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The Booth of Civic Libraries and Racial Integration

Lately my days are like weeks concentrated into twenty-four hours. I have Wednesdays that come one after another, Saturdays full of work and Mondays on which nothing seems to start, it all just continues. Sometimes I combine the most incredible events in a single day: sublime or mundane; extraordinary or tedious. But there is, every now and then, a date into which it seems I’d like to drain the entire calendar. December 10th was one of those days and I’d have liked to have on hand “The Devil in the Bottle” — as imagined by Robert Louis Stevenson — to ask him to delay nightfall by at least 72 hours.

This year has been no exception. From the night before, we began to notice “the syndrome of the eve of Human Rights Day.” Everyone notices it, even those who refuse to acknowledge these situations. We can observe an increase in the number of police in the most central parts of the city, and an increased tension in the security forces. For a while now here, the official institutions also try to appropriate a date that, for decades, has belonged to the critical sector of this society. We see television announcers smilingly presenting activities throughout the country that are honoring “rights…” and see their mouths dry up, their tongues falter, simply trying to come out with the words “cultural and social.” For too long the phrase “human rights” has been stigmatized, such that it provokes, at the very least, a blush among those in government spaces who now try to repeat it.

They carry out arrests and threats throughout the country on this day, but we always manage to do something. This year I participated in the opening day of the Endless Poetry Festival. This alternative fiesta in Cuba resurfaced yesterday with a fair of diverse projects. A hundred people gathered at the site of Estado de SATS and erected various exhibition spaces that ranged from music making to activism for racial integration. It was possible to visit the work of the Civic Libraries, the brand new “Journal of Plural Thinking” from the city of Santa Clara, and the young DJs of “18A16 Productions.” There was also our booth under the name “Technology and Freedom,” offering a sample of the work of the bloggers, independent journalists and Twitterers.

An island within the Island, this space was a foretaste of that day when respect for plurality will exist in our country. Laughter, projects, united in diversity and great friendship, formed the magic of the first day of the Endless Poetry Festival. When I got home it seemed I had lived a whole week in the space of one day and — for once — had not needed a bottled demon from a story to do it. With the energy of so many people we had managed to fit into every minute the colossal density of the future.

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  1. Someday people would open their eyes and are going to see you for what you really are. Descara’ opportunists and narcissist with no morals ; making a living off your country and your own people’s suffering.

  2. Here, the domestic traitor and a liar pin=up granny nail-biter herself states that the police is constantly in front of her house.

    Yet she gets to travel around Cuba, organise and/or participate in “alternative fairs”, claims that she is “protected” by the presence of, of all persons, other wannabe dissidents!

    As if these would be of any use if the police really wanted to arrest her.

    And listen to the name of the radio station in miami: Radio Marti!

    The Marti, who said about the usa that it is a monster and that all Latin Americans should know that!!!

    Idi&&s those “dissidents.

    And ugly as hell…

  3. More people asking the same questions as I do.

    Questions keep coming, the answers no.

    What exactly are you hiding the team “yoani”?

    Better, what are you deluding yourselves you are hiding, yet we the world


    since long ago:

    you are a double agent, who harbours secret desire to be a Castro after Castros.

    A liar and a hypocrite who is paid by cia, among others. An uncle a general of the revolution, who never gave it up. An aunt Security Agent, who never gave up the revolution either.

    Who are you really “yoani sanchez”, wannabe Castro after Castros?

  4. You have to give it to him. He’s eloqunt and he KNOWS what he is talking about. I liked especially the part where he talks about the family of the pin=up granny traitor and wannabe Castro after Castros!

    An uncle a general from revolution, an aunt working in State Security!!! The family of this “yoani sanchez” traitor and double agent, according to the Cuban dissidents in Europe!!!

    One cannot but laugh at the transparent duplicity of this liar and a clown “yoani”!!!

    I also really enjoyed his observation on this “fair”. The “organisers” invited the Cuban dissidents to come to Cuba and participate in the fair!

  5. DAMIR: CUBA is A POLICE STATE.. NO jodas.

    Cubans fighting today 2012 for their CIVIL RIGHTS.

  6. What this small group of delusional religious fanatics are missing from this post by the traitors and terrorists, the team “yoani” and their nail-bitting pin-up ranny, is that there seems to be a lot more freedom, tolerance an democracy in Cuba than what they keep regurgitating day in-day out.

    Not only there have been

    NO arrests in Cuba in recent years, not months, for political reasons, the alternative opinion is loud and free to be heard.

    This post confirms just that.

    This obvious contradiction confirms that everything the losers complain about is simply a


    And they are


    Nothing new under the sun. Pity these few delusional losers were not the ones to get slain the other day, instead of those innocent little children.

    Such is “some kind of pragmatic capitalism”, sadly: only the innnocent get punished.

  7. Liars and nazist bum-lickers are again at it, spreading the bullshift about the blockade and the embargo being “non-existent”.

    If it doesn’t exist, why is it inbuilt in the nazist usa laws?

    It even has its’ own name

    Helms-Burton Act

    It is real and it is here to stay, until the people of the nazist gulag usa take the arms in their own hands and get rid of their nazist dictatorship.

    Only a mo*on that writes here under a number of different nicks can be so delusional to keep repeating this stupidity when even the team “yoan” and their pin-up granny nail-biter have acknowledged it!!!

    There’s no embargo and blockade on Cuba by the nazist gulag usa, Fidel dies every week at least twice, so help me Marx I swear I heard it from the famous Neapolitan doctor who lives in Venezuela…



    USA TODAY: Fidel Castro nominated for Cuban parliament seat – By Peter Orsi

    HAVANA (AP) — Retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro has been nominated for a seat in the country’s parliament, authorities said Sunday.

    The afternoon TV news announced “the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz heads the list of 25 candidates to the Cuban parliament from the municipality of Santiago de Cuba, approved by the delegates of this state body.”

    Castro was also named as a delegate in 2008, when he officially retired as president. It’s unclear whether he has played an active role in legislative duties in the years since.

    The current session of parliament held its last gathering last week and is due to reconvene with new membership in February following elections. It’s expected to rename to the presidency Castro’s younger brother Raul, who was also nominated as a representative of the municipality of Segundo Frente.

    Fidel Castro, 86, stepped down as president temporarily in 2006 due to a near-fatal illness and left the presidency for good two years later. Raul has been in charge since then.

    Today the elder Castro spends most of his time out of the public eye and has ceased penning his once-regular essays known as “Reflections.”

    In October, Castro mocked those who are anxious to see him depart this world after speculation that his health was dire once again made the rounds on the rumor mill.

    In an essay ironically titled Fidel is Dying, he explained that he decided to stop publishing the opinion pieces not due to poor health, but because the space that Cuban state media devoted to his words was needed for other purposes.

    This weekend he once again ended weeks of public silence in a letter that Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro read to a ceremony marking the eighth anniversary of the ALBA block of Latin American nations.

    In it Castro praised his friend and ally President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who is recovering from cancer surgery in Cuba, and recalled the two men’s first encounter 18 years ago.

    “The name of Hugo Chavez is admired and respected throughout the world,” Castro wrote in the letter, which was dated Saturday. “Everyone and even many of his adversaries wish his quick recovery.”

    “The doctors are fighting with optimism for that objective,” Castro concluded.

    Also Saturday, a high-ranking Venezuelan official said Castro has been paying daily visits to Chavez since last Tuesday’s operation.

    “He always stops by to personally find out about El Comandante’s health condition and also to share his knowledge with all of us, and to give the family courage and encouragement,” said Science and Technology Minister Jorge Arreaza, who is also Chavez’s son-in-law. He spoke to Venezuelan television by phone from Havana.


    WASHINGTON POST: Fidel Castro has been visiting Hugo Chavez every day after cancer surgery, official says

    CARACAS, Venezuela — A Venezuelan government official says President Hugo Chavez has been receiving daily visits from former Cuban leader Fidel Castro while recovering from cancer surgery in Cuba.

    Science and Technology Minister Jorge Arreaza said on Venezuelan television in a phone call from Havana that Castro has seen Chavez every day since Tuesday’s surgery.

    Throughout his presidency, Chavez has had a close friendship with Castro, describing him as being like a father and mentor.

    Arreaza says Chavez has been making “favorable” improvements since the surgery. He calls it a “process of stabilization.”

    Arreaza is Chavez’s son-in-law and he says the president has also been with his children since the operation.

    Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

  10. MIAMI HERALD: Cuba’s fatal conceit on economic reforms – BY JOSE AZEL

    In late 2010, the Cuban government first detailed its plan to revitalize the moribund Cuban economy. Two key components of this plan were the massive firing of over one million state employees (in a workforce of five million) and to allow some private sector self-employment to absorb the newly unemployed.

    The enlightened nomenclature decreed that the firings were to take place in short order and the newly permitted activities would be limited to a bizarre amalgamation of precisely 178 occupations from baby sitting to washing clothes to shoe shinning, to repairing umbrellas.

    Not surprisingly, two years later, the process is mired in a web of internal debates and emerging rules and regulations. The failure in implementing economic reforms is rooted in the pathology of thought of the Country’s ruling elite. It is this pathology of thought that economist and political philosopher Friedrich A. Hayek described in his influential work The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism. As Hayek explained, central plans fail with unforeseen and unintended consequences because all variables are not known or even knowable to the central planners.

    The dismissal of the state employees has been essentially halted and is now supposed to take place over a period of five years. Kafkaesque efficiency committees will determine the “ideal” number of employees for each function and then other committees will decide who is to be dismissed.

    In allowing some entrepreneurship, the Cuban government sought to create new employment for the fired government employees. Things, however, are not going as planned by the mandarins. For example, 73 percent of the 69,000 women now self-employed were not previously in the government’s payroll. Additionally, many of the cuentapropistas are engaged in subsistence self-employment which does not generate significant additional employment.

    Another unfortunate consequence of Cuba’s central planning arrogance is an exacerbation of racial tensions. Reflecting the racial composition of the Cuban Diaspora, the vast majority of Cubans receiving remittances from abroad and able to become self-employed are white. Access to dollars is essential for self-employment. Paradoxically, the new entrepreneurs must sell their goods and services in the national currency, but must purchase supplies from government stores in Cubas’s convertible currency. Afro-Cubans, without access to remittances from family members abroad, are left behind as income inequality increases.

    It is quite a conceit to believe, as central planners do, that one individual, or one ministry, or one central committee can gather and understand all available information to design an efficient economic system.


  11. The “embargo” has been used as a scapegoat, an excuse, and a bargaining tool forever by the Castro dictatorship. The majority of Cuba’s medicine and much of their food comes from the United States. Cuba also trades with most of the rest of the world, so, get off it. It’s the Castro dictatorship, and not the “embargo” that are keeping the Cuban people in poverty.

    Socialism, equal opportunity poverty for all.

  12. I heard there’s an embargo Humberto.

    Someone should tell all these European, South American, Arab, Russian and Chinese oil companies doing business in Cuba that there’s an embargo.

    I don’t think they ever heard about it.


    REUTERS: Oil Rig Arrives off Cuba for New Exploration

    Cuban authorities say a Norwegian-owned platform has arrived in waters off the island’s north-central coast for exploratory drilling by Russian oil company Zarubezhneft.

    State-run Cubapetroleo says the Songa Mercur rig has been inspected and is capable of drilling as safely as possible and with minimum environmental risk. The well project is given as 21,300 feet (6,500 meters) deep and is expected to take six months.

    The block in question is considered less promising than waters to the west where a super-deep-water platform drilled three dud wells earlier this year.

    The Songa Mercur is owned by Songa Offshore of Norway.

    Cubapetroleo’s announcement was published Saturday by Communist Party daily Granma.

  14. I have a lot of energy left for shopping? What are you talking about? I’m not shopping today. Making an ass of yourself again. You just can’t help it.

    Thanks for caring, Mouse, I am having fun with my family today, but there is absolutely no consumerism involved. We are gardening and baking, something that we really enjoy. I hope that growing food and baking cookies is not too “consumerist” for you.

    It’s pretty much universal consensus among all who know me that I have a small one, but, if for some reason you need to fantasize that it is big, go right ahead. That’s very strange indeed.

    I don’t feel the need to be superior to anyone else. I feel that all human beings should be equal.


  16. Good luck having fun with you and your FAMILY self in the toilet suppose thats where most of your happy days are spent.. Talking to your bigAss and gettin the reply you deserve..! SOrry got it wrong it is not white supremacism… it is American supremacism.. that your clique puts on display here with the ignorance of their past deeds and in numbers – probably you are still sorry for Cuba not being in your pocket….then if I call you American supremacist that would include people I know there which I like so I cannot get it right… will thake my chance with white supremacist bull that you sell here and are…

    For someone who should be mourning… you have a lot of energy left for shopping… suppose nothing can dampen your consumer drive ! and I bet it is just you who thinks your assISsmall and beautiful… now tell it how much you love him!

  17. Actually, my ass is quite small. When you can mind your own business, I’ll do the same. But it’s like catnip for you, you can’t.

    You’ve been, once again, proven to be a fool. Clearly, Europe, where you are from, foments more mass murderers than the US.

    “White supremacism beacons?” LOL, how do you know what color any of the posters are? You don’t. You try to create problems, that don’t exist, out of thin air.

    Today, I am spending time with my beautiful family. You, little mouse, are bitter and vulgar.

  18. Well from where I sit you haave proved once again you are the ‘defective’ ones…. You constantly excuse your crimes with blaming the others for being worse…. Just one turth as seen here time and again… White supremacism beacons..good luck….

    No one’s asked you to play anonimo .. I asked you to mind your own business … Which you cant … Good luck having fun with you and yourself in the toilet suppose thats where most of your happy days are spent.. Talking to your bigAss and gettin the reply you deserve..

  19. I’d love to stay and play and prove your stupidity all day long Mousy boy, but I have an amazing day planned. Have a good one.

  20. Europe Has More Mass Murders Than America

    Zug, Switzerland, Sept. 27, 2001: A man whose lawsuits had been denied murdered 14 members of a cantonal parliament.
    Tours, France, Oct. 29, 2001: Four people were killed and ten wounded when a French railway worker started shooting at a busy intersection.
    Nanterre, France, March 27, 2002: A man killed eight city-council members after a council meeting.
    Erfurt, Germany, April 26, 2002: A former student killed 18 at a secondary school.
    Freising, Germany, Feb. 19, 2002: Three people killed and one wounded.
    Turin, Italy, Oct. 15, 2002: Seven people killed on a hillside overlooking the city.
    Madrid, Spain, Oct. 1, 2006: A man killed two employees and wounded another at a company that had fired him.
    Emsdetten, Germany, Nov. 20, 2006: A former student murdered eleven people at a high school.
    Tuusula, Finland, Nov. 7, 2007: Seven students and the principal killed at a high school.
    Naples, Italy, Sept. 18, 2008: Seven dead and two seriously wounded in a public meeting hall. (This incident is not included in the totals given below because it may have involved the Mafia.)
    Kauhajoki, Finland, Sept. 23, 2008: Ten people shot to death at a college.
    Winnenden, Germany, March 11, 2009: A 17-year-old former student killed 15 people, including nine students and three teachers.
    Lyon, France, March 19, 2009: Ten people injured when a man opened fire on a nursery school.
    Athens, Greece, April 10, 2009: Three people killed and two injured by a student at a vocational college.
    Rotterdam, Netherlands, April 11, 2009: Three people killed and one injured at a crowded café.
    Vienna, Austria, May 24, 2009: One dead and 15 wounded in an attack on a Sikh temple.
    Espoo, Finland, Dec. 31, 2009: Four people shot to death at a mall.
    Cumbria, England, June 2, 2010: Twelve killed by a British taxi driver.

  21. _man comes around_ you’ve got a problem

    These massacres happen every day in the middle east and elsewhere, but since the psychopaths there wave an anti-American flag, all you guys do is celebrate and blame America.

    You know how many children your psychos have killed Afghanistan and Iraq? Sorry, you call them “militants” and “freedom fighters”

    There were also serial killers in your Soviet world, just your press kept you blind.

    Stop playing video games and learn to think.

  22. Mass Murderer Smirks at 21-Year Prison Sentence

    The man who killed 77 people — many of them teenagers — in a bombing and shooting rampage in Norway last July appeared unable to conceal his happiness after he was declared sane and sentenced to 21 years in prison today.

    Anders Breivik, a rightwing extremist who admitted to carrying out the massacre in an effort to battle “multiculturalism” in Europe, had previously said that being declared insane — as prosecutors requested — would have been the “ultimate humiliation.” The 21-year sentence is the maximum under Norwegian law but can be extended later if Breivik is still deemed to be a threat to society.

    Courtroom cameras showed that as Breivik stood and heard the ruling against him, his lips curled into a tight smile.

    Last July Breivik detonated a bomb in the country’s capital, killing eight people, before taking multiple weapons, including an assault rifle, to a nearby youth summer camp where he gunned down 69 more.

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