposition democrats who are permanently harassed and beaten, sometimes jailed, Cuba’s is a society rotted by fear.
    But the manifestation of fear that intrigued them the most was not that of the oppositionists but that of the apparent supporters. They heard their double-talk up close and were terrified.
    In private, the functionaries appeared open, tolerant and desirous of deep reforms that would include the political arena. One of them even admitted that a multiparty system and free elections were essential for society to truly advance toward modernity — even if the communists lost power.
    But as soon as someone else joined the conversation or the journalists appeared, the officials reprised the most inflexible and Stalinist orthodox discourse, parroting the official script without leaving out a single comma. It was a painful spectacle.
    • Fourth. The pope and his retinue confirmed what they already suspected: the Cuban Church is split into two very clear sides: that of Cardinal Jaime Ortega, compliant to the collaborationist extreme of asking the police to empty a temple occupied by parishioners who wanted to protest against the dictatorship, knowing full well that they would be arrested and surely mistreated, and the side of bishops like Dionisio García Ibáñez, who was an engineer before being ordained as a priest and is much firmer in his rejection of the Cuban regime.
    While Cardinal Ortega expresses compassion for some victims of the government (evidently not all), Dionisio (even while remaining friendly with the cardinal) and other priests, like the famous Rev. José Conrado Rodríguez, a priest in Santiago de Cuba, are convinced that there will be no relief or reconciliation among Cubans until the regime is peacefully replaced by a true democracy that takes into account the opinions of all of society, not just those of a handful of ultra-communists who are entangled in the cobwebs of the past.
    • Fifth. The Pope ascertained that his contemporary Fidel Castro — they’re the same age — is in worse physical and mental conditions than himself. The pontiff found an elderly man who is physically incapacitated, mentally erratic and seriously unable to communicate. Fidel is finished.
    The pope, who is a good man, prayed for him. It’s the Christian thing to do.

  19. Cuba communism is gone right…as Humberto call Castro-fascists
    Critics of the Right-Hand Path argue it is too dogmatic, restrictive, removing one’s personal sense of responsibility for oneself and one’s actions, brainwashes people, making people feel obliged to be a certain way through guilt, obligation and fear, and destroys freedom, individuality and individual decision making; that the ‘God’ of the Right-Hand Path is a judgemental and cruel one. These examples may reflect unsuccessful attempts to follow a Right-Hand Path…
    So the Left and Right Hands must be as one to chose the right path,bridge and not go to fall to the cliff on the left or right.

  20. Anonimo …. You and your right wing clique that brushes over any ‘details’ that contradict you, of all the days today you should be ashamed for making threats… You are what I have already spotted you for: a snitch that lives inside someone elses colon…. look forward to you hate mail…when you need my email let me know!

  21. At the time of the original Knights Templar the world was not ready for the synthesis of east-west spirituality that they created. Their subsequent downfall and suppression was at least partly precipitated by their synthesized “heretical” doctrines and rites. Some of the Secret Societies that developed continued their work. However, the mission of these organizations was also blocked by certain power hungry authority figures governing the sacred and profane institutions of the West. Today, due to the increase of higher frequencies that we are experiencing and the enormous shift in consciousness that is occurring, many of these authoritarian institutions are crumbling to their foundations and their leaders are being besieged with controversy and lawsuits. NOW is the time that we present-day Templars have another chance at achieving our goal of assisting to establish a one-world spirituality! For more;

  22. Cuba’s communism is maybe the Left Hand Path —which includes the world’s gnostics, alchemists, secret societies, and mystery school initiates—and its continual battle with the patriarchal adherents of the Right Hand Path. Mark begins with the Garden of Eden and the Gnostics’ First Instructor, the Serpent on the Tree, and then traces the Left Hand Path down through the Sons and Daughters of Seth to the Essenes, Sufis, Knights Templar, Cathars, Freemasons and the Illuminati, as plans for the creation of a One-World Gnostic Civilization gradually unfold. The final piece of the plan is destined to soon fall into place, when the Right and Left Hand Paths come to a peaceful resolution of their ancient battle and work together to create a gnostic civilization that is the union of both paths. The culmination of human civilization will then have arrived, and all institutions and levels of society will encourage people throughout the Earth to complete their spiritual evolution by achieving the goal of the gnostic mandate “Know Thyself.
    We know that the world is becoming all communism now,red and going left…but we dont know who is on the right side now…

  23. redcardinal, please stop babbling your insane nonsense.
    Seek medical attention.

  24. wow, the ignorance never stops. The “US embargo” is not something Cubans have to “endure” because the only embargo they know is the one imposed by the Communist Party.

    Cuba trades freely with dozens of other countries and receives billions in cash and gifts from US citizens every year.

    The reason we have to hand over money directly to our Cuban friends is because Cuban postal workers steal everything they get their hands on. I can’t even send a letter to Cuba because so many of them are just ripped open and thrown out when no money is found.

    For a real and longer-lasting embargo see the Arab embargo of Israel. Coupled with 4 major invasions of the country and dozens of smaller ones, all of them bigger than the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Plus over 60 years of continual terrorism, backed by its neighbors. Yet the Israeli press and Israeli demonstrators blame the Israeli government for their economic woes, and not Saudi Arabia.

    Maybe the Marxist babies should grow up, face reality and place the blame for the Cuban economic disaster where it belongs, on Castro’s shoulders.

  25. Carlos Medina de Rebolledo…you think maybe wrong.

    Cuba is not run by Castros who are just hired managers…but like every country in the world…Cuba is run by the pope…so he can come to see his sheep…why not. the title tells the whole story…shepherd and the sheep…where the Castros are like the shepherd dogs or the bell sheep. The wind…that is what is mysterious and we have to find out what the Wind is,because there can be good and bad one.So we know the shepherd well and the sheppherd dogs or bell sheep…but we must look to know some more about…the WIND

  26. Griffin…the same website
    must write the opposite now…with a new title;
    From “Democracy to Dictatorship” …so there will not be a world of many nations like flowers in the Garden… but just one flower everywhere. And that chosen flower or tree maybe Cuba…experiment. The world is almost becoming like Cuba everywhere and we just need a new Castro…because the old one is faded. World needs also a dictator after the World Dictatorship is created…Who will be the World Leader? Maybe somone like in the movie “Hungry Games”…a Canadian Man(artist)


    The hairy-CDRs believe, it is they who have the real power in Cuba.
    The puppets of the PCC also ensure that the real power is in the National Assembly, the CDRs and the police where to get a piece of bone they must be a member of the so-called “party”, although it is a shameful and worthy mafia the opprobrium of the Cuban people.
    The automata of the Police and security bodies have the illusion that the real power is at the tip of their guns and brass knuckles.
    The “spontaneous” Castromobs are sure the power is on the tip of the syringe inoculating with which poisons and diseases the Ladies in White , and anyone who dares to protest.
    The “segurosos” of that Insecurity castrofascist see themselves as “the war front against the enemies of the revolution.”
    The toy soldiers and olive green dream that the power is hold behind their uniforms thanks their blindly and abject obedience to the greatest pharaohs of the Cuba-prison.
    Now, the bandits in civilian carrying gun holsted, they of the theology of the Cuban “Liberation”, say that in fact the power will be transferred gradually to their burrows they inhabit. Benedict has come precisely to seal the pact between liars.
    The Castrofascismo has grown the Catholic Church in the number of his parishioners by order of the PCC, as all Latin American Communist parties in the 80 discovered that the Catholic organizations are easy to infiltrate, manipulate and direct from the shadows. With the expulsion of Catholics, who recently took a dozen churches has become evident that Cardinal Ortega Alamino belongs to the Castro Security, possibly with the rank of general, as he is the head of a number of a division of spies in excess of 6,000 to 10,000 agents.
    In addition, the cardinals of the Vatican’s lame left foot and extreme liberalism, and there are no men among them who dare to enforce the message of Jesus. As the Irish bishop of Armagh St. Malachi prophesied in 1140, the number of Popes is very limited. He said only 111, which is the current number with Benedict XVI, although some historians and interpreters suggest that there could be a last Pope – Peter the Roman when Catholic Church is just corrupted by them who disobei teachings of Jesus Christ messages. Christ means “who would put the X, in ancient Greek.
    The world’s Catholics have a cross on the Cuban people, when accepting that Benedict comes to Cuba to give a boost to the Castro tyranny in a mass public event, as a confirmation of the legitimacy of the regime. Finnaly, the real power is not owed by any of the bodies and groups listed above, but by the Cuban People. It’s time to show the world that they not are right in supporting diplomatic, moral and commercialy that Castrodictatorship.

    Prof. Carlos Medina de Rebolledo

  28. Humberto…Havana times’s essay and photos look similar with the socialist movement of the Nazis and the Hitler’s “My Struggle” and the SS troops and Hitler youths marching in the “Long Knifes” night with fire…It looks like a sect, brainwashed nationalist-internationalist killers march not only against others but themselves…

    This essay is better
    It shows that communism two swords,left and right…and that is how will look the world everywhere with two arms of the communism called socialism and dictature, republican and democrat…like USA now which is looking more and more like Cuba.
    The dissidents in USA will be the people with guns,the people who like to live free from the rest of the mob which became big from the economic crisis and started to march under the communism flag. So it is a communism created from the top and the bottom,from the left and the right of a big mob against the dissidents,the few men.
    Evil majority is used against the good minority…which must be eleminated so there is no more light but growing darkness everywhere destroying any light out there…


    Many people want to do something to help the bloggers directly. The most important thing is to read them, talk about them, comment on their blogs, share their blogs with others, keep them IN THE PUBLIC EYE, which is a shield that helps to protect them.

    If you want to help with a donation, one way to do that, from the comfort of your home, is to put money in their cell phone accounts. This allows them to KEEP communicating, Twittering, making and accepting calls and text messages within Cuba and overseas.

    Update: As of 14 January 2011, the White House has announced that any American may send remittances to a Cuban, even if they are not related to each other. The limit is $500 per quarter. If you are interested in helping the bloggers in this way, you can find their emails on their individual sites and contact them about where you might send a remittance. Some of them have PayPal accounts.


    Bloggers’ phone numbers are listed below; these will be updated if we get more numbers.

    UPDATE: 5-8 December 2011: EZETOP – has a two for one special for Cuban recharges — they will double your minutes, and it is reported to be fast and confidential. {Update, this double recharge promotion has ended but keep on eye on the EZETOP; they repeat the promotion frequently.

  30. Un Soricel is attacked very much but she is a strong person fighting with guys…
    Cuba is kept isolated because it can bring Chinese weapons in and be a threat as it did in the time when Cuba was sleeping with Russia. America feed Cuba enough to survive via Canada,Europe and South America…all under control of UN run from USA.
    Problem and solution formula is changing very fast USA,EU,Middle East and soon Asia.
    So there are bigger changes to happen in the world scale and Cuba will be kept under Castros…and maybe run in the future by the Fidel’s nice who will be to harsh in Yoani. She may send her Cuban Miami agents ti kidnap Humberto too and that will be a big hit against the generation Y…and all y’s…in it.Un Soricel should go for a trip in Cuba and see the getho scene closer and Griffin should wait for her there and as a team they should explore Cuba’s hell in paradise

  31. You should have move to Cuba ( my offer to buy you a one way ticket is still on ) not to a Western Capitalist society with rotten values. Your postings here are in contradiction with your life, with your job, with the country you live in. In Cuba you would not be able to write for an online metal magazine and you will not be able to post your oppionion on the world wide web ( I know how addicted you are to the virtual discussion forums).

    PS: Just so you know I’ll take Darren down too. You both will be exposed. Get a lawyer, tabloids and UK immigrations will love to tear you appart in thousands of pieces.


    HAVANA TIMES: Cuba: What Do We Mean By Revolution? by Yusimi Rodriguez
    I don’t know how many times I’ve heard and read the word revolution throughout my life. I don’t know how many slogans with the word “revolution” are batted around in school. But never until now have I wondered what exactly the revolution really is.

    However, when our leader — displaying his usual brilliance (let’s recall the planting of Carturra coffee and the Ten Million Ton Harvest) — announced the concept, there had already been talk of Revolution (with a capital letter) to refer to the process that took place, has taken place and supposedly is taking and will continue (?) to take place in Cuba.

    All these contradictions belong in the same film, which has now lasted fifty-three years, shot entirely under the label of “socialism” – a system that, according to the eternal leader himself, no one knows how to build (apparently not even him).

    He said this without blushing after more than fifty years of experiments with the lives of the Cuban people.

    I know that someone might tell me that everything has been consistent with the concept of the revolution expressed by the eternal leader: “Revolution means changing everything that must be changed.”

    This is the phrase that I like most in his concept. But what it doesn’t say is who decides what changes should be carried out or who decides when to carry them out.

    So far in Cuba, what changes to make and when to perform them have been decided by an elite, desperate to hold onto power.


  33. OK three threats a day that’s about my sum as British living in little England… good night little warriors (as in the movie)

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