What Will Be?


Early Monday morning, the line outside the Department of Immigration and Aliens (DIE) in Plaza

El Sexto has said he will paint a graffiti on my suitcase; a neighbor gave me an amulet for the journey, and a certain friend noted his shoe size so I can bring him a pair. They said goodbye to me although I still haven’t left. I don’t even have a flight date. But something has changed for me since January 14 when the Migratory Reform announced last October went into effect. After waiting 24 hours outside the Department of Immigration and Aliens (DIE) I knew that finally they would issue me a new passport. With twenty “white cards” – the former exit permit – denied in five years, I confess I was more skeptical than hopeful. Even now, I will only believe I made it when I watch the plane lift off from inside.

It has been a long battle fought by many. A very long road of demanding that entering and leaving our country is an inalienable right, not a gift to be given. Although the flexibilizations in Decree-Law 302 are insufficient, not even these would have been achieved if we’d stood around with our arms crossed. They are not the fruit of a magnanimous gesture, but the result of systematic denunciations made against the absurdities of travel and immigration.

Hence my intention to continue “pushing the limits” of reform, to experience first hand how far the willingness to change really goes. To transcend national frontiers I will make no concessions. If the Yoani Sánchez that I am cannot travel, I am not going to metamorphose myself into someone else to do it. Nor, once abroad, will I disguise my opinions so they will let me “leave again” or to please certain ears, nor will I take refuge in silence about that for which they can refuse to let me return. I will say what I think of my country and of the absence of freedoms we Cubans suffer. No passport will function as a gag for me, no trip as bait.

These particulars clarified, I am preparing the itinerary for my stay outside of Cuba. I hope to be able to participate in numerous events that will help me grow professionally and civically, to answer questions, to clarify details of the smear campaigns that have been launched against me… and in my absence. I will visit those places that once invited me, when the will of a few wouldn’t let me come; I will navigate the Internet like one obsessed, and once again climb mountains I haven’t seen for nearly ten years. But what I am most passionate about is that I am going to meet many of you, my readers. I have the first symptoms of this anxiety; the butterflies in my stomach provoked by the proximity of the unknown, and the waking up in the middle of the night asking myself, what will you look like, sound like? And me? Will I be as you imagine me?


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  2. Espero que vendras en Montreal, Yoani. Lo espero con todo mi corazon. Te leo desde ano 2008 y estuve en la Havana 28 veces.

    Con todo mi admiracion para siempre!

  3. So, the team “yoani”? What will indeed be? You start answering the questions or keep confirming my assertion that you are but a herd of warmongering criminal and ideologically brainwashed losers?

    Should I even ask? I’m sure that the genitalius (spelling inended, to inflame the “anonimous” “friendly translator” who is unsuccessfully trying to increase the “international” traffic with her multiple nicks posting.

    Alexa.com states that 90% of all visits

    ARE from usa.

    Who are you to claim otherwise?

    Apart from being liars and losers, of course.

  4. I am very happy for you Yoani, if you travel to NY area for some public event, let us know.

  5. Dumbir naturally assumes that every poster is from the United States. What a dummy.

    My favorite Dumbir mistake is when he, derogatorily, calls someone a genius, and misspells the word genius.


  6. And before the cre**s start barking on “my” typo errors, think carefully, for these are yours, brainless cia apparatchiks.

    regOrgitated, instead of regUrgitated,

    profitaBBle instead of profitaBle

    amanuensE instead of amanuensIS

    Illiterate usanian nazists. I am at least a foreigner for whom english is the third language I speak, so it is to be expected that I make some typos. What is your excuse?

    Oh, I know! usanian educational system!!!

    You should have gone to Cuba for some quality education instead.

    Ah, but you are forbidden to go to Cuba! By your own nazist dictatorship!!!

    Ain’t the life a bitch when you are an usanian? Everyone hates you, everyone is out to get you and, to make it worse, you are illiterate ignorants.

  7. The team yoani, my friends… Stop inflict upon us your regorgitated propaganda freely copied from ciaand other state controled organs of “desinformation” published by the profitabble state capitalist firm usa nazist gulag.

    Use your loaf and write something original…

    the team “yoani’s” own domestic traitor and a criminal, a well paid amanuense working like you for the nazist gulag usa and cia, and yourself are boring jokes, sad “comrades” uncapable to defend a 50 years old nazist usanian dictatorial regime without insulting those who oppose it.

  8. Damir my boy… Stop inflict upon us your regorgitated propaganda freely copied from Granma and other state controled organs of “desinformation” published by the profitabble state capitalist firm Castro & Co.

    Use your loaf and write something original…

    Dr. Salim Limrani, a well paid amanuense working like you for the Castro Dynasty and yourself are boring jokes, sad “comrades” uncapable to defend a 50 years old dictatorial regime without insulting those who oppose it.

  9. Is that all, team “yoani”? A few toothless geriatric patients from the sewerages of miami? A few senseless coments that don’t make sense even to that 1 and a half person who wrote them (hi, “friendly” translator! oh, by the way, you are NOT a translator no matter how much you claim it..!!!)?

    Ok, let me point at another set of lies of yours, from here:


    “In Cuba, a URL address is an exclusive privilege of state institutions. Not even accepted alternative projects have access to such favors.”

    Let us forget that the translator is a GUY, who is obviously a cia agent from the nazist gulag usa (“favor”… Only nazists from the gulag usa write like that. In proper English, the word is “favoUr”)

    It is enough to look at many Cuban REAL blogs, by the people who are pro-Cuba to see that that is not the truth. A quick search on the internet will yield hundreds of pages I am talking about.

    The fact is, as I had pointed out many a time, that the situation in Cuba, courtesy of the team “yoani’s” cia nazist handlers, internet is hard to come by. Add to that an impoverished country that was subject to nazist blockade and embargo for over 5 decades and it is rather easy to see how and why Cuba simply cannot build an internet infrastructure:

    usa nazist gulag had prevented it! By blackmailing and threatening other countries with economic sanctions against them, the nazist gulag usa had discouraged other countries to on-sell the products with 10% or more percent of usa content. And so Cuba was left out of the internet development. Another consequence is that what little Cuba has, Cuba MUST PAY THROUGH THE ROOF those few friends in 1990’s sold to Cuba satellital access to internet.

    But, that is slow and exorbitantly expensive. A country that is squeezed under the boot of the nazist gulag usa, impoverished and with few own natural resources to count on, Cuba just couldn’t develop its’ own access to internet.

    But, these fact do not stop domestic traitor and jinetera (someone who sells her soul and body to whoever has a fistful of pesos for exchange) to lie and present the situation as if it is Cuba’s intentional dictatorial decision to cut off its’ people from internet!

    No! On the contrary! Playing into the hand of their cia nazist handlers, they are extending their voice to “j’acusse” Cuba as if Cuban government is the real culprit!!!

    You then have idi**s, like the poster of the post 69, who deranged that they are, every now and then recognise the truth and then shamelessly try to twist it around into support for their lies and false arguments.

    They conveniently are dropping out the simple fact that Cuba does not have the infrastructure for more than the dial-up let alone the digital internet!!! For the reasons outlined above, Cuba didn’t NOT have the access to the latest technology until recently, and now that it does, it is still so severely impoverished that it will take decades before the money for upgrade in Cuba will become available.

    As I have written many a time, the changes are happening in Cuba, but when the most of country’s foreign income comes from tourism, it is clear even to blind monkey that the technology will take some time to install.

    There are already broadband areas in La Habana. The government must prioritise so it is perfectly normal that first are the governmental institutuions, then educational and medical, and then, the last, will be individual clients.

    There’s simply not enough money for installation of broadband in one day. Italy had its infrastructure built in a period of over 12 years, what are the chances that Cuba can build it in a day or two, as this liar and domestic traitors club demands now???!!!

    It is simply impossible.

    And yet, the criminals are demanding it NOW and are making this a “freedom of speech” and a “democracy”issue.

    If you fall for their delusional ideological hysteria, you are just as delusionally hysterical as they are.

    I have confidence in majority of people around the world who are capable of sifting through the garbage and the shift of this imperialist propaganda and can see thorugh it.

    The problems are multiple and are growing, there’s no denying of that. But the source of 99% of all those problems is not in Cuba.

    It is in the nazist gulag usa and their unsanctioned state terrorism. Their relentless imperialist policy of destruction that they are trying to execute ove an independent country that poses ABSOLUTELY NO THREAT to the big nazist gualg usa.

    So why are these cret**s doing it then?

    Simply for being so mentally incapacitated that they cannot have a country that thinks and lives differently. And has its’ own idea of where and how they want to go into the future. Being on top of that a socialist country that has endured horrible 50 years of opression and is still standing, only makes the nazist gulag dictatorship more irritated for failing to destroy them.

    Especially today when the very imperialism (“some kind of pragmatic capitalism” as the team “yoani” called in the interview to Dr. Salim Limrani, some years ago) is disintgrating and falling into the abyss of delusions of its’ own making.

    Delusions about the true nature and efficiency of that capitalism, which we now know were nothing but lies and ideological brainwas, for capitalism is no more.

  10. Damir,

    I will not answer your insane questions, there is not point..It would only encourage you !!!

    But I will ask you instead this important question:

    How do you know so much about other peoples business in Cuba and how they got their cars and where overseas some immigrants have worked ? ?

    Are you by any chance a CHIVATO working for the Communist Government ??? That would explain your insane verborea of personal insults against Yoani Sanchez.


  12. I call upon all open-minded people who have stumbled upon this cia-financed site of lies and hysterical anti-Cuban propaganda to pay attention to the photo above. What is so out of place?

    Look carefully and remember how many times these liars had said how in Cuba you only have old ladas and usanian cars from 1930 and 1940’s.

    So what is that car in the centre of the photo then doing there?

    I can confirm that it is not a car of governmental staff. They do not park in front of the building. And they do not drive such big and expensive cars, despite the lying scum (hi the team “yoani”) that are telling you otherwise.

    The car belongs to one of the Cubans in the line. And far from being an isolated incident, there are MANY Cubans driving nice and modern cars. My casa particular owner drives Hyundai i45, and as those who read my articles know, the family that owns my favourite casa particular are by no means lovers of Castros and are not working in government.
    There’s a restaurant on Linea, owned by a Cuban who had returned from Spain after 20 years of slaving there. He now trives as a restauranteur in La Habana. And his son is driving Merc SLK. They too are not a family of Castro lovers, but they are not AGAINST the system either. It helped them become rich in the last five years beyond their wildest dreams and all through honest and hard work. No political bum-licking, no bribery.

    They could never have earned the standard they have in Cuba, back in Spain.

    Funilly enough, neither could have the pin-up dry apricot granny nail-biter. If it weren’t for Cuba, the traitor and a jinetera would have never been able to live in the luxury she lives in today.

    And, stupid jinetera thatg she is, she wants to destroy the system that made her rich!!!

    What a cr**n one has to be to do that, right?

    I wonder only, since the team “yoani” talk as if they only have the best interests of Cubans in mind, how come they have NEVER helped a single Cuban???

    And how come, the jinetera charges 5 CUCs for her “computer” classes to those unfortunate and impoverished “dear fellows countryment”, ripping them off and lying to them about the true content of the “classes”???!!!!???!!!

    Dare to answer, liars and domestic traitors?

    Of course not. The truth is never convenient, is it? In fact it is real pain in the ar&e.

    That is why you are twisting it and are polluting internet with your hysterical and vitriolic lies.

  13. Still no answers from the team “yoani”. Too busy “tweeting” and bullshifting over the mobile, I’d imagine.

    And, as we all know, “social media” leaves no time for truth. Reality.

    I liked the last sentence of the above ridiculous post:

    “Will I be as you imagine me?”

    Not to worry. You ARE already well established as a liar and a traitor of your own country. A jinetera who sells her country for a fistful of dollars. You are one of the three amigos from the “The good, the bad and the ugly.”

    Of those three, you are the last one.


    I.T. WORLD: Cuba turns on submarine internet cable, but just for one-way traffic – Internet traffic appears to only be flowing to, not from, the country via the cable, according to internet routing analyst Renesys – By Jeremy Kirk

    January 20, 2013, 8:59 PM — A change in Internet traffic patterns over the past week suggests that Cuba may have turned on a fiber-optic submarine cable that links it to the global Internet via Venezuela, according to Internet routing analysis company Renesys.
    Renesys noticed that the Spanish telecommunications company Telefónica began routing Internet traffic to Cuba’s state telecommunications company, Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A. (ETECSA), wrote Doug Madory, senior research engineer.

    The Internet traffic is flowing with significantly lower latencies than before, indicating the connection is not solely using the three satellite providers that Cuba has relied on in the past for connectivity, Madory wrote.

    Cuba and Venezuela began building a submarine cable in 2007 called the “Alternativa Bolivariana para los Pueblos de nuestra América” or ALBA-1 for short. Jamaica is also connected to ALBA-1.

    Due to delays, construction was not completed until 2011, and even then, Cuba continued to use the satellite internet providers despite announcing the cable had been completed, Madory wrote.

    Renesys, which analyzes Internet routing data to improve network performance for its clients, saw Telefónica delivering data to Cuba in its routing data last week. But the data appears to be flowing only into Cuba and not out of the country, Madory wrote.

    The latency times are still relatively high, but the fact that latency to Cuba from other parts of the world has dropped to below 480ms suggests that more than just the satellite connections are being used, Madory wrote. Satellite connections are typically slower than wired connections.

    “While the activation of the ALBA-1 cable may be a good first step to providing ETECSA a better link to the Internet, the lack of widespread public access to Internet service throughout the island will likely continue,” Madory wrote.



  15. Help,

    Point well taken. Reminds of the lyrics of a Beatles song about the only Word that matters. Let’s do this, please.

    Say the word and you’ll be free
    Say the word and be like me
    Say the word I’m thinking of
    Have you heard the word is love?
    It’s so fine, It’s sunshine
    It’s the word, love
    In the beginning I misunderstood
    But now I’ve got it, the word is good

    Spread the word and you’ll be free
    Spread the word and be like me
    Spread the word I’m thinking of
    Have you heard the word is love?
    It’s so fine, It’s sunshine
    It’s the word, love
    Everywhere I go I hear it said
    In the good and the bad books that I have read

    Say the word and you’ll be free
    Say the word and be like me
    Say the word I’m thinking of
    Have you heard the word is love?
    It’s so fine, It’s sunshine
    It’s the word, love
    Now that I know what I feel must be right
    I’m here to show everybody the light

    Give the word a chance to say
    That the word is just the way
    It’s the word I’m thinking of
    And the only word is love
    It’s so fine, It’s sunshine
    It’s the word, love

  16. Hank, the word is hope rather than expect. And we hope sooner rather than later.

    Still, things might be loosening up a bit. Hope the dissidents can leave and re-enter at will.

    And stop going to jail and getting assaulted of course.

    Agree about high-speed train, a great idea. We need to get back some of that spirit that got us to the moon.

  17. Help,

    The free and open travel myth out of Cuba is a lie, of course. Did you expect anything less? Raul and Fidel Castro are killers. In other words, the two of them are murderers. They know it and will not do anything to diminish their power.

  18. What a great weekend! I have a celebratory lechón cocinando al fuego lento with a delicious Cuban mojo. We marinated it overnight in lime juice, comino, ajo, oregano, sal, y pimienta.

    Thank goodness President Obama was re-elected! With that lechón, we’ve got Cuban black beans and rice! Here’s to the next four years!

    This country is terribly divided. Let’s unite and come together to get things done. For example, wouldn’t it be great if we could build a high speed rail system in the United States? That would join us and connect us. We can do it!

  19. Bad news is trickling in from Cuba.

    The difference between propaganda and reality.

    It’s hard to discuss details by email, but everybody is saying they can’t leave.

    A doctor friend was warned not to apply for a passport or even mention travel outside of Cuba, as this could affect his job.

    We hope to get other unemployed and non-skilled Cubans some passports and invite them to visit.

    We hope Castro won’t consider them “engaged in productive work” and “critical to the Cuban economy” or who knows what other catch 22 he’ll use to keep his hostage policy going.

    They can only send emails every few weeks, but if they have hopes of leaving we should hear from them pretty soon.

  20. I pray , for Cuba to have more people thinking like Yoani, pray for Cubanians to be aloved live in free country, and not be abused by pro Castro provokaters, not be closed to jail becouse they are clever freedom loving persons, pray for Cubanians to live in wealth instead of powerty caused by Castros politics, pray for Cubanians to understand :who talking against Castro´s politics isn´t talking against Cuba,
    who talking about freedom isn´t talking against Cuba,
    who talking about prosperity isn´t talking against Cuba….

  21. Yoa, hope that you come around to the Washington dc area, let us know your schedule.

    Yoa, espero que vengas al área de Washington dc, déjanos saber tu itinerario.

  22. The pro castroist posters here support a dictatorship run by murderers and assassins. I’m looking forward to the day when we can see a movie called Oscuro Zero Combinado.

    And Damir, I’m really getting tired of you constantly blowing my CIA cover, again and again. Get over it, Okay?

  23. EL UNIVERSAL: Panama disavows OAS ambassador’s statements on Venezuela

    According to an official communiqué, Guillermo Cochez’s opinion is “far from the stance of the national government (of Panama.)” The document explained that Panama “categorically rejects the unconsulted statements (by Cochez).” The ambassadors of Panama and Venezuela clashed on Wednesday at the Organization of American States
    Panama’s Foreign Minister Rómulo Roux on Wednesday disavowed the actions of his country’s ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Guillermo Cochez, who questioned the fact that the body has kept quiet via-à-vis a possible violation of the Constitution in Venezuela.

    “Statement by Amb (Ambassador, William) Cochez in OAS today (Wednesday) was not authorized,” Roux wrote in his Twitter account. The Panamanian Foreign Ministry confirmed this message to AFP.

    Subsequently, the Foreign Ministry issued a statement rejecting Cochez’s stance.

    “The Government of Panama rejects categorically the unconsulted statements provided by the Ambassador of Panama to the OAS Guillermo Cochez,” the Foreign Ministry said.

    According to official communiqué, Guillermo Cochez’s opinion is “far from the stance of the national government (of Panama.)”

    In the document, Panama reaffirmed that “it will continue its position of respect for domestic political processes.” In connection with Venezuela, “we wish President Hugo Chávez a quick recovery.”

    Cochez and Venezuelan Ambassador to OAS, Roy Chaderton, clashed on Wednesday at the OAS on the political situation in Venezuela, as President Chávez, who is recovering from a cancer operation in Cuba, could not be sworn in on January 10 for his new presidential term.

    Cochez criticized the OAS Secretary General, José Miguel Insulza, for having endorsed the Venezuelan Supreme Tribunal of Justice’s decision to delay the inauguration, which in his view is equivalent to “validate a series of events without any legal or ethical grounds.”

    “As a result and as far as we do not mend this wrong, the entire OAS has become an involuntary accomplice of what happened that January 10” Cochez said.

    Chaderton rejected Cochez’s statements, calling him “silly” and accusing him of supporting those who want to destabilize Venezuela.

    GLOBOVISION VIDEO: Guillermo Cochez: “Me han sacado de mi cargo por mi conciencia” – En entrevista exclusiva con Globovisión, el exembajador de Panamá ante la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA), Guillermo Cochez, reveló que nunca había recibido instrucciones del gobierno de su país para no opinar sobre la situación de Venezuela


    ARTSLANT LOS ANGELES: Tania Bruguera: Re-imagining Revolution, Re-creating Cuba
    by Eduardo Alexander Rabel

    Bruguera’s newest endeavor, La Reapertura del Partido Revolucionario Cubano (The Reopening of the Cuban Revolutionary Party), melds her internationalist ideals with her identity as a Cuban artist whose heart remains rooted in her homeland. Aiming to redefine that much-abused word, “revolucionario” (revolutionary), Bruguera is creating a new political party inspired by the original Partido Revolucionario Cubano, which was founded by José Martí 120 years ago to fight for Cuba’s independence from Spanish colonial rule.

    On December 18, 2012—International Migrants Day—Tania Bruguera launched the project with an initial event in Key West, sponsored by the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO). The location was highly symbolic, because it was in Key West where Martí first introduced the plan for his party in 1892, and it was in that city that he began writing its platform. Also, in today’s polarized political context it is worth nothing that Key West is located roughly halfway between the hardened extremes of Miami and Havana. This geography resonates conceptually with Bruguera’s core theme of challenging all existing models of government—both socialist and capitalist.

    The inaugural happening was two-pronged. First Bruguera and the press were given a guided tour of the historical exhibits at the San Carlos Institute, focusing on the history of Cuba and the Cuban community in Key West. The San Carlos was founded in the 19th century by Cuban exiles as a center for promoting Cuban culture and patriotism, and it was there that Martí first rallied public support for his new political party. The current building (built in 1924 after the original was destroyed by a hurricane) is an architectural beauty, and its exhibits, though a bit worn around the edges, are worth visiting for their educational displays and interesting historical artifacts.

    After the tour Bruguera held a press conference at the nearby Crowne Plaza Key West – La Concha, during which she outlined the concepts, ideals, and strategies behind her new project.



  25. Inspector Clouseau would be so proud of Damir!!! How the bumbling detective uncovers evil conspiracies. Major LOL.

  26. Comrade Damir,

    Your delirious rantings you mention Gulag alongside nazists, the USA, CIA and other parroted expressions. etc…

    Obviously you have no clue what a Gulag was.. Here is what Wikipedia has to say on the subject.

    Sound terribly familar with some Cuban institutions under the Stalinist regime imposed by your murderous friends in Cuba.

    “The Gulag (Russian: ГУЛаг, tr. GULag; IPA: [ɡʊˈlak] was the Soviet Union government agency that administered the main Soviet forced labor camp systems during the Stalin era, from the 1930s through the 1950s. While the camps housed a wide range of convicts, from petty criminals to political prisoners, large numbers were convicted by simplified procedures, such as NKVD troikas and other instruments of extrajudicial punishment. The Gulag is recognized as a major instrument of political repression in the Soviet Union.”

  27. The title of this ridiculous post by the nazist gulag usa and their cia state terrorist squad is “What will be”.

    Yes, indeed what will be once the domestic traitor leaves Cuba and the family behind?

    From the text above we can se that declared intentions are to come out of the closet, if there ever was one, and declare herself a “dissident”:

    “Nor will I disguise my opinions so they will let me “leave again” ”
    “nor will I take refuge in silence about that for which they can refuse to let me return…”
    ” I will say what I think of my country and of the absence of freedoms we Cubans suffer.”

    Should we leave aside the fact that the domestic tra^^or and the terr^^ist has been “saying” freely what cia handlers wrote for her (for the poor pin-up granny has no inellectual capacity to debate on her own – not a single answer to my and many other people’s questions here, despite frantic 24/7 posting on the internet she doesn’t “have”, or 250 sms WEEKLY!!! from 3 mobile phones she doesn’t have either!!! sic!!!) for YEARS now.

    And from CUBA!!!

  28. Your lies will be uncovered and unmasked. Your nazist terrorism will be called for what it is for all the world to see and understand.

  29. Blocking me, “democratic freedom fighters”, are you?

    Not working. The truth about your nazist lies will be heard. It is unstoppable.

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