Albino Pekingese

perro2One could write a history of Cuba in recent year from its dogs, those animals who populate our streets and homes. And not only from the care or mistreatment they have received, but also from the breeds of dog with whom people have chosen to share their daily lives. I remember some years ago when Dalmatians were in style — sparked by Disney with its 101 puppies — and later there was a predilection for Chow Chows which you practically never see any more. I confess I’m mad for mutts, mongrels, those with no lineage. Perhaps because my own lack of pedigree and lineage make me sympathetic to pets who also fall outside genealogy. Nevertheless, I carefully follow how social classes are also expressed in these four-legged creatures, with their sharp sense of smell and their barks.

Behind the high gates of Miramar’s mansions Rottweilers growl. To have a dog there is a sign of power and excellent economic status. To feed them, take them for walks and train them to shred the thief who scales the wall, make up part of the pastimes of their wealthy owners. They are, for these times, what German Shepherds represented in the eighties, an energetic breed for the sector that wants to show it’s on the rise. Just behind come the Labradors, with owners who have a garden or a pool and who buy them canned food. Dogs that have a stylist and someone to take them for runs in the morning–regulars along Fifth Avenue–and for swims in the sea. Lucky dogs.

But I don’t think that every area of the city, or every social class, corresponds to one or another breed of pet. In the most deteriorated tenement in Centro Habana a gorgeous champagne-colored Cocker Spaniel or a slender menacing Doberman can emerge. Examples abound of enormous Afghan Hounds living in apartments without balconies, and I have even seen Great Danes peeking through the pieces of tin of a makeshift home in a Havana “llega y pon.”* The dogs we choose say a lot about what we want to become, our desire for greatness… or our acceptance of our insignificance. One tiny breed is all the rage on the Island these days, the Pekingese with their flattened noses and short tails. The most valued are the albinos, which sell for three months’ wages: about $50 U.S. for each puppy.

Yesterday I came across one of these “cotton balls” at the entrance to a rooming house in Cayo Hueso. I had to laugh at the contrast of his snow-white fur next to a broken sewer pipe. I left there reflecting on the story that could be told through dogs, of the national progress that can be told contemplating their muzzles and feet. A reality of contrasts that runs from the strong chest of the Boxer in Vedado, to the visible ribcage of the mongrel abandoned on some street.

*Improvised neighborhoods with precarious homes made from scrap materials. [Translator’s note: “Llega y pon” literally means “arrive and put.”]


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  1. Nobody gives a toss what you say, the person who calls himself “Damir” (we know that’s not your real name) because you are a non entity, a barking mad nutjob whose pathetic snarls will be lost in the mist of time.

  2. The National Housing Institute of Cuba dores not have the web site and its’ publications are not available on the iternet. Only fom offcial print.

    How did a usanian citizen come to have a copy of a print where the Institute claims the national housing deficit then?

    S/he invented it, or cited a subjective, unreliable and cia-maintained source with clearly defined far wrong wing views.

    And by doing so s/he has again demonstrated the absence of even a single ganglia.

    Accepting and believing a verified terrorist propaganda mouthpiece, as these delusional brainwashed useful id**ts tend to do, is a perfect confirmation of invalidity of that “information”.

    And credibility of anyone who is dumb enough to believe that propaganda nonsense.

    Sorr, I meant bullshift.

  3. So in the light of the previous statement, you are


    and so is everything you say or write.

    But, we knew that too. Four years of delusional and brainwashed ideological terrorist propaganda is firmly on your otherwise empty curriculum vitae.

    Now the only question to sort out is when will you finally shut the hell up and leave an independent foreign country alone.

    You are criminals and terrorists so that may take some time.

    But it WILL happen.

    No doubt about that.

  4. Oh, look! Capitalist propaganda at its’ worst! The New York Times states, confirms and removes ANY doubt!

    The usanian gulag imposed a crippling embargo/blockade</b? on CUBA!!!!

    This from the article:

    debate over Washington’s 50-year-old trade embargo

    See? You are


    if you claim tha your nazist gulag does “not” have any embargo on CUBA. You are


    if you deny the fact tha the economic blockade is in fact a



    But, we knew that already, didn’t we?

  5. House deficit is estimated in 1.6 million units. 75% of the units in existence are over 40 years old, and 60% of the total is in bad or average condition according to the Cuban National Housing Institute.

    Official estimates indicate that 457,800 homes were damage by five hurricanes in recent years, of which 76,854 were destroyed and 91,472 seriously damaged. The lack of adequate housing is the regime gravest social problem. Without sufficient capital investment to provide adequate housing this has become a nearly insuperable obstacle for the cCastroit regime.

  6. People do live on the streets in Cuba, I saw it with my own eyes. Prostitution is also rampant.

  7. Some more on the life in “paradise” of freedom and “some klind of pragmatic capitlaism”:

    According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, there were 643,067 sheltered and unsheltered homeless persons nationwide as of January 2009. Additionally, about 1.56 million people used an emergency shelter or a transitional housing program during the 12-month period between October 1, 2008 and September 30, 2009. This number suggests that roughly 1 in every 200 persons in the us nazist gulag used the shelter system at some point in that period.

    The numbers are by far superior per capita to Cuban numbers where NOT A SINGLE PERSON LIVES ON THE STREETS. Even if some small number of houses is in a dilapidated state, at least they have the roof over their heads! And the government is renovating the buildings with the scarce funds they have at their disposal.

    The scarcity of funds, and building materials, is thanks to the nazist and terrorist economic blockade of Cuba.



  8. According to a Juventud Rebelde report in April 2008, in the city of La Habana alone, 28,000 people resided in buildings about to collapse.

    La Habana Has almost 2,5 millions of people.


    According to a uly 2012 analysis by CCH, in the city of Chicago alone 105,338 Chicagoans were homeless in the course of the 2011-12 school year. This is 12% more than the 93,780 who were homeless a year earlier.

    And it is getting worse. The annual INCREASE of homeless population is over 6%. CCH estimates that 10,995 youth (ages 14 to 21) made up 10.4% percent of Chicago’ s homeless population in 2011-12. Of this, the Chicago school system counted 3,005 unaccompanied youth living on their own and attending its schools.

    Not a single child in Cuba is homeless and abandoned to the streets. What a hell on earth!!!

    If you are a delusional and brainwashed capitalist, of course.

  9. According to a Juventud Rebelde report in April 2008, in the city of Havana alone, 28,000 people resided in buildings about to collapse. The expansion of slums (cuarterias shanty towns, shelters) in the city has increased 50%, housing as many as 450,000 inhabitants, 20% of the city 2.2 million. It is very common that 3 generations live in a single house. This is the fundamental reason why the people occupy terraces, balconies, porches, sidewalks, and build mezzanines, to gain space. This has created a grave social problem for the regime.

  10. LOL!!! “There cannot be a meaningful discussion with a person who displays severe mental and intellectual disability” You said it Damir!!

  11. There cannot be a meaningful discussion with a person who displays severe mental and intellectual disability. Like someone who can write this and stay alive:

    “The reason some people sleep in the streets in America is because LEFTISTS who hide behind “civil liberties””

    It would appear that the nazist gulag usa is in hands of COMMUNISTS

    And the bill dares to write about a foreign country and criticise its’ system!!!

    Clean up your own house cre**n!!! And leave your neighbours alone.

  12. The photo is not of an ALBINO Pekingese.

    That alone is hilarious. But when one reads the article, one ends up laughing histerically at the stupidity of the team “yoani” and anyone who is capable of agreeing with it, and these cia-financed losers and terrorists.

    Just as a comparison, the albino pekingese puppy would set you back over 1000 euros in Europe, so the 50 CUCs in Cuba to me seem like a bloody good deal…

    But who are the people who buy them anyway? Since the dogs, according to the post above, tell us a lot about the owners, I am guessing anyone who wants to point out they are “white” like their white “gods”, and a superior race.

    The word has it the old and dried out pin-up grany sports two of these.

    Now, now…

    Whatever happened to the taxi drivers who miraculously CAN see under her skirt in the retrovisor, while she is sitting at the back???!!!

    The only way this can happen is if she actually sitse between the front seats and opems her legs wide (much the way she seems to be used to do for her white “gods”, if we are to believe the recent post about the clitoris…).

    In no other circumstances a person sitting at the front seat can see under a woman’s skirt, no matter how flexible a person might be.

    It is all just a product of a poor and very troubled mind. Albino dogs, peeking taxi drivers, an old woman living in a mansion, capitalism as a paradise, these are all just hallucinations of a disturbed mind.

    One look around and the financial cliff is VERY, VERY close to the capitalist “paradise”, usanian nazist gulag.

    And their faithful servants.

  13. @57 so KGB.. I got it wrong ‘again’ then… society is not a scam and most of us don’t get scammed!! Well good for you you mighty winner and builder of corporations of all things good, useful and righteous, don’t behold the losers and the lesser of this world… conquer them and set them right! yeah

    Now in translation my argument meant to say I had lived on less than £25 a day – and I can say that all is relative… it depends on what £25 can buy you… In communism that I know we had some money… but there was almost nothing to buy with it!!… in capitalism now the opposite is true… SAME RESULT or similar for many!.. if I am to chose though I would put the money that I don’t have and owe (as everyone else) on capitalism !!! better to have things to buy and have no money as opposed to have money and nothing to buy including food! However I still miss the cheap rent!! and rent is a killer of many things in Western society!… and no I don’t think one should own a home and spend 25 years paying for it.. that is wrong!! You should pay for a home in 10 years max and the prices should reflect that!

    With regard to Cuba I meant to say they are moving toward being loser twice… once under Castro later under capitalism – the housing bubble seem to hint at that… the Cuban equation will stay the same practically the parameters would change !! However you guys sell a vision where milk and honey would flow under American capitalism in Cuba while I know that ain’t gonna happen even Cuban where as industrious as the Chinese! which they ain’t… Why? well if for nothing else just because the Cuban spirit feel tired… after dictatorship any people should like a holiday and a break but what they will get is the madness of ‘efficiency’ and ‘corporate regimentation’ as if they didn’t have this under Castro enough!

  14. Damir, not sure if you’re as dense as your posts suggest. It is hard to believe, even for a 10 year old.

    Of course many capitalists don’t mind doing business with communists, as long as they make a buck.

    And of course Cuban classifieds don’t reveal the truth.

    You think fathers selling their twelve year girls do it on the internet?

    You think Cuban police pimp their sex slaves on the internet?

    Trust me, your casa particular guy knows you’re a sucker. But as long as you pay him, he’ll be glad to humor you.

  15. Someone, in their usual style of ignoring completely the subject the team “yoani” write about, peddled more of lies about the Cuba. In a post below, the person who has NEVER been to Cuba and La Habana, blatantly lies about the prices of mansions in Havana, citing a usa-based source that states the prices are upwards of a million of worthless usanian dollars.

    One quick look at the classifieds on Cuban sites reveals the truth: there are hardly houses that cost more than 150 000 of those worthless usanian nazist dollars.

    Now, if there are mansions that owners are asking such a price, and I have checked this info with my casa particular owner, they are

    NOT advertising in Cuban classifieds. So how would a usanian source be able to find out that information?

    Through their own contacts, possibly.

    The team “yoani” and their delusional and lying little pioneers never miss an opportunity to remind us that the only elite class in CUBA are the communists!

    So, if the only rich are the communists, that by default means that the usanian publisher of this information has close contacts with the


    on the island.

    Which, further, means that the “capitalists” do not really give a shift about who they do business with, as long as there’s some profit to be made out of the relationship.

    And that we already knew.

    They are just a bunch of stinking hypocrites. And they also have created this page and the team “yoani”.

    WHich in turn confirms what Damir always says:

    the team “yoani” are a bunch of hypocrites.

    But, we knew that too already.

    Cannot wait for more lies and confirmation of their terrorist and criminal intentions.

    In a way, these declarations in their posts are answers on my questions that they are avoiding like a devil avoids the cross in thos esilly horror and vampire movies, made in the nazist gulag usa by the way.

    They do like their blood, violence and gore all around, those dictatorial nazist and fascist criminals usanians.

  16. Once again man who cumes around aka mouse gets it all wrong. It’s true that Cubans are not starving cause they can easily find some starchy old crappy potato or some beans to eat. But as for everything else good luck. Some cubans eat meat maybe once a month. Move to Cuba mouse, try to live on 25 dollars/month

  17. _man comes around_

    Just because you asked and I like you. The reason some people sleep in the streets in America is because LEFTISTS who hide behind “civil liberties” when they want to, tell us the the insane and the drug addicts have the right to sleep in the street and concerned Americans have no right to put a roof over their heads against their will or dry them out against their will.

    So you can thank your leftist buddies for any homelessness that exists here. It’s a weird way to “care” for people who are crying out for help.

    So let’s get back to Cuba, where hard-working sane people who never touch a drop of alcohol have been waiting over 50 years for a home while their roofs fall down and they’re forced on the street through over-crowding.

    It’s called communism.

  18. ..or if you like, you had at one good joke there in my message, if only you could pull it… and the joke was really on me… but then again sleepy suburbs breed sleepy pips.. is there a burp in suburb? it must be the pigs in pips? drum roll.. thank you

  19. Help @46… we don’t all come from the paradise where migrants have to wipe your bots and say thank you provided you cough a 5 dollar bill or similar – cos they don’t get a status (that would be not a good deal for you as nation)… So at least as migrants we don’t have to pretend we are what we are not… it is something we ‘have earned’ as opposed to you which are the fakes, opportunists and the unscrupulous users of this world and think your ideology sells reason freedom and it is less corrupted then the one of some obscure dictator – the smell preceeds you from afar!

    As opposed to you I have done 18 years (cos the first 7 don’t count) of looking for toilet paper (luckily I didn’t have to look for meat – it was my dad’s job to look for that), recycling papers when we couldn’t have school manuals, eating chocolate substitutes which tasted like sawdust at times, not eating an orange for 2 years (in the the 80’s) cos you couldn’t find one, queuing for milk at 4am so that my dog had 1 litre (2pints) of milk cos I couldn’t drink what they called milk, doing ‘voluntary work’ in the fields every autumn as teenager i.e. potato and carrots crop collection… and such lovely endeavours… I have a long list tatooted on my forhead!

    So I had done my share at keeping ‘society’ going and I do it now too, and don’t complain I just argue that every society is a scam and every government regardless of ideology is there to oppress by various means and enrich the few connected … now ‘do your share’ if you are such a ‘big boy’ and so come up with some point of view that you didn’t hear on tv or is not official policy (towards Cuba or other damned place you know nothing about)!!

    MsY is playing the middle-calls caring card!… she should have thanked the guy in the photo that would have meant something to me! instead to hear again orthodox platitudes I know from my family included. My mom even now at 80 knows exactly how many people are starving in Romania right now – she knew that under communists too.. and she like then is very concerned about them now apparently the number has increased in her opinion! … that’s socialist orthodoxy ‘com middle-class hypocrisy in your society – just like MsY’s … that pushed my button! If MsY is not rich not just connected by Cuban standards I would eat my hat out you can bet on that!

    As you guys put it clearly and stated clearly – a barefoot person should earn his shoes!! and we can see that is the case in capitalism more than in socialism… so stop ‘caring’ cos you really ain’t! And if you really want to ‘tackle’ the subject maybe you can explain to me how in rich societies people still sleep in the street?? is there no room to accommodate those people??? is it fair to us as humans who work pay taxes to see people sleeping in the street evicted in the street?? Oh yeah I know I am going to get the ‘official version’…

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