Whose Brain Is It?

Meanwhile the Great Culprit
shelters behind the wise protection of the forehead.
“Defense of the innocent myocardium”

Rubén Martínez Villena

My family claims for itself that mass of neurons, reinforced with the care lavished on me as a child. The teacher who taught me to read demands credit for the connections that helped to unite thought and language. Every one of my friends also claims their share, their piece of one lobe or the other, for the satisfactions and upsets they have inscribed on its fragile convolutions. Even the boy who crossed in front of my eyes, just for a second, would be entitled to a portion of my cerebral cortex, as his passage recorded a tiny impression in my memory.

All of the books I’ve read, the ice creams I’ve eaten, the kisses given coldly or with passion, the films I’ve seen, the morning coffee and the shouts of the neighbors… to them belongs a share of this grey mass I carry behind my forehead. To the cat that purrs and digs its nails in, to the police who watches and blows his whistle, to the official who adjusts her military uniform and says “no,” to the mediocre professor who misspells “geographie,” and to the brilliant speaker whose words seem to open doors, throw wide the windows. To them should be given — one by one — my cortical cells, on which they managed to make indelible marks. My axons would be distributed among millions of people, alive and dead, to those I met or simply heard in a musical note or through their verses.

However, according to Legislative Decree 302 which also regulates the foreign travel of professionals, my own brain — like those of the rest of university graduates — does not belong to me. The folds and grooves of this organ are the property — according to the new law — of an educational system that boasts of being free but later charges us through ownership over our intellect. The authorities who regulate the possibility of leaving this Island believe that a qualified citizen is a simple conglomeration of brain matter “formed” by the State. But claiming the rights to use a human mind is like trying to put gates on the sea… shackles on every neuron.


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  1. No amount of Pekin(g)eser dog barking from a lone multiple personalities patient can change the simple reality the team “yoani” create for themselves every day, 24/7: their is a “battle for Cuban people” that they have lost before they even started.

    The ideology that is based on lies, created from and by despair, is transparent and is a failure. Even if one agrees with the basics behind it, only a stupid person would support it when the arguments in its’ support are just empty and meaningless lies.

    Like just about EVERY post before this one, the team “yoani” have made more damage to themselves than good.

    See, every fool that can read , can read the latest regulation and see which BRAINS fall into the category of POSSIBLE travel restrictions.

    The local traitor and terrorist does NOT fall into any of those categories that she should be worried about.

    She des fit into an entirely different category, though.


    Where the traitor and terrorist wannabe belongs for her subservient bum-licking treason and calls to an armed uprising against the government of Cuba, AND Cuban people.

    And, ironically, the very traitor and terrorist wannabe is now living a high life in CUBA, having RAN AWAY FROM “DEMOCRACY” AND SOME KIND OF PRAGMATIC CAPITALISM BACK TO CUBA.

    Once a hypocrite, always a hypocrite.

    Oh, by the way, what’s the news from Libya and Egypt?

    Th “freedom and democracy” activists taking

    DICTATORIAL turn just as Damir had predicted when the team “yoani” hailed them as “great revolutionaries”!!!!!

    Sad and mostly pathetic (when not sad) losers. Your nature CANNOT be hidden for long. You are all the same shift that needs no introduction and no analysis any more.

    It is enough for you to open your toothless mouths for people to feel the stench of a rotten liar and a criminal.

  2. ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES (OAS): Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)

    PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES: The mechanism for precautionary measures is established in Article 25 of the Rules of Procedure of the IACHR. The Rules of Procedure establish that, in serious and urgent situations, the Commission may, on its own initiative or at the request of a party, request that a State adopt precautionary measures to prevent irreparable harm to persons or to the subject matter of the proceedings in connection with a pending petition or case, as well as to persons under the jurisdiction of the State concerned, independently of any pending petition or case. The measures may be of a collective nature to prevent irreparable harm to persons due to their association with an organization, a group, or a community with identified or identifiable members. As a result, the number of precautionary measures granted does not reflect the number of persons protected by their adoption; as can be seen below, many of the precautionary measures issued by the IACHR protect more than one person and, in certain cases, groups of persons such as communities or indigenous peoples. Moreover, the Rules of Procedure establish that the granting of such measures and their adoption by the State shall not constitute a prejudgment on the violation of the rights protected by the American Convention on Human Rights or other applicable instruments.

    Precautionary Measures Granted by the IACHR, by year:

    PM 350/12 – Yoani María Sánchez Cordero, Cuba

    On November 9, 2012, the IACHR granted precautionary measures for Yoani María Sánchez Cordero and her family, in Cuba. The request for precautionary measures indicates that Yoani María Sánchez Cordero is at risk, due to the publication of several articles on an Internet blog about the human rights situation in Cuba. Specifically, the petitioners allege that she has had threats, acts of harassment, and smear campaigns waged against her. Moreover, the petition indicates that Yoani María Sánchez Cordero and her husband were arrested on October 4, 2012, and that as a result of being assaulted by police agents, Yoani María Sánchez Cordero ended up with a broken tooth and contusions. Yoani María Sánchez Cordero was again arrested on November 8, 2012. The IACHR asked the State of Cuba to adopt the necessary measures to guarantee the life and physical integrity of Yoani María Sánchez Cordero and her family; to come to an agreement with the beneficiary and her representatives on the measures to be adopted; and to inform the IACHR on the actions taken to investigate the facts that gave rise to the adoption of precautionary measures.


  3. DAMIR is going back to Cuba! After 12 years leaving in freedom!

    That’s so natural and common. There is e bibical proverb that say: “A dog returns to his own vomit, and a sow having washed, to her walloing in the mire”. (King James: 2nd of St Peter, 2. 22).

    “El perro vuele a su vomito y la puerca lavada a revolcarse en su chiquero”!! (Reina-Valera: 2da de St Pedro, 2. 22).

    This great nation offer an oportunity to millions of people all araund the world without regard of gratitude, but here is my testimony of thanfulness and gratitude to the american people! We, los americanos, are proud to help with taxpayers dollars and cristian love many good incomings, never undermaiding the shameful ofenses and hatred in the words of scondrels like this kind’a castroesbirros, the barking Damir, same as Marino Rivero! Ameircans khow for sure what “fascista’s regime” and “sicarios assassains” does mean?

    Shame on all of you, Castroesbirros!!!

  4. BBC NEWS VIDEO: Hurricane Sandy: Cuba struggles to help those hit – By Sarah Rainsford

    Siboney was a pretty town on the Caribbean coast of Cuba before Hurricane Sandy tore through. Now, it is a disaster area. In some spots there are piles of rubble in place of houses. Many of those buildings still standing have gaping holes in their walls; most are missing all, or part of, their roofs. Residents are still struggling to come to terms with the destruction more than two weeks after the passage of the storm which killed 11 people in eastern Cuba and razed 15,000 homes. The sick and infirm had been evacuated from the town, but everyone else was at home.They talk about having watched a state TV forecast defining Sandy as a tropical storm; then the power went out. The next morning they were hit by a Category Two hurricane. Trinidad tells me: “I stayed to try to protect my things, because I am poor. But I couldn’t. I had no time to save anything.” “I want to leave here now,” she confesses, starting to cry. “I’m afraid.”

    The resident UN co-ordinator, Barbara Pesce Monteiro, is visiting the hurricane zone.

    “This [situation] is extraordinary. Santiago de Cuba had not seen anything like this at least in 60 years. It goes far beyond what they’re used to,” she explains.

    “It has affected a large population and all the livelihoods that go around it. It is obviously on a major scale and needs to be given attention.”

    None of those many tonnes of foreign aid – food, clothes, and construction materials – have made it to Siboney yet, or its newly homeless.

    But Maria Louisa Bueno of the Ministry for Foreign Trade and Investment denies that the government is being excessively slow to deliver aid.



  5. MIAMI HERALD: Two more Cuban dissidents allege abuse by former prison official now living in Miami – Crescencio Marino Rivero, a former Cuban Interior Ministry colonel, is now living in Miami. – By Juan O. Tamayo

    Two more Cuban dissidents have alleged that they were abused personally or on the orders of a former Villa Clara provincial prison chief Crescencio Marino Rivero, who now lives in Miami. Rivero, 71, and his wife Juana Ferrer, both former officers in Cuba’s Interior Ministry and members of the ruling Communist Party, appear to have obtained their U.S. visas and residency without revealing their activities on behalf of the Cuban government. Wilfredo Allen, one of the two Miami lawyers who referred the allegations against Rivero to U.S. prosecutors two weeks ago, has asked for the start of deportation procedures against the couple. Rivero has denied committing any abuses. Another Placetas dissident, Jorge Luis García Pérez, known as Antunez, said he never saw Rivero personally abuse prisoners. “Officers of that rank don’t have to,” he said, because they can order guards to abuse the inmates.

    Antunez alleged that on Feb. 19, 1991, while serving a 5 ½-year sentence for “enemy propaganda” at the La Pendiente prison in Villa Clara, he was taken to see Rivero for his refusal to wear prison uniforms — a type of protest used by many political prisoners.

    “Look, you black counterrevolutionary, we’re not going to allow that here,” Antunez, who is black, quoted Rivero as telling him.

    Rivero told the guards “take him to the cell and if he takes off his clothes, bust his head,” the dissident added in a phone interview with El Nuevo Herald. Antunez said he did try to take off his clothes and got such a beating that he remembers the exact date.

    Antunez and Conde’s allegations, and similar previous accusations against Rivero by three other dissidents, could not be independently confirmed. Rivero did not return an El Nuevo Herald call to his phone last week, and his daughter said he would not speak to the newspaper because his previous comments to other journalists were “distorted.”



    WASHINGTON POST: Lawyer for US man held in Cuba writes UN’s anti-torture expert, says Cuba denying medical care

    A lawyer for an American man imprisoned in Cuba has written the United Nations’ anti-torture expert, saying Cuban officials’ treatment of his client “will surely amount to torture” if he continues to be denied certain medical care.
    The six-page letter made public Sunday is addressed to U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan E. Mendez. In it, a lawyer for former Maryland resident Alan Gross claims Cuba has not met its obligations under an anti-torture treaty it agreed to more than a decade ago.

    Gross, 63, has lost more than 100 pounds while imprisoned, and earlier this year he developed a mass behind his right shoulder. Cuban doctors performed tests, but a U.S. doctor who reviewed them for Gross’ family has said they were inadequate. Dr. Alan A. Cohen, a Maryland radiologist, said the mass must be assumed to be cancerous unless proved harmless.

    “The lack of medical clarity given to Mr. Gross by the Cubans has been causing him severe mental anxiety for six months and counting,” wrote Gross’ Washington-based lawyer Jared Genser. “As time goes on, and depending on the severity of his illness, the denial of medical care will surely amount to torture.”

    Genser attached to his letter answers to a U.N. form questionnaire for people alleging torture. In it, he wrote the torture occurred from May 2012 to the present — the time that Gross has had the mass on his shoulder.

    A senior Cuban diplomat, Foreign Ministry official Josefina Vidal, said in September that Gross’ health “continues to be normal and he exercises regularly.”

    Gross’ lawyer has for months said his client’s health is declining, and he and Gross’ wife have called on the Cuban government to let Gross be examined by a doctor of their choice.

    Gross’ wife, Judy, was traveling to West Palm Beach, Florida, on Sunday for a rally in support of her husband’s release. The rally was scheduled outside a performance of the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba, which is currently making its first U.S. tour.

    Also on Sunday, Gross’ lawyer made public a letter addressed to Cuban President Raul Castro and signed by more than 500 rabbis. The letter urges Castro to release Gross, who is Jewish, on humanitarian grounds.

    Dec. 3 will mark three years that Gross has been held in Cuba.



  7. URGENT AND DESPERATE SITUATION IN CUBA: 84-year old Manuel Rodiles Planas, a sick old man and father of Antonio G. Rodiles is outside the police station Acosta PLANTED IN STRIKE, accompanied only by Ailer Gonzalez Mean (art director and girlfriend of the director/founder of the independent project State of SATS), in the municipality of October 10, as the authorities do not want to receive or give any response in a timely manner on the legal fate of his son in prison who is incommunicado,beaten and is on a hunger strike and thirst for over 5 days. The Mobile phone to reach Manuel is 53-53233726 . He needs recharges so he can communicate with friends and family around the world, but there are fears that the state phone company CUBACEL is about to block his phone. DO NOT LEAVE HIM ALONE, PLEASE. There is already a security operation line around the station.

    URGENTE, SITUACIÓN DESESPERADA EN CUBA: El anciano enfermo Manuel Rodiles Planas, padre de Antonio G. Rodiles, acaba de PLANTARSE EN HUELGA en las afueras de la estación de Acosta, acompañado únicamente deAiler Gonzalez Mean (directora de arte y novia del director del proyecto fílmico libre Estado de Sats), en el municipio 10 de Octubre, pues las autoridades no lo quieren recibir ni darle ninguna respuesta en tiempo y forma sobre el destino legal de su hijo preso, incomunicado, y golpeado, en presunta huelga de hambre y sed desde have 5 días. El teléfono de ella es el móvil: 53-53233726 y necesita recargas para comunicarse con sus amigos y familiares en el mundo, pero se teme que la empresa estatal CUBACEL esté a punto de bloqueárselo. NO LA DEJEMOS SOLA, POR FAVOR. YA HAY UN OPERATIVO DE SEGURIDAD EN CIERNES EN LOS ALREDEDORES DE LA ESTACIÓN.

    VIDEO INTERVIEW: Interview with Antonio Rodiles, director of Estado de SATS, a civil society project based in Havana – by Tracey Eaton


  8. This video clearly shows the violent arrest of Yoani Sanchez and Santiesteban by castro’s repressive elite.
    Notice that most of the agents are dressed as civilians. A tactic that allows the regimen to blame the violence on the “community” of outraged citizen whose are seeing their revolution being offended by “CIA paid mercenaries” as they label anyone who challenge 50+ years of dictatorship.

  9. DAMIR: A common Castro’s rascal bowing from his den!

    One vivid example of a man domestication! So well molded brain into a pile of templates that no one could distinguish the signs pressed on “tabula rasa”, pouring from the pattern the impressions of a vulgar gerga of beggars, but looking like flair flies, just eager to find where to start either sucking or larvae depositing. Crippled neurons with an irreflexive neurosis, never meaning the connotations of shooting frustrations and blameful epithets he and only he deserves for the sake of his own estupidities.

    In cuban speaking: “Un caso perdido”. Just like: done and gone!

  10. ST. LEWIS JEWISH LIGHT: More than 500 rabbis urge Cuba to release Gross

    WASHINGTON (JTA) — More than 500 rabbis urged the release of Alan Gross, citing an assessment by a U.S. radiologist that the American contractor jailed in Cuba might have a cancerous growth.

    “We would urge your government to release Mr. Gross on humanitarian grounds,” said the letter sent Sunday to Cuban President Raul Castro. “Alternatively, if despite his and his family’s suffering over the past three years in prison you remain determined to detain him, we would urge you to allow a doctor of his choosing to evaluate and treat him for whatever medical conditions that he may have.”

    The letter cites an assessment last month of Gross’ Cuban medical records by a radiologist in Bethesda, Md., Alan Cohen.

    The assessment says what Cuban doctors identified as a hematoma behind Gross’ right shoulder is likely a tumor.

    “A soft tissue mass in an adult who has lost considerable weight must be assumed to represent a malignant tumor unless proven to be benign,” Cohen wrote.

    Most of the rabbis signing the letter are American, and represent all streams, including leaders of religious umbrella bodies. A number of the rabbis are from Israel and Canada.

    Gross, 63, of Potomac, Md., was sentenced last year to 15 years in prison for “crimes against the state.”

    He was arrested in 2009 for allegedly bringing satellite phones and computer equipment to members of Cuba’s Jewish community while working as a contractor for the U.S. Agency on International Development.

    Gross’ wife, Judy was due Sunday to join a rally for his release to take place outside a performance in West Palm Beach, Fla. by the Cuban Symphony Orchestra.



    +Siguen detenidos mis amigos Antonio Rodiles y el escritor Angel Santiesteban. Hasta cuando este absurdo? #OlaRepresiva – 14 hours ago
    Still under arrest Antonio Rodiles and the writer Angel Santiesteban. For how much longer will stand this absurd? #OlaRepresiva
    +Como quedo la camisa que llevaba Angel Santiesteban el dia del arresto? – 1 hour ago
    Here is how looks the shirt Angel Santiesteban was wearing during the arrest
    +Ailer Gonzalez y el padre de Antonio Rodiles estan afuera de la Estacion de Acosta exigiendo la libertad de este – 1 hour ago
    Ailer Gonzalez & Antonio Rodiles’ father are outside the Police Station Acosta, in Havana, demanding his freedom
    + Para mas informacion pueden llamar directamente a Ailer Glez al +5353233726 #OlaRepresiva – 1 hour ago
    For more information can call directly Ailer Glez at +5353233726 #OlaRepresiva



  12. USA TODAY: Cubans can leave, but to where and with what? – Cuba announced it will lift its travel ban, but the expense and the fine print will probably mean many Cubans will stay put. – Girish Gupta
    HAVANA — Vladimir Maiquil, 50, casts his fishing line off Havana’s seafront boulevard, the Malecón, into the waters of the Florida Straits, 90 miles from America.

    “I’d love to travel and have the opportunity to see the world,” Maiquil says, “but how can I afford the flight? I’ve got no chance. It’s almost impossible.”

    For decades, Cuba has been a country whose government would not let its people leave. But in October, it announced a lifting of the despised travel ban to begin in January.

    The new law means that beginning Jan. 14, Cubans will no longer have to apply for a costly exception to the travel ban, known as an exit visa, or show a letter of invitation from a person in the intended destination.

    But the expense of a visa from the destination country, the cost to travel and the fine print in the government announcement will probably keep most Cubans home.

    Cubans make an average of $18 a month, and a passport will cost the average Cuban five months’ salary, says Ray Walser, a senior policy analyst specializing in Latin America at the Heritage Foundation.

    Only those Cubans who receive cash remittances from friends and family abroad will be able to afford it. Then there are the exceptions to the rule.

    The announcement made Oct. 16 in a government newspaper stated that Cubans need only have a renewed passport and a visa from the country of destination to travel. President Raul Castro said the regime will still decide who can renew or obtain passports. The government will protect “human capital” in its decision-making, and travel can be denied for “national security reasons.”

    Those deemed necessary to the Cuba socialist revolution — professionals such as doctors, scientists and engineers — can be prevented from departing. The “national security” clause worries some opposition figures.

    Yoani Sanchez is a prominent Cuban blogger who has been denied an exit visa 19 times

    “We’ve been waiting for this reform for years,” Sanchez said. “There’s more flexibility and a reduction in the bureaucracy and in cost, but it doesn’t give people directly the right to enter and exit this country.”

    “I don’t want to feel defeated,” she said. “I’ll go to the office and try to get a passport. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the illusion that I can leave.”

    The hope for Havana authorities is that Cubans move back and forth and bring in vital foreign currency, some say.

    “We’ll see what happens in January,” said economist Oscar Espinosa Chepe, echoing the view of many in Cuba.


  13. Simba, this is the way I see it.

    1) Before the US government lets me into a state secret, I sign that I’ll never reveal it. But I can travel wherever I want in the world, and most things in the USA aren’t state secrets.

    1) In Cuba, almost everything is a state secret. If I know the number of hurricane victims, I know a state secret. If I know the number of patients killed by doctors at my hospital, I know a state secret. This means I can never leave Cuba. Maybe he just doesn’t like me, even if I know nothing, Castro can still say I know a state secret and punish me by keeping me in Cuba.

    2) In the USA, millions of people receive their university education for free, either because they are low income or because they receive scholarships. Once they get their degrees they are free to travel the world, work at whatever they want, and they don’t have to repay a cent to anybody.

    Millions of other Americans pay for their university through student loans. After they get their degrees they can work at whatever they want in any country they want while they repay their loans.

    Millions of others exchange a few years of service, like in the army, for their education. But they know up front exactly how many years of service.

    2) In Cuba, absolutely nobody receives a free education. Everybody has to repay Castro, but unlike the USA, nobody knows for how much or for how long. For my doctor friends the repayment term is the rest of their lives. For most others it is also the rest of their lives or until Castro decides they can leave Cuba.

    And the joke is that Castro keeps telling them their education is FREE while demanding REPAYMENT.

    Another joke is that Cubans pay over 95% tax, so their education should be free, but it isn’t.

    The biggest joke is those stupid people outside of Cuba who keep applauding Cuba’s free education.

  14. Simba Sez: Yoani brings up a very debatable point in this blog. In general I tend to agree with her apparent point that her brain is her own, and does not belong to the government of Cuba. For the most part I’ve always believed that was the greatest reason to obtain the best education you are capable of as no one can ever take that away from you once you have it. However there are cases where knowledge is considered belonging to a government long before this idea is being declared in Cuba. All governments have what are considered state secrets, and anyone with knowledge of them is sworn to protect them from all others. This means that once you are privy to a state secret you do not have the right to deseminate this information to others. This is a limited form of brain ownership. I fully realize that a governments secrets hardly are what Yoani is talking about, but there are similarities. What say you?

  15. Renuncia el jefe de la CIA, general de 4 estrellas David Petraus por que segun “investigaciones del FBI” mantenia “relaciones extramatrimoniales”.

    Hmmmmm…. Esto huele a pescao podrio !!!!

    Yo hubiera entendido una costosa investigacion del FBI si Petraus fuera sospechoso de espionaje o traicion; pero, por favor señores, venir con esta tonteria no tiene sentido.

    Estoy seguro que si el FBI hace esa investigacion a los 550 Congresistas,a los 30 ministros, y hasta a los 9 viejos del Tribunal Supremo, mas del 80% mantienen “relaciones extramatrimoniales”.

    A otro perro con ese hueso.

  16. Damir;

    Who is holding those guys who want to go back to Cuba?

    Only thing they need is to pay a fare and go back to Cuba. ho ho ho

  17. Damir;

    Why everybody loves de “usanian nazist gulag”?.

    More than one million people comes LEGALLY every year to the usanian nazist gulag.

    And more than other million comes ILLEGALLY, sometimes even risking their lives.

    Nobody is intereste in going to the paradises of Cuba, China, Norcorea.

    people must be becoming stupid. Don’t you think so?

  18. Here’s another example of a Cuban realising what a mistake was to “run away” from Cuba to the usanian nazist gulag:


    Look at the second comment.

    “I look forward to going back to Cuba after having lived here in the States for 12 years now. Some times I would like to go back real soon. Being away from my homeland has come at a very high personal cost and the grass was not that green on this other side of the fence…”

    And there are more similar comments further down below.

    But my favourites are the comments by the usanians themselves, when they realise that Cuba is just

    N O T

    the “hell on earth as they have been lied to by their nazist gualg and their useful id**ts, the traitors and t terrorists such as the team “yoani” and similar losers posting here lies about one very nice, clean and organised country.

  19. Here’s another example of lies by the team “yoani” and their ever-shrinking circle of supporters:

    Copy and paste genius (who wants to take over from the team “yoani”, but is too stingy to open his/her own website – typical behaviour for poor immigrants…):

    “Cuban REPORTER Flores arrested on anti-state charges”

    And this is from supposedly the ail-biter in Cuba, naturally, copied and pasted by the same copy and paste “genius”:

    +Liberan a la ABOGADAYaremis Flores ”

    Now, we already know from various sources that Y. Flores is a lawyer (abogada), but there’s absolutely no verifiable source to confirm that she had changed career and turned into a “journalist”. And the nail-biter traitor confirms that by calling Y. Flores a LAWYER.

    However, the nazist agencies and covert operators, such as some “COMMITTEE TO PROTECT JOURNALISTS”, a “non-profit” cia outpost in new york, declared a lawyer to be a journalist to “prove” how in Cuba “journalists” are endangered species.

    To be a journalist, you have to be employed by an organisation that specialises in creating (literarilly) the news and delivering them to public through pres, TV and/or radio, and be accredited as a member of the press core in the country you are operating in, even in your own country.

    Y. Flores does NOT fulfill any of those conditions.

    So, it is safe to conclude that the team “yoani” and their evr-shrinking circle of useful id**ts helpers are continuing with the lies even though we have already established a large and very long list of lies served here.

    And with each nev day, they serve more of teh same old futile and overused cia-style lies.

    It is now time for the team “yoani” to admit WHY.

    But, they will hide and cower, as always.

    Not enough courage to face the truth.

  20. Damir:

    Just for curiosity: Are you living in the usanian nazist gulag.

    If that is so you are an evident case of MASOQUISM, and I recommend you to see our competent Psiquiatra.

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