No Commitment

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Red and black, these are the colors of the newspaper Granma. But unlike Stendhal’s famous work, in Granma’s pages the reader will not encounter realism, simply proselytizing. When the official organ of the Communist Party chooses a headline, its intentions are to impose an idea, not to report on it.

So it was with the phrase highlighted on the front page of this newspaper last Thursday. Taken from Raul Castro’s speech in Santiago de Cuba, the words stressed that, “The Revolution will continue just the same, without commitments to anyone at all, only to the people!” With this cover page, both the orator and the editors wanted to emphasize something which, in reality, they don’t make very clear. It’s worth trying to decipher its meaning.

Fifty-five years have passed since the start of the so-called Cuban Revolution, so this reference to possible commitments should not refer back to its origins. One imagines that the General wasn’t alluding to the rupture of and ingratitude for certain endorsements and subsidies made to the rebels half a century ago.

It does not sound, then, like an adiós to the former fellow travelers who put their shoulders, and pockets, to the wheel to sustain this system for decades.

Who, then, is this “anyone” whom Raul Castro strips of any chance to make demands? Clearly it’s not aimed at the Miraflores Palace in response to the huge subsidies that Cuba receives from Venezuela. For this economic support has generated more political ties to the government being maintained than the one maintaining it.

To think that it’s an insinuation of a setting aside of the political responsibilities of belonging to the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) would be naive, at the very least. What, then, was this man in his military uniform talking about, with his hackneyed phrases and written speech? What is he referring to? The answer points both to the White House and to Brussels.

Every negotiation or conversation needs a minimum set of obligations to fulfill. Any party involved in an agreement is assured that the other party cedes an equal or greater measure than it does. It’s clear that in 2013, both the United States and the European Union took steps to moderate the diplomatic temperature between themselves and the Plaza of the Revolution.

Winks, relaxations, announcements of a new path, entered the speech of some politicians with respect to the largest of the Antilles. The table was set for a feast of agreement and dialog. In response, the ungrateful guest has come and overturned the table.

“No commitments…” screams Raul Castro, and rushes to frame it in the red letters of the newspaper Granma. We already know to whom the phrase is directed; they can consider themselves warned.


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  1. Simba Sez: Marabu and Nick, I have to give the Devil his due. Both of you are fabulous at distracting this blog away from whatever subject the blog writer attempts to write about. Every blog you two change the subject, and the others who comment follow you like so many sheep.

  2. Hello Mr John Bibb,
    Just in case you are getting confused:
    I would certainly not wish you to believe that I am sticking up for NORK (as you call it) or it’s leader.
    It’s a place I’ve never been to and know relatively little about.
    My information re this country probably stems from pretty much the same sources as yours.
    You and I would disagree on much no doubt.
    But I am happy to agree with the following:
    Like you I don’t think Uncle Jang was eaten to death by starving dogs.
    ‘Cubans have far better luck than the North Korean people do.’

  3. ***
    HI NICK–I don’t think that the NORK murderer executed his uncle using starving dogs. The starving NORK people would have caught and eaten the dogs long ago! And their dogfood also!
    The NORK dictator ordered a man executed by mortar fire. And the NORK Regime sends their enemies innocent family members to the the Gulags to be abused / starved / murdered / worked to death. Including little kids, old grannies, cousins, etc. Communism at it’s worst! The people’s worst enemy everywhere in the world. Cubans have far better luck than the North Korean people do.
    HOLA NICK–No creo que el matador de Korea del Norte ejecuto su tio usando perros hambrientos. La gente Norte Koriana debia de cachar y debia de comerlos hace mucho tiempo! Y su comida de perro tambien!
    El dictador Norte Koriano ordeno la ejecucion de un hombre usando fuego de mortar. Y el regimen Norte Koreano manda los familiares inocentes de sus enemigos a los Gulags para ser abusados / matado de hambre / matado / trabajaba a la muerte. Incluiendo ninos chiquitos, abuelas viejas, primos, etcetera. Communismo a su peor! El enemigo peor de la gente en todo el mundo. Los Cubanos tienan mucho mejor suerte que la Gente de Korea del Notre tiene.

  4. Marabu,

    You’ve already posted that link, many, many times, and it just proves how desperate your lies are.

    One guy, fined 6,500 dollars, for a trip 16 years ago, where he packed his luggage with clearly labeled Cuban cigars, then lied about his trip to customs, then admitted he was lying, then decided not to contest the fine.

    Out of millions of Americans who went to Cuba during the same period, came back with luggage full of Cuban cigars, and had no hassle whatsoever.

    Every day Americans are fined for lying to customs when returning from Canada

    Every American, except those Castro has banned, is free to travel to Cuba.

    Obama is encouraging travel to Cuba these days.

    Repeating a lie over and over was a strategy Castro learned from Goebbels.

  5. Hi Nick,

    It’s because the North Korean dictator is a sick mass-murderer and best buddy of Castro, your Marxist idol.

    Lies were spread about Hitler too, but most of the bad stuff was true.

    You know, like the holocaust.

    It has everything to do with Castro, because Castro likes smuggling arms to his North Korean mass-murderer buddy as well as Syrian dictators who gas children.

    How do you fell about supporting all that stuff?

    Have a clean conscience?

  6. To follow up what would happen if Dennis Rodman would go to Cuba read this:

    Zachary Sanders has been fined $6,500 but she is just a teacher on average income. NBA would pay much more.

    Only Cuban Americans are allowed to travel to Cuba. Why? Aren’t they scared of the “bloody dictatorship”?

    First: OFAC police restricts the freedom of travel.
    Second: if you are US-born you are a second class citizenen when it comes to travel.

  7. It would seem that Sandokan’s doggy stories have more bark than bite.
    It would seem that the source of the Korean doggy tale is somewhat less than reliable.
    Quite how his whacky assertion that Uncle Jang ended up as dogfood has got anything to do with the debate on Cuba is beyond me.
    It would seem to shows a certain degree of desperation.
    It amazes me and amuses me that people, who may otherwise be entirely rational, spend their time floundering around trying to dredge up some story with only the very tenuous of links to Cuba in order to try and prove themselves to be the best anti-Cuban Government propagandist around.
    This propagandising is desperately sad.

    Some people can be effective at propagandising, but it seems that Sandokan’t.

  8. Castro simply cannot afford good relations with the USA.

    He gets BILLIONS a year from Venezuela for swearing the USA is his enemy, plus the big money from anti-American tourists and “volunteers”.

    His anti-American shtick is one of Cuba’s biggest tourist attractions.

    Castro has received HUNDREDS of BILLIONS over the last 55 years, just for screaming “Death to America”

    A great job if you can get it.

  9. Marabu,

    Hundreds of thousands of Americans visit Cuba every year.

    Every single American is free to visit Cuba, except you guessed it…

    Cuban-Americans who escaped from their island prison and are banned from visiting by Castro.

    How many times do you have to repeat a lie for it to come true?

    Rodman is as sick as the people who supported the Nazi Olympics. That did not bring peace.

    Millions of dead North Koreans, another dictator for you to quote.


    NBA star Dennis Rodman’ went to North Korea. He went there without asking for any permission form the US travel police (OFAC). There is media noise about it.

    What does it have to do with Cuba? He would be heavily fined by OFAC if he went to Cuba without permission. Judging by his wealth: in the $200 000 range. Nothig will happen to him for going to North Korea.

    Americans are free to travel? Give me a break.

  11. The Castroit regime State Security robbing children of their Christmas gifts, their joy and happiness. They made a political issue of a gesture of kindness, a small act that will make children feel happier and fulfill their dreams. Castro II monarchical regime viciousness is second only to Kim Jong Un North Korea barbarian monarchy.

  12. Great article.

    It’s been the same story since 1959. Any president who tries to warm things up with Castro gets a kick in the pants.

    He prefers the Venezuelan and Chinese connection.

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