More Red Than Cross

During the last week, the official media have greatly emphasized the origin and workings of the Red Cross in Cuba. Around May 8th, the founding date of this humanitarian body, they published several reports about its helping character and neutrality. Prime time news has featured interviews with those who have acted with self-sacrifice to save victims of accidents and conflicts. Undoubtedly, there are stories of personal altruism and philanthropy that have saved a life or prevented injuries. But the reason for these tributes and chronicles is not just to commemorate and recognize the committee founded by Henri Dunant in 1863. National TV is also trying to clean up the lamentable image left by one of those Cuban volunteers during Benedict XVI’s Mass in Santiago de Cuba.

At this point, there are few people on this Island who haven’t seen the video where a man — wearing a Red Cross emblem — hits and beats with a stretcher Andrés Carrión, who had shouted an anti-system slogan. The scene elicits such revulsion, shows so much baseness, that even government supporters express their rejection of such practices. They are moved by the disproportion of power between someone who can’t defend himself, and another who slaps him and attacks him with first aid equipment. The incident led the International Committee of the Red Cross to request an explanation, and even to an unpublished note of apology from its Cuban counterpart. But it hasn’t been enough. What has become clear are not only the wrath of a paramilitary agent disguised as an aid worker, and the ideological rancor that is fomented at every pass with no consideration for the consequences. What has been revealed, also, is that the authorities of our country lack ethical limits when it comes to suppressing a different opinion. If, to camouflage their shock troops, they have to dress them like sports teams, “spontaneous students,” or a medical group, they will do so. They don’t hesitate to take in hand international emblems and even to use the prestige of foreign NGOs for political ends. This has to be known, enough with naivete.

Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t stand a chance: the wolf of intolerance can disguise itself as grandma, the mother who gave her the cakes, or even the woodsman himself who comes to her rescue.


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  1. ‘Andrés Carrión, who had shouted an anti-system slogan’
    What slogan did he shout?
    What was ‘anti-system’ about the slogan?
    Why did he leave the crowd control barrier and not stay behind as everyone else?
    Did he intend to attack the pope physically?
    ‘wrath of a paramilitary agent disguised as an aid worker’
    Who identified the ‘aid worker’ as an ‘agent’?
    What is the name of the agent?
    For what organization does the ‘aid worker’ work for?

  2. Damir… My dear Damir…. I supsect you have serious mental problems regarding your irracional hatred of people that have different ideas than yours.
    I don’t know who you are, where you live or what you do as job in life.
    Insulting people is a symptom of ignorance regading matters of political ideology…
    I will not insult you by advising you to see a a Cuban (?) shrink … but I belive that your are in danger of self destructiong..

    I yiu do don’t forget to blame the “nazist gulag usa” as you the USA.

  3. do not normally interact with delusional and brainwashed, but this one is way too good to pass.

    Post 62:

    “How come Cuba is the only country in the Americas that does not allow the Re3d Cross to visit its prisons ?”

    Ignorance, as I always point out is the MAIN characteristic of all brainwashed and delusional losers. Especially the pioneers of the team “yoani” support brigade!!!

    Laughable party servants.

    red cross in teh nazist gulag usa does NOT have the right, nor authority, nor an option to visit and inspect the nazist gulag’s prisons.

    So, Cuba is NOT the ONLY country on AMERICAN CONTINENTS that does not “allow” it the access.

    In fact, there are many countries around the AMERICAN CONTINENTS that do not let this pitiful organisation into their prisons. And the list of these countries is who is who among the usanian white backside lickers. Guatemala, Honduras, Chile, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, etc.

    Get some knowledge before you write more of your conservative nonsense. All of you, not one particular individual. You are ALL pathetic. Just like your team “yoani” and their pin-up granny traitor.

    But, yet again, the reason will NEVER find the way inot their brains.

    There are NO brains there. Been burned up by the brainwash and delusions inserted into their skulls instead.

  4. The nazist gulag usa is exactly what we ARE talking about.

    Who do else is hellbent on organising all those “dissidents” into a, hopefully never, force of change in Cuban political landscape?

    Hell, the nazist gulag even has a governmental section for “promoting democracy in Cuba”!!!Nice job criminals and nazists!!!

    The team “yoani” receives money from nazist dictatorship usa through a number of sbumissive embassies in Havana.

    It is ALL about the nazist usa dictatorship, who will burn in hell for eternity.

  5. DAMIR DAMUR MININT DI who ever you are you are a DESCARADO Vocero of the DICTATORSHIP that represses the Cuban People. SHAME ON YOU. ANSWER THE QUESTION: Why is the RED CROSS not allowed in CUBAN JAILS? What happens in CUBA is SHAMEFUL and the truth is leaking out thanks to new media and technology.

    Blogs like this will change the planet for good. THANK YOU YOANI. The best Cuban BLOG ever and more awards heading your way. God Bless everyone who writes here and promotes this site. The truth is what counts. Cuba will need real history books in the future and not the BULLSHIT stories the regime makes up.

  6. Damir,

    We are actually not talking about about the US, but the International Red Cross and Cuba. Typically you are side-stepping the problem and using a tu quoque argument. Just answer the question. How come Cuba is the only country in the Americas that does not allow the Re3d Cross to visit its prisons ? Stop using Fidel’s tactics and blaming the Americans for everything. Truth is that Cuban prisons are a nightmare. I don’t need to hear about the American carceral system, which I know quite a bit about. Try for once to answer the question.

  7. Post 21, how do you account for the fact that the nazist dictatorship usa does NOT allow foreign observers to oversee their “democratic” election?

    The only self-declared “capitalist and democratic country” in the world that expressly forbids and refuses to allow independent observers to monitor the elections.

    But it is the most vocal and demanding when it comes to other countries in the world.

    What a load of liars and hypocrites.

  8. What a load of delusional nonsense and turd in post 52 (and all other anti_Cuban posts):

    “one of the propaganda lines repeated by Marxists over the last 50 years is “Cuba is immune to capitalist economic crises””

    I’d love to see one Marxist saying that stu**ty in suggested context.

    It is just another falacity delusional conservative aparatchiks are programmed to repeat ad nauseam in a vain hope someone might actually believe it!!!

    Some reality check, pioneers: it doesn’t work.

    It does reveal your dumbness in all its glory though.


    YOUTUBE: Jorge Vazquez Chaviano is arrested for trying to reach the papal Mass – Jorge Vazquez Chaviano, Cuban activist member of the Central Opposition Coalition is violently arrested by police when he left his home in Sagua la Grande to go to the Mass of Pope Benedict XVI Havana on March 27, 2012. As of today (May 2012) Chaviano Vazquez remains in jail. His wife and family claim his freedom. Jorge Vázquez Chaviano es arrestado por intentar llegar a misa papal – Jorge Vázquez Chaviano, activista cubano integrante de la Coalición Central Opositora, es arrestado violentamente por agentes policiales cuando salio de su vivienda en Sagua la Grande para dirigirse a la misa del Papa Benedicto XVI en la Habana el 27 de marzo del 2012. Hasta el momento (mayo 2012) Vázquez Chaviano permanece preso. Su esposa y familia reclaman su libertad.

  10. of course cuba is protected and has imunity from the world crisis because it is owned by the banks who calculate what will cuba produce and spend and if the world banks think that there are to many ration to give,it may delete some cubans. The same with other nations where the slaves are not working so why do they complain about the small food ration…? Cuba was just an experiment and now like cuba will be every nation

  11. Interesting Griffin.

    Of course, one of the propaganda lines repeated by Marxists over the last 50 years is “Cuba is immune to capitalist economic crises”

    They seem to forget their own propaganda a lot. I guess it has something to do with liars always getting their stories mixed up.

  12. Interesting news in Europe today. The markets are taking a beating in reaction to the Greek financial crisis. Greece may soon find itself out of the Euro. From there the trouble spreads to other countries like Spain & Italy. Part of the market reaction is jack up interest rates on Spanish bonds, as many of their banks are insolvent. That’s where the news involves Cuba. Many of the biggest investors in Cuba are Spanish, and of course, the Castro regime have a number of off-shore bank accounts in Spain. Their could be some serious financial trouble for Cuba as a result of the European crisis.

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