Believers and Nonbelievers; Sympathizers and Non-sympathizers

"Unanimity" - An artwork in a Havana gallery.

"Unanimity" - An artwork in a Havana gallery.

The last time the Plaza of the Revolution was full, crammed with people, was when Benedicto XVI offered his homily in Havana. The television broadcasters repeated, with a strange insistence, that attending this Mass were “believers and non-believers.” To ears not trained in Cuban official discourse, that affirmation might sound like a gesture of inclusion and tolerance. But, it was more a clarification — and not subtle in the least — that not everyone in the multitude was Catholic, nor could the Pope count on such a large flock among us. If you paid attention to every word spoken by the government representatives, Cubans were there because of “discipline,” out of “respect,” or because they are an “equable” people, but not, in fact, because of faith.

I wonder whether this May Day they will also throw out such contrasting adjectives. They could, for example, say that on this Workers’ Day both “Revolutionaries and Non-revolutionaries” are marching, which would not be absurd on a day that should have a labor and union tone, not a political one. Can you imagine the grave voice of the announcer affirming that in the flag-waving crowd there are both “employed and unemployed”? Of these, the latter would undoubtedly have to be the most energetic block, because the number of unemployed workers in 2012 has grown to 170 million throughout the Island. In front of the microphones they should make the distinction that in the mass of people facing the statue of Jose Marti are found “sympathizers and non-sympathizers” with Raul’s government. Because after all, who would believe that a million individuals are all in agreement with the administration of a president?

There will be no surprises nor nuances, but rather attempts to lump together hundreds of thousands of participants and present them as a unanimous chorus supporting the system. And May Day once again will be hijacked, like so many times before. From the podium those who salute will be precisely those who should be called out and criticized on the banners, not those who should be leading a workers‘ commemoration. The day will end without demands being made of this boss named “the State” to raise salaries, lower the cost of living, or improve working conditions. Instead, every little head seen from the Plaza’s tower will be counted as a round of applause. Every individual who marches will be taken as a faithful “believer” in the Party, as someone who has no doubts, no questions, no demands.

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  1. Dumber, if you bothered to read the report, you would know the slave labor operations in Spain are run by Chinese & Albanian criminal gangs… you know, the post-Marxist mafia. That’s what the Castro brothers are trying to transition Cuba to: a post-Marxist gangster-run slave plantation.

    The Cuban dissidents, like Yoani, Jose Daniel Ferrer, and the Ladies in White, are trying to build democracy and freedom in Cuba.

    You scream about “nazi terrorists” …but you are so blinded by your hatreds you are defending the very people who are perpetrating these crimes.

  2. This is the TRUE and REAL story about the SLAVES OF 21st century:

    cnn reporting about the slavery and sweat shops in “some kind of pragmatic capitalism”. Spain in this particular case.

    THAT is why the traitor pretending to talk about “democracy” here RUN AWAY FROM IT!!!!

    Hypocrisy, your name is the team “yoani”!!!

    (nazist terrorist organisation called cia, when translated from Spanish…)

  3. wall streets,UN,globalists,banks,religious organizations,USA,CUBA,EU,SOUTH AMERICA ETC….are just a big gathering sheep walking together to the bridge and slaves must follow them…their bell sheep or goat. So cibans slaves must follow their bell castros and all other world slaves…because even the pope is going to the bridge and he is walking with the sheep gathered all now as it was writen in the bible…So it is nothing wrong with the picture…but just a gathered sheep walking and as long as they are walking to the direction of the road to the bridge which separate the hell from paradisethan they are okey.What about with the youths world uprising? They are just awaking other sheep and push them to walk…so all is good

  4. if the cubans do rise and fight against castros…they are rebelling also against the true owners of the plantation and the business partners and corporation’s share holders who dont want uprising,rebellion,free slaves but more cheap sugar from the cubans…the cheap slaves beaten by the ruthless castros and their hired thugs,crew.

    of course such a story of cuba canbe writen for granma newspaper but just lies,dogma same as in other nation plantations…lies about heroism,more labor,greatness,working hard,sacrifices,proud people,high results in sugar,tobacho..plantation’s productions,voluntaring,happyness,hunt and hate the enemies those who refuse the work,disipline and rebelle,the cubans who want to be free from slavery…abolishing it in cuba plantation corporation run by walls street

  5. The term limits don’t apply to Raul & Fidel Castro and their close circle of octogenarian revolutionaries and it hasn’t changed how people get into political office either, so the net result is unchanged dictatorship.

  6. it is old 1 year but is new and good because is showing signs that paralized in coma dead cuba is moving so is alive…but if is true that cuba is like use to be just a plantation managedby the castros but owned by the globalist bankers than cuba ‘s fate depend from the globalists who somehow are in the same team with the church as an old power in the west since the europeans came in americas colonies…
    So pope also give permition for cuba to rise fromthe dead or not….and 2 popes did come in cuba so far.UN,USA are controlled by globalists so cubans should know who is their boss…or bosses…because castros were just hired managers of plantation.
    Yet when it is time to walk in the bridge from hell to paradise…every one must walk in it with the majority of the world slaves gathered as sheep.So is good news.

  7. red: your #202 was to a report from 1 year ago. It’s not new and it wasn’t at all meaningful even then.

  8. Cuban sugar industry gravitated into National City’s hands but wall sreet set prices
    Cuba communism maybe were used just to change Cuba to a cheaper plantation,used its cheap labor,free labor from jailed people and the forced voluntaries,students labor
    Profits went mostly in the world banks and forcastros,weapons and to use cuba as a tool for the big business expending to create new slave plantations in africa,south america and even north america…North Americans are slaved in their plantation too

    People who hate so much this evil slavery plantation business,big controll and the expending of the big business,the world banks using the communism and capitalism as masks writte here more about it and they accuse Rockfellers as the chef cooks or the true rulers,controllers and owners of the plantations; Americas,Africa and more;

  9. Who controll the prices of suager does controll situation in Cuba,the plantation of the globalist capitalists who run cuba corporation plantation with castros as managers. So is not only important how much suager is produced from the cheap slave labors in cuba…but how much is sold,used and bought suager in the world.Suager is bad asit is tobacho too…and both these evil comes from jungle called cuba …cube plantation…now maybe owned by the Rockefellers and world banks,globalists,UN,USA..

  10. private small and medium businesses,more private business in farming,more food production instead of plantation products of suger,tobacho and rice…and more arts,travelling freeand more new faces every 5 or 1 year in politics,government etc

    These thing cud do Cuba in 1960s…but it didn’t but became a dog of the Russia and China,a pet under the table eating few bones and engoying the new owners love… but that maybe came a bad treatment from the old owners who eat even the bones…

  11. Cuba is moving slowly and very late,after 50 years to the center road that go straight and not toward the clifs as it was left and right roads;communism and capitalism… Cuba youths brains never developed to lead the people to the centre road or good and God’s road….disable….with their lazy undeveloped brainwashed one left sided brain…working only.Yes if older politicians were going to be replaced with younger people Cuba was going to walk toward yet,not stoped in the clif…and not 5 years,but 1 year…and not just 11 people but 11 milion cubans cud give their ideas,energies,contributions to find the right,centre path,not left or right to the clifs…So noe Cuba is changing a bit in both politics,economy and arts and travelling and is going from static,mechanic,paralized,sleeping,dead coma body,organism,structure to more natural,moving,watery,awake,rebirth kind of state
    Still is to late and 5 decades did paralized,shocked Cuba because of lazy left brains working only in the sculls of the lazy globalists,religious and political lazy organizations and the fidelists,guerrileas…eith dry damaged from cigar brains
    Now Cuba is turning and moving far from the deadly clif,slowly to go to walk to the centre road straight to the bridge to go to Cuba=paradise but still is…in hell yet

  12. Hezbollah has set up business in Venezuela where they work with the narco-terrorists FARC, facilitated by the Chavez regime. Hezbollah is a client organization of Iran. Hezbollah recently set up an office in Cuba. We can assume its not for tourism or rum, so what is Hezbollah doing in Cuba? Military training and drugs are the only possibilities. Castro is getting desperate if he’s willing to turn Cuba into a Marco-state just to hold on to power.

  13. Humberto, That is interesting! As we know, Cuban spies are in Venezuela working for Chavez. Castro won’t give up all that oil without a fight. Also interesting is Cuba’s growing alliance with Iran, based on weapons, oil, money and ….drugs, perhaps?

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