Goodbye August, Nobody is Going to Miss You

The August of our irritability. (E. Marrero)

14ymedio, Generation Y, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 24 August 2017 — August is the cruelest month, the poet T.S. Eliot would have written had he been born in Cuba. Because by the end of July, and before the beginning of September, everything becomes much more complicated. To the high temperatures are added the massive vacations of thousands of students and state employees, which make life move slowly, gluey, like a dense and hot liquid.

The telephones in the ministries ring and no one answers them, the functionaries are not at their posts and the secretaries take advantage of heatwave to spend more time painting their nails. Everyone justifies it with summer, everyone puts the blame on this month, as if it were a virus whose only treatment is to wait for it to pass.

Irritability is everywhere. People whine in the long lines, utter an insult at the first opportunity and curse the weather, this lethargy that barely lets them think. September becomes the goal, the longed for month.

However, when August is overcome daily life continues to drag along. Be it the heat, the rain, a hurricane or a political demonstration, in Cuba there is always an excuse for apathy and idleness.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye August, Nobody is Going to Miss You

  1. During the summer months, the temperature do increase causing a lot of rain or even a natural disaster such as a hurricane. However, in my opinion the government of countries should have assoctiations in place to support the need of citizens if their belongings are destroyed. Nevertheless, persons should not use the excuse of the heat to justify why they are not doing their jobs .

  2. In Venezuela, are the massive protests just on hold because of the heat? A lot must be happening under the surface though, preparing for the inMaduro narcocracy collapse.

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