Plumbers and Computer Experts

Image from the Internet

Image from the Internet

Everything was planned for weeks. We would escape far from the city, disabling our cellphones so State Security couldn’t track us, and have our first break in five years. Just as we were about to leave for our two-day vacation a pipe broke inside the wall and started to pour water on the neighbors below. “Bad sign,” said Reinaldo. We repaired the unfortunate leak and were ready to spend 48 hours far from keyboard, screen or mouse. We left on the run, before anything else unforeseen could happen… But bad news has a way to get to you in an almost telepathic way, parallel to the technological paths. When we’d had just one day to decompress from the daily stress, we learned that the entire site was out of service. In this case our skills as plumbers were of no use, because repairing a server is a far cry from fixing a leak.

We returned to the city blaming ourselves that our absence had been taken advantage of by some restless hacker to do something like this. Most distressing in these cases is the sensation that with a fairly efficient Internet connection I could have quickly fixed the situation myself. But reality contrasts with all the conspiracy theories that claim this blog has so many links to the “powerful” and “sophisticated.” When a simple technical problem presents itself, the rusticity and helplessness of this personal effort becomes clear. What these “conspiracy theorists” never take into account is the citizen solidarity that is put to the test in such cases. This is, without a doubt, my most precious capital and the most effective help I receive.

María, the English translator, called her friend Karen, a computer expert, and via email I sent the steps of what I thought might be the solution. Out out damn complication! As if it would not have been easier, from the beginning, to have hosted my blog on a national server and count on a domestic Internet connect that would allow me to repair it. But no. The lives of Cubans have always been more complicated. A portal with opinions different from those in the official media will never be able to have a “.cu” URL and my longed for vacation will have to wait for a better time.

What is sure is that GY has come back to life thanks to the work of many young citizens like me. It was not as easy as a broken pipe, but put the ingenuity and friendship of many to the test. Thank you!


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  1. Cripo want Yoani to debate Salim Namrani, Nelson Valdes? What a joke! Salim interviewed Yoani and easily showed her up to be a complete fool. You could not reply; saying only she was misquoted. She is a joke whose greatest effort is a one or two paragraph statement without any references or footnotes. Nelson Valdes debate such a nonentity? You are out of your pea brain already; she would run and hide as she does from any question. She claims to be a webmaster and administer a blog that she cannot see and is lodged in a foreign country.. When she needs help she is not getting from Maryland–probably because they are so bored with having to read the tripe she writes, she turns to a woman in the U.S. for help in “fixing” the problem. Good old Uncle Sammy–he uses my tax money to support the dumbest of the useful idiots such a s Yoani. Do not mention her name among people who have knowledge and are rational. Yoani is the Michelle Bachmann of Cuba in more ways than not liking the new fangled lightbulbs. All you scholars out there are sure to recognize the analogy, right:je,je,je

  2. Some one named Simba avoids the issue of Yoani as a US agent as all you parasites do. She has a pay pal account that CANNOT HAVE UNLESS THEY ARE permanent residents or citizens of the U.S. Simba does not want to answer because he or she cannot without having to admit that they are supporting a U.S. secret agent. Yoani should be in jail and seh were in the US she would be classified as a terrorist; she is a Cuban being employed by a foreign, and hostile, power. Of course yo do not have to answer but you do not have any credibility until you do so. If your family only dates back to 1638, you are a new comer; mine were there long before that, and they were not parasites like the current day Cubans. If you want to see how much the Miami make for taxpayers, check out how 4000 Miami Cubans cannot speak English, will not learn and get SSI; each year the government tells them to leanr, but like most Cubans, including Simba, they are too dumb to do so. And getting property back; if you think your Uncle Sammy is going to let you, yo should check out what they say about the Jews say about returning land the took from the Arabs. And I would like to see you get Cubans homes back; I would hope yo would not live ong after you try. But that is all you Miami parasites want is :money, money and more money and do not want to work for it. There are only 12% white people left in Miami; all the decent people left and left the Cuban scum waiting for the new Batista that is not going to come; too good of a life living off mine, and Americans, largesse.

  3. Without disrespect, Humberto, the looks like an association of rich people and corporations determined to recover seized assets in Cuba.
    Not at all detached from the divisive politics we spoke of.
    Perhaps there are other, unbiased sources to illustrate your thoughts?

  4. Rob, you must know there’s no embargo on drugs or food assistance to Cuba, and never has been. In fact, only commercial export of food was banned, and only for a few years in the 90s.

    All humanitarian assistance of food and drug has always been unlimited and exempt from any US sanctions, even in 1962. US laws are freely available on the WWW.

    Also, about half a million Americans travel to Cuba every year, so I don’t understand where you get your information.

    Most American Indians and Japanese Americans also left their homes for “political reasons” They were also on the “losing side”

    So what? Does might make right? The Germans also paid compensation for property the Nazis stole.

    And just last week from Czech:

    BUDAPEST/PRAGUE (BosNewsLife)– The lower house of the Czech Republic’s parliament narrowly approved a government plan late Friday, July 13, to return property seized from churches during the 1948-1989 Communist era, and to pay billions of dollars in compensation.


    ECONOMIC EYE ON CUBA- February 2012 – Report For Calendar Year 2011

    The following is the data for exports from the United States to the Republic of Cuba relating to the Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act (TSRA) of 2000, which re-authorized the direct commercial (on a cash basis) export of food products (including branded food products) and agricultural products (commodities) from the United States to the Republic of Cuba, irrespective of purpose. The TSRA does not include healthcare products, which remain authorized by the Cuban Democracy Act (CDA) of 1992.

    The data represents the U.S. Dollar value of product exported from the United States to the Republic of Cuba under the auspice of TSRA. The data does not include transportation charges, bank charges, or other costs associated with exports from the United States to the Republic of Cuba. The government of the Republic of Cuba reports data that, according to the government of the Republic of Cuba, includes transportation charges, bank charges, and other costs. However, the government of the Republic of Cuba has not provided verifiable data. The use of trade data reported by the government of the Republic of Cuba is suspect. The government of the Republic of Cuba has been asked to provide verifiable data, but has not.


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