Letter to a Threatened Journalist

Luz Escobar has worked for 14ymedio since its founding in 2014. (14ymedio)

14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Generation Y, 17 January 2018 – Luz, you have had an incredible “privilege”: To see up close the true face under the Fantômas mask.

In your police interview this Monday those State Security agents showed you, with complete self-confidence, who they really are, what is hidden behind the discourse of supposed ‘Revolutionary ethics’ and ‘defense of the country.’ In reality, under their clothes they are ‘mafioso’ whose methods mimic the worst style of the Camorra.

They have threatened you, they have warned you that the people closest to you will pay the consequences, they have even asked you to become one of them to betray your colleagues. All this, using the only tool they know: repression.

Your life will become more difficult from now on. Many friends will stop calling you, others will cross to the other side of the street when they see you, dozens of acquaintances will say you’ve gone crazy or that you are brainwashed, others will advise you to leave the country as soon as possible, to shut up, to stop writing. Some relatives will tell you to think about your daughters, while the fence around your house, your neighborhood, your person, will become suffocating.

They themselves, with the characteristic abuse of power, will spread the word that you are a ‘mercenary’ or, in the worst case, that you work for the ‘apparatus’ as an ‘undercover agent’. Distrust will rise like a wall around your work. These campaigns of defamation and demonization will affect every detail of your existence, from who knocks on your door to sell you a little milk, to the phrases the teachers repeat in your daughters’ classrooms.

However, from today, you will also feel a strange lightness, as if a weight you had been carrying on your shoulders for years has been lifted. They, without planning to, have given you the best argument to continue your career in journalism, because they have shown you that ‘up there’ nothing remains of respect for the citizen, for ethics, morality, sincerity, integrity… and much less for COURAGE. Of which you possess oceans.

Welcome to your new life. Enjoy it and be free.

2 thoughts on “Letter to a Threatened Journalist

  1. The inMaduro narcocracy has created more martyrs in Venezuela, adding Oscar Perez and others in his rebel group to the more than 100 in the protest marches last year. The latter were mostly young people, the most valuable people who are the future. The Pol Pot 2.0 genocide gang is so desperate now to hang on to the last vestiges of power that they don´t realize or care that creating maertyrs will backfire very badly.
    In the economic sphere, not only are people dying of hunger and lack of medicines. The “govt” is so desperate for cash that it wants to take one of the biggest banks. Vzla is being looted and destroyed. The implosion can’t happen soon enough! Only then can humanitarian aid and foreign companies which can rebuild the country arrive.
    Sra Louisa Diaz, still the legitimate Vzla fiscal, chief proscutor, has dispelled the myth that she’s still beholden to the sorry remains of Chavismo by denouncing the way Oscar Perez and the others were murdered and denied fair trial. She even said that OP was a young man who only wanted positive change in his country,

  2. I can only say that I’ve never been anywhere near where all of you in Cuba are, living with danger always too close. I had gotten the impression that Carribeans and Latinos aren’t the most courageous people in the world. Chinese for example seem to react much faster against govt failings and abuses. However, there was a Cuban priest on CNN en español recently who talked about wanting to help the congrgation with more than sermons. The anti-progress Castristas don’t go after the priest who’s backed by the Cathilic Church, but after the parishoners. The priest told the congregation that he wanted to help them, but was afraid to. The parishoners told him to go ahead, they weren’t afraid. A spark of courage is contagious…

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